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Winamp Skin
Mini Games


Maker's Name

File Size Preview Download
121KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
Asura 707KB Cham Cham Cham Cham
990KB Kazuki Kazuki
194KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
384KB Genjuro Genjuro
464KB Asura & Shiki Asura & Shiki
150KB Basara Basara
Diogo Galvao
142KB Charlotte Charlotte
Eric Lindner 355KB Genjuro Genjuro
358KB Hanzo Hanzo
324KB Mikoto Mikoto
403KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
236KB Shiki Shiki
296KB Shiki Shiki
27KB Kazuki Kazuki
149KB Shiki Shiki
Faiz Bin Koddah 172KB Charlotte Charlotte
34KB Hanzo Hanzo
188KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
48KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
203KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
Fragraham 93KB Group Group
114KB Nakoruru & Rimururu Nakoruru & Rimururu
69KB Zankuro Zankuro
150KB Zankuro Zankuro
423KB Kazuki & Hazuki Kazuki & Hazuki
Funky Shenlong 110KB Seishiro Seishiro
Furan Michiru 146KB Zankuro Zankuro
229KB Genjuro & Hanzo Genjuro & Hanzo
Glauco Fonseca 118KB Genjuro Genjuro
Greg Crockatt 1.2MB Galford Galford
669KB Genjuro Genjuro
1.0MB Group Group
842KB Group Group
1.3MB Group Group
724KB Hanma Hanma
706KB Hanzo Hanzo
769KB Kazuki Kazuki
738KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
1.0MB Nakoruru Nakoruru
468KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
150KB Nakoruru & Rimururu Nakoruru & Rimururu
1.2MB Shiki Shiki
Haohmaru 970KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
Henkman Stens 376KB Hanzo Hanzo
371KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
Hunter Hideaki 109KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
Israel Vasquez 96KB Hanzo Hanzo
Jolly Roger 258KB SS Forever Gift Art SS Forever Gift Art
Kejia Wu 85KB Galford Galford
Kevin Edmonds 469KB Ukyo Ukyo
Kgenjuro 58KB Jushiro & Rinka Jushiro & Rinka
KhaosKontrol 105KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
KouOuKen 97KB Sogetsu & Kazuki Sogetsu & Kazuki
Kyosei 301KB Haohmaru & Genjuro Haohmaru & Genjuro
179KB Genjuro Genjuro
168KB Genjuro Genjuro
197KB Genjuro Genjuro
224KB Genjuro Genjuro
100KB Hanzo Hanzo
168KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
181KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
177KB Shiki Shiki
Lautaro Ikari 115KB Kazuki Kazuki
Lord Dragon 59KB Genjuro Genjuro
76KB Genjuro Genjuro
Manuela (Alita) 72KB Asura Asura
69KB Asura Asura
167KB Mikoto Mikoto
75KB Shiki Shiki
94KB Sogetsu Sogetsu
Neo 136KB Genjuro Genjuro
83KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
132KB Kazuki & Amakusa Kazuki & Amakusa
Paris 320KB Shiki Shiki
290KB SS4 Group SS4 Group
320KB Cham Cham Cham Cham
Pedro 293KB SS0 SS0
Ryuujin 434KB Genjuro Genjuro
639KB Hanzo Hanzo
501KB Hanzo Hanzo
SaharaDrac 322KB Ukyo Ukyo
Sanaez 212KB Shiki & Asura Shiki & Asura
Senshi 520KB Asura Asura
850KB Galford Galford
681KB Genjuro Genjuro
695KB Hanzo Hanzo
538KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
534KB Kazuki Kazuki
705KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
277KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
571KB Rimururu Rimururu
488KB Shiki Shiki
428KB Shiki Shiki
475KB Sogetsu Sogetsu
346KB Ukyo Ukyo
Sogetsu "Tempest" Kazama 128KB Sogetsu Sogetsu
515KB(zip) Sogetsu Sogetsu
293KB(zip) Sogetsu Sogetsu
thahitman2001 255KB SSRPG SSRPG
42KB Hanzo Hanzo
The Neurochild 558KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
329KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
Urb 506KB(zip) Asura Asura
Vmanson 298KB Haito Haito
244KB Hanzo Hanzo
208KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
332KB Kazuki Kazuki
305KB Seishiro Seishiro
253KB Tohma Tohma
Welblade 441KB Amakusa Amakusa
683KB(zip) Cham Cham Cham Cham
370KB(zip) Charlotte Charlotte
302KB(zip) Charlotte Charlotte
148KB Charlotte Charlotte
161KB Gaira Gaira
174KB Galford Galford
263KB Genjuro Genjuro
335KB(zip) Hanzo Hanzo
143KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
298KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
502KB Kyoshiro Kyoshiro
518KB(zip) Nakoruru Nakoruru
150KB Nako & Rimu Nako & Rimu
95KB Nako & Rimu Nako & Rimu
172KB Nicotine Nicotine
86KB Rera Rera
774KB(zip) Sieger Sieger

