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January Editorial

Editorial - Holiday Special Rant
by Jazzie-kun
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As I sit down and listen to some from Samurai Spirits games and Hamasaki Ayumi, I am thankful for several events. I am thankful that Azumanga is giving me a lot of fun. That is for sure. ^-^

Well, enough about Azumanga and Ayumi. There are times that I wonder about various subjects relating to Samurai Spirits. Will there ever be a Samurai Spirits and Gekka no Kenshi cross-over? What Samurai Spirits characters (as well as characters from other series) will be in the new SNK vs. Capcom game? Which neko-chan came first - Cham Cham or Felicia? Who's Haohmaru's hair stylist?

2002 is going to end in several days. What's in store for the Samurai Spirits series next year? I don't know. As of this moment, I don't know if every Nako-chan OVA has been released by now. If you can't play the adventure game, you might as well watch the anime. The anime is good, but of course, it has its flaws.

If you ask me, 2003 will be a year to wonder about. I would like to play the Nako-chan adventure game one day. Of course, I wish Sakurai Tomo still played as Rim-chan, but oh well. That's my personal preference. (If you don't know who she is, she played as Rim-chan in the third game. She also played as Shayla-Shayla in El Hazard and Meimi in St. Tail to name a couple of roles. Of course I've only the latter's manga and not watched the anime yet. I promise I will watch the anime one day! =P)

Samurai Spirits will always be one of my eternal favs. If there is a Samurai Spirits collection, it would most likely be for the PS2. I can't imagine it being on the other two systems. Yeah.

I guess that's it for now. Yeah. Samurai Spirits daisuki yo!

Mata ne minna-san. ^_^

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