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June Editorial

Samurai Shodown Still Looking Good!
by C.K. Gan

Walking around the arcade, you usually still see a few old games around, which is a good thing. Well, I'm the kind of person who likes to be nostalgic, and love old stuff. Sometimes, when I go to arcade, I still go and play old games like SS1 and SS2(and I never figure out how to play Art of Fighting 2.) Actually, I still play a lot SS1, a lot more than SS2(I guess I'm the biggest SS1 fan).

But what I'm going to say is I noticed that SS1 and SS2 are still looking good, especially SS2, for me, it looks as though the game is made this year. But when I look at other games which were made around the same year, they look really old to me, games like Art of fighting 2, King of Fighters 95(no offence) look like old games. In my opinion, other games like X-men and Marvel Super Heroes also look very old, but I think Street Fighter Alpha still looks new. It's just very weird that SS2 never aged.

So what I'm saying is SS2 is one hell of a good looking game. If I'm some sort of Game Magazine Editor, I would give SS2 an award of the "Best Looking 2D Fighting Game of All Time".

SS games have always been a been a beautiful games series. They have beautiful characters' design, great color coordination and nice animation. Even SS3 looks dark and gruesome, but it stil looks extraordinary good to me.

SNK really did a good job on the look of all 2D Samurai Shodown games. We all know that only SS64 is the only 3D game. Ummm, it's very hard for me to comment on SS64. In my opinion, it looks good, but not as up to date compare to other 3D games like Virtual Fighter 3 and Tekken 3. So, I hope SNK would still make 2D Samurai Shodown games. They are really good at making 2D games, They are the best. (This Editorial is written solely to compliment on how good all SS games look ^_'.)

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