Winamp Skins

Maker's Name

File Size Preview Download
April Cook 60KB Shizumaru Shizumaru
302KB Shizumaru Shizumaru
Albert Catani 66KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
51KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
Death Ninja 136KB Galford Galford
Fragraham 88KB Ukyo Ukyo
Frankie Gonzales   242KB Galford Galford
104KB Galford Galford
177KB Genjuro Genjuro
120KB Genjuro Genjuro
163KB Hanzo Hanzo
121KB Hanzo Hanzo
126KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
122KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
199KB Jubei Jubei
110KB Jubei Jubei
169KB Kazuki Kazuki
118KB Kazuki Kazuki
180KB Sieger Sieger
113KB Sieger Sieger
193KB Ukyo Ukyo
129KB Ukyo Ukyo
Galford & Poppy 98KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
Rodney Zhao   120KB Asura Asura
Samus Aran 244KB Seishiro Seishiro
435KB Shiki Shiki
Shiki Enomoto 120KB Shiki Shiki
Miguel Bernado 24KB Hazuki & Kazuki Hazuki & Kazuki
Ukyo Red   59KB Ukyo Ukyo
AJ 91KB Haohmaru Haohmaru
Welblade 132KB Nakoruru Nakoruru
93KB Cham Cham Cham Cham


Maker's Name

File Size BGM From Download
Unknown 4KB SS1 BGM Charlotte
Unknown 10KB SS1 BGM Kyoshiro
Unknown 10KB SS1 BGM Nakoruru
Unknown 50KB SS2 BGM Sieger
Rumiya 31KB SS1 BGM Earthquake
20KB SS3 BGM Rimururu
Stefan Hauschildt 18KB SS4 Ending Theme Ending Theme


Maker's Name

File Size Download
Salamander 1.61MB (zip) SS Characters
Teruro Magunojo 31KB(zip) SS Characters

Mini Games

Maker's Name

File Size Preview Download
Welblade 526KB(zip) Solitaire Solitaire
Mattias Matikainen

Note from the mini game maker
"I Mattias, the creator of the these games is asking for your help. I am planning of making a game to each character, but I am mostly a Nakoruru, Rimiruru and Galford expert. What I need from you is  knowledge of some of the characters and a idea of a good game with  the characters. Please give me a message, and I will listen to your  words. Please remember that I will only make mini-games, I am no expert of animations and such, but I can make good animations if I put alittle effort on it. The most importent thing to remember, I dont get paid for doing these games!"

573KB(zip) Paint War Paint War
670KB(zip) Base Ball Base Ball
490KB(zip) Daemon Rush Daemon Rush
1.20MB(zip) Cham Cham Fishing Raid Cham Cham Fishing Raid
723KB(zip) Poppy's Speed Race Poppy's Speed Race

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