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June Editorial

The Forgotten SS Characters
by Fire Red Ukyo

In all game series', the designer of the game may feel it in the game's best interest to remove a character from a game. Neither SNK nor the SS series is immune to this "character wayside-tossing". Thus, when the new game comes out, people who liked the lost Charatcers are often left to wonder why thier favorite game personas were taken out. Thus, I am left to wonder what happened to the Lost SS chars; Cham Cham, Caffiene Nicotiene, and Neinhalte Seiger.

First of all, we ask ourselves, "How are these three connected?" Well, first the obvious. They were all modest chars, just some other thing for the main chars to whallop and lambaste. But what deeper reasons were there?

Now we get into the subliminal. Into the realm of the subconscious. In the case of Caffiene and Seiger it's simple: Caffiene's name, at least in the minds of some censor, subconsciously made the players of the game want to smoke and drink coffee. And with Sieger, The subconscious fear and hatred of Germans (obviously stemming from WWII) Made people not like sieger, and therefore he was dropped. Cham Cham's loss, is still unknown to me. Why would they want to drop a sweet little cat girl anyway?

Now, like any armchair psychiatrist, You can take my opinion with a grain of salt. My opinion might be as far off as East is from West. But it is simply what I see. But nevertheless, these characters are still gone, and there is naught but one hting we can do to bring them back: Petition SNK. I don't feel that strongly about it, but I'm just one person. Who am I to tell you what to do?

C.K.'s Note

I understand that SNK simply wants to balance the equilibrium by abondoning some characters. I don't mean they are bad designed characters and they have to go, but it is the fact that the nature will be balanced if someone come and someone go away. However, if they create a character, for instance Cham Cham, they should have at least let her stay in one more game in the series.

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