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August Editorial

The State of SNK
by Darkfact

In today's atmosphere of cheaper is better, and me-too games quality has begun to lack. SNK is a company known for attention to detail and beautiful 2D art. Now SNK seems to be on the verge of something terrible. Their specialty has been fighting games but originality is has been seriously lacking lately. Their games are not as cohesive as they were, and with their new system and its games - serious doubt has arisen.

The system is not as powerful as the Next Gen systems coming out and lack of support does not bode well. Although games make the system, this one has had few games and even worse they are not as good as their older games. SNK has never been a company that was mainstream, they have always catered to being a premium company as their systems are expensive but worth it. It seems that with all the factors and heavy competition from other companies like SONY, NINTENDO and soon SEGA again, that its future is very grim indeed.

What will become of SNK? As arcade systems it seems that they will still have a popular niche status. But their home systems are loosing ground the - NEO GEO cart is over 4 years old and the CD is over 2 years old. And neither will do well with newbies who look for power and flash before games. I suspect that we are seeing an end of the era for originality, and beautiful 2D.

C.K.'s Note

With the fierce competition among game systems and game developers, it seems only 'effort' will determine whether SNK will have a leading game system and firm foothold in the gaming industry; or whether they will just become a third party game developer.

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