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January Editorial

Editorial for January
by Onimaru

Hey ever wonder what would happen if to the SS characters prior to warriors rage? I mean Galford,Hanzo,Ukyo,Shizumaru, or Genjuro did Genjuro Die in ss64? I miss the old characters a lot by the Ck keep up the good work and I'll get you a nice asian to back me up on that if you want to. another thing who would win between Jubei Kibagami *ninja Scroll* and Haohmaru or Genjuro or Ukyo? I would go for Ukyo
since his style was employed in Ninja Scroll and it kicked jubei's ass anyhow...but this is just a rant and not an actual editorial but you guys rule and I wonder if anyone else reads this.

C.K.'s Note

Not only Genjuro dies in SS64 2, but my SS games playing life ends after SS64 too, oh this is just a rant and not an actual comment.

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