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April Editorial

April Editorial
by Onimaru

Well wow I still come on and I find no one in the chats and I have no clue how to use the message board....anyhoo I hope people read my editorials...I'd like someone to write me and see how I am doing...well enough of that here is my rant.

As I am typing away my epic Samurai ShoDown/Lone Wolf and Cub/Ninja Scroll Story amidst my historical research of all three time periods to make it as true to life as possible I was searching for an SS mp3 to put on long ago I had an mp3 from the asura dynasty webpage and the link was an ukyo mp3 from ss64 I download it and fell in love with it I use it for my own kata practice in the morning well I lost the mp3 and been searching the world for it I dlled another mp3 with the same description but when I listend to it it was totally different....I recall Asura's mp3's are mostly in Chinese...(note to self: this is what happens for only learning english back home in Spain) but my rant is don't you hate it when you find something really cool and you think you remember it all by heart and then if you lose it and you go find it you think you have but you really didn't? Well I heard the horrid news of SNK going bankrupt which sucks....oh well. I'd like to know if anyone agrees with me in by making the next Samurai Shodown Kind of like Bushido Blade? Thats a concept...I mean Ukyo with his Iado Draw Sword Technique and Genjuros Kusanagi Style....That would be fun I'd buy it release it on PS2 or DC. Wow, 7 months into this I love writing these things but I wonder if I have a fan base, does anyone care or am I just that paranoid? I enjoyed Irene's Fanfic Alot great writing....the only gripe is with the Galford thing

HE IS A SPANIARD for gods sake. Damn SNK for generalizing every one in the U.S. in 1789 as american...San Fran was still part of Spain then....bah. CK I read you made it into 5 yrs with this...I am happy your site RULES!!....well thats my rant for this month...heh note how I stopped with Editorials and make monthly COW!!!.

The one and only raging Demon.

PS. please if you read this write back with some feedback thanks. I'd do the same for you.

C.K.'s Note

Hmm...listening to Ukyo's music when doing kata practice in the morning? That sounds cool, I want to try that! Anyways, you heard the man(the one and only raging Demon who write editorial/rants on SS Forever), send him some feedbacks/rants.

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