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March Editorial

My first impression on SS64
by C.K. Gan

Whenever there's a new SS game comes up, those are the period I have the most fun. See, every year there's a new SS game, and when it first comes out, I'll be in the arcade everyday. It's almost like a custom or tradition for me to do so. But SS64 is different for its case, I played it once few days ago and I didn't have the motivation to go play it again. Hmm, it sounds like I have lost some of my passion for the SS series.

Although I only played less than 10 games, I think I could say some of my first impression and opinions about that game. First of all, SS64 is a kind of 3D games which I've never seen in my life before, should I say it is weirdest 3D game or should I say it is one very special 3D game. I have played a bit of other 3D sword fighting game, like Toshinden, Soul Edge or Bushido Blade. I know those are very solid titles, graphically SS64 just can't compare to Soul Edge 2. Nevertheless, personally, I think SS64 has a higher gameplay value than Soul Edge or Toshinden. I know this is a very prejudice statement, just because I like SS, I said it is funner to play.

In fact, SS64 is not bad for its' gameplay, yeah it is smooth, and I like this new idea of having a stamina bar, but I don't like the idea that running around losses so much of your stamina(that makes the D button quite useless). Also, I'm glad to see that most of the old stuff is still there, ie: rage gauge, rage explosion. Actually, I think SS64 is quite a unique 3D fighting games.

Of course there are lot's of things that I don't like about this game. The appearance of characters aren't that great, not that I'm complaining the characters are blocky, it just looks weird. Think about it, the 2D SS series have the most beautiful character design compare to other games(at least in my opinion). Now, it turns to whole bunch of weird polygons. Yes, I think the sizes for the characters are another minor problem. It just seems like genjuro have been working out his muscle (or gaining weight) since SS4. Some characters just look so hugh, and Ukyo is just skinnier than I thought. Anyways, in my opinion, SS64 still prove to be one of the most stylish games, those after win artwork and quotes are very well done.

Well, most of the peoople agree that the 3D SS64 is not that impressive. So the only problem is whether SNK still going to make 3D SS or back to 2D? This we may never known, only GOD(SNK) knows. Actually, I think I understand why SNK decided to make a 3D SS in the first place, I think they knew there are just so much they can do for 2D, SS4 is already at its top, I mean it is very hard to come up something much better than SS4(not that I look down on SNK or something), So they just want to try 3D, somehow I had this feeling that SNK will keep making 3D Samurai Shodown (hope they won't do that). Well, let's just hope they make a 2D SS5 next year.(I'm also hoping that SS64 could keep me happy for the rest of this year. ^_^)

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