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July Editorial

Has SNK abandoned North America?
by the great and powerful Yuga

Here's a question that's popped up in to our minds one time or another:Has SNK finally forgotten America.I don't know about all the rest of you Canadians and US gamers,but I haven't been noticing any SS64s or new KOF releases lately here in the US.I'v looked every arcade in town and haven't found a hint of any new SNK relaeases.Nor,has there been releases for our home systems. The only places I've seen Samurai Spirits 64 is in Japan and the Orients.

I should have forseen this waaaaaaaay back when the original samurai spirits 2 came out: Shin Samurai Spirits.I don't remember it coming to any home systems(although I played it in arcades and was informed it was on Genesis)I guess Samurai Shodown just wasn't that popular.Compared to the newfound Street Fighter hype and it's clones and predecessors, gamers thought it to be just another clone(although us true SS fans no this to be false)Pretty soon SNK tried chance on Samurai Shodown 3 Blades of Blood.For one brief,shining moment I thought SNK would live through this ordeal. But SS3 failed to impress US gamers once again-oh well, back to the drawing board.Then came that fateful day when SNK released SS4 on arcade.Why was this fateful? Because they didn't release the home version(only by import,of course).Us loyal fans kept putting our hard earned quarters into the machine hoping it turn into a home version of the game.But Alas,now we have no SS4,ss64,SS642,and no quarters.We can only hope for SNK to give us another chance and release an SS64 for Dreamcast ,Playstation 2,or the next Nintendo system.

C.K.'s Note

There are words that some new SNK titles will be translated, but it is just sad that we would never have a chance to see the good old titles(like SSRPG) being translated.

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