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February Editorial

Editorial of wierdness SUper Bowl
by Onimaru

Hey ever wonder what would it be like if Capcom vs Snk was a sports Samurai Shodown Football Haohmaru would be QB Hanzo would be a wide reciever Gaira and Siger would be like Offensive Linemen and Genjuro would be a cornerback wouldn't it be wierd seeing a drunken haohamru don a football helmet and Playing for oh who knows the San Francisco 49ers or Galford playing for the Oakland raiders or the'd be wierd and watching them out play the other Street fighter football teams there is a concept a Football version of capcom vs snk except the only people from snk are samurai shodown....well I'd place my bet on SS anyday...yeah I am drunk again but who cares I got my woman and my ss4 and Diablo2 so I am set for at least 6 months. well anyways to all you footballs fans enjoy the super bowl and keep up the good work ck

C.K.'s Note

Okay, funny imagination....But I do agree that nothing beats a few tall cans and a woman and SS4 (don't know about Diablo 2 though).

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