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December Editorial

The End and the Beginning of Samurai Shodown
by C.K. Gan

Hmmm....How long has it been already? Three years, I think. For three long years, I've been maintaining this website. Well, three years may not seem long for you. But for me, it was a very long period of time. It seems like this website is growing up with me, I think I've become more mature nowadays than the time I first started this site. I was 17 when I started this website, now I'm 20(single still ^^). Sigh....

Now it's almost the end year, the end of the century. It's obvious that less people are coming to my site than before. Well, I understand that. It's just that less people are interested in SS nowadays. And for people who were interested in SS long time ago, some of them are probably busy working now, or study hard in college, or married and have kids, or probably just don't play games anymore.

For my message board, it sometimes does hurt a bit to see that it was not the same as before. The board is always empty now, it used to have more hits than my webpage. The question on the board always seem to be, "why is this board so empty?"; the answer is usually, "because there is no new SS game". SS64 series is not bad actually, but it's just that less people like it, or the game simply not accessible to everyone. It's true that I like the old 2D SS better, and I also can't hide the fact that I like SS less than before, but at the same time, I still like SS a lot. I know I'm contradicting myself.

I know I have bias against the 3D SS. But now I started to realize that even it's bad looking 3D game, I can still find things to like about the game, even it has bad gameplay, I'll find a way to like it. That's because I know that the new SS game on the Playstation has very good story lines and characters. I started to get more and more interested in this new SS game.

So it's about time to say good bye to the 1990s, the decade when we all played SS, the period when SS first appeared and had its glory. Now the new Chapter of SS is about to begin. And I've prepared many pages about the new SS game, it'll be put up on my site. You know what I've realized? What I have been doing all these years, are to get people to like more about Samurai Shodown.

Oh, one more thing. It has been a great time for me, and I hope you all like how I maintain my site all these years. Thank you everyone, thanks for all your supports.

Sorry, I talked too much. Well, anyways, Happy New Millenium! ^_^

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