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March Editorial

March Editorial by the one and only Raging Demon Onimaru
by Onimaru

Well its another month in the year 2k1 and what is new?
so far not much a new american president woopdeedoo hehe Hanzo for pesident I say well anyway on to business shall we? well this editorial this month is on a character who would do great if he were in the SS world. Maybe you have heard of him maybe not. His Name Ogami Itto aka The Lone Wolf and cub a former executioner for the shogun who was around during the same time as in the events of Samurai Shodown 1 circa 1789. well anyway this guy is awesome and I saw his newest episode the other day. he'd make the perfect advesary and how would he tie in the SS world?
simple Juebi and Hanzo both being assassins for the shogun hunting him down or Genjuro hearing that the world famous assassin Lone Wolf and Cub is in the area would want to fight for respect Haohmaru for the same reason. There would be many reasons....well I suggest you guys pick this movie up from animeigo and see what I am talking about. and thats my rant for this month....from the fun loving raging demon from Spain heres to ya later.

C.K.'s Note

hmm...maybe I should go rent that someday.

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