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February Editorial

Finger Nails
by C.K. Gan

How can I try to get a life while I broke finger nails because of a fighting game? Well, I don't mean that going to arcade everyday means you have no life or something, but if you stay there long enough, it does seem that you have nothing better to do. Okay, you must be thinking that my finger nails are long, no, no, no, it's short, just like most guys. I've seen a guy a guy in the arcade that has really long finger nail just on his little finger, others are short, I was thinking 'am I really out of fashion' or just that he is abnormal (pardon me, I don't like to use the word freak).

Anyways, I didn't actually break the finger nails, just that on the edge of it, it is all bended and broken a little bit. Well, they are my index finger, middle finger and thumb that are out of shape. How come not the ring finger too? Well, I happen to play KOF 98 machine on those buttons that is in a diamond shape, you know, the A button on top, B and C on the middle and D on the bottom. If a play on those normal MVS machine where A to D is left to right, I don't use finger nails on those buttons. Because the diamond shape of the button configuration, the buttons are all very close to each other, so I have to use my finger nails to press the button. If you play KOF 98, you'll know that there is something call the 'safe fall', when you got tripped or kicked in the air, press AB button for a 'safe fall'. And you know how frequent you have to tap the button for safe fall, almost like every 2 seconds, you need to tap once. Not just that I have to use my fingers to tap the button, I 'pounce' very hard on it. That's why my finger nails were out of shape.

Okay, you ask me why I play that much KOF98? Don't know why. Why YOU play arcade games. Well, I guess I try to master the game and master all the super combo. If you think deeply about it, it does seem like a meaningless thing to do(that's if you play as much as me). Sigh, the game is just too addictive.

Now you know if you play too much arcade games, you would have side effects like broken nails. So, lesson of the day is 'Don't go too nutz on a game'. By the way, if you ever hear those loud botton tapping when you are passing by in the arcade. I can bet you that those are the people who use finger nails to press buttons.

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