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January Editorial

Editorial - Holiday Special Rant
by Jazzie-kun
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Note that I am really tired as I do this editorial. I was really tired when I did my first one as well. I did watch the anime and read the manga of El Hazard when I brought up Tomo. I have a lot of tasks ahead of me to do still.

Okay. Samurai Spirits won't have its birthday until several months from now, but why do I bring it up? Just now, I realized that this is one of the oldest series ever and it will turn ten soon. Ten years is a lot for a series. It has done a task few series like Street Fighter have ever done.

Yeah, I am aware that the Christmas session is over now, but it hasn't ended for me yet! I am getting a Chobits calender, the first Mega Tokyo novel and some other anime and manga material. Wai!

In the last few days, I've realized how special Samurai Spirits is. There are some places that still carry the games. Maybe the series still has some life left. Never the less, Samurai Spirits will always be considered one of the best series ever.

Ack! Typers block. Well, I still have some tasks to do now, especially for my site.

Mata ne.

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