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April Editorial
SS Forever 1st Anniversary Special Editorial

In Dedication To The Best Samurai Shodown Site In English
by ICE(the nako fanatic)
Homepage: Nakoruru Spirits

Hello,fellow SS fans!This is the first time I'm writing an editorial so please bear with my language proficiency and style!Ok,basically I've been frequenting this site the moment I got my internet account sometime last year.And C.K is my first e-mail friend.^_^.As I come to visit this place often at least 10 times a week,I see it as an ever-changing site evolving of Samurai Shodown culture.

Compared to most sites found in the net,this one's gotta be special,it does not only contains movelists and such but is also rich in information and miscellaneous stuff that is indeed dedicated to SS fans around the world,what I'm trying to say here is this is among the fewer sites that gives SS fans a treat and not just another site to solve gamers' hunt for movelist.A movelist alone cannot satisfy a true SS fan,there must be somethg more.i.e:Character's cast,storyline and such.I can safely say most people don't even care a heck bout' the storyline and such,they play the game just because it is a new game,while there is nothing wrong with this,I personally doubt they are true SS fans.They just desperately need a movelist to survive in the arcade world so they would be satisfied with a site that shows the movelist only.When another new game comes out,they do the same thing.. I wonder how many people out there play the game with the reason:Because it is Samurai Shodown therefore I play.And not just because it's a new game.

In fact, Samurai Shodown Forever is a site that has all the important and unique features that many others don't.Look at Ukyo's "S" list,I doubt someone who just play the game just because it's new and having no emotions would ever write somethg like that,what he/she thinks bout' a certain character in a game.Besides the various sections that this page hosts,there is also a message board for people thru out the world to interact with each other,don't you think it's marvellous?We are oceans apart,but we get to gather and talk bout' Samurai Shodown stuff thru the message board.I got to make more friends thru it and it also fufilled some of my wishes,i.e:a friendly duel with Nak.And meeting local SS experts.All these would not be possible if not for C.K and here I shall express my heartfelt thanks.*bow*

Presently SS topics are going dry mainly is because of SS64,few people have the chance to play it,and among those who played,fewer say that it is a good game,if you ask me,I would put thumbs down.However I still don't really know why I'm playing that game,although it's boring perhaps because of Nako?oops,sorry I got carried away.I wish that the next sequel of SS come out as a 2 D version game soon,and once again sprinkle the message board with life,where the little village of "Samurai Shodown Forever" become bustly and active again.Till then,farewell...

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