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March Editorial

Lack of Arcades...
by Genjuro Kibagami

When I was a child every city and 7-11 had its arcade and it was always a great one with many new games that people of all nations would come to and play and have fun all day! But as I have grown I have noticed arcades are not as common as they used to be. As it is today I need to drive 25 miles to get to an arcade that only has ss2 and ss3. And if I want to play ss4 I need to drive 30 miles. And if I want to play ss64 I need to drive an entire 65 miles!! And because of this I have not yet played ss64 because the arcade is way to far from me to go to.

Another thing is the arcades I sometimes pass by are not what they used to be. I remember the day when every arcade would always have the best and newest games and everyone would be happy. But now I am forced to pay 50 cents to play paperboy 2. Even in Las Vegas, the place where arcade games are first shown to the public, there is no sign of a Neo Geo console anywhere. And if you do find one you would be lucky if it has Art of Fighting and Broken Swords.

What I am really saying is that it seems the world is to caught up in the internet and thousands of TV channels to care about actually standing up off their $3,000 leather couch and call their friends and go to the arcade for once. And because of those kinds of people the outside world is slowly falling apart until every man on earth would rather sit at home and download X-Men than to actually get up and pay a quarter to play it at an arcade. And now because of those people kids now have to go to a laundry mat and play Cabal with a smelly old women behind them waiting for her socks to dry.

C.K.'s Note

There are many arcades nowadays are having machines as 'new' as those you would see in the theaters. Sigh, seems like armageddon is coming afterall.

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