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December Editorial

Editorial on discovering Samurai Shodown
by Onimaru

I had just finished Watching Ninja Scroll for the first time here in Spain and I went to my local video arcade too see any new games out MK2 had just been released and then I saw it a badass looking ninja in black, fighting a scarred man with 2 katanas it was hanzo and jubei since looking at hanzo I fell in love with samurai shodown and it delved me into japanese history when I found out Hanzo was real I smiled with glee knowing that he is the greatest ninja of all time and to this day a special parade is done in his honor in Iga and I find more and more fans of samurai shodown all over the world to share my love for it except for Soul Edge and Soul Calibur no game can catch japans mysticism and coolness like SS did and no one can do Hanzo like Samurai Shodown I just hope that if another SS is made its done the old way .. and to this day I hope someone hell if I had time I would do it would do a ss Ninja scroll crossover that would be awesome. So i urge you as long as you can keep this site running

C.K.'s Note

Yeah, I'll keep running the site for a while.

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