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May Editorial

For a healthy SS environment-Don't Piss Other Fans Off!!!
by Akuma the Werecat
Homepage: Blue Spirit: Ukyo Tachibana

We just can't escape the harsh reality that our favorite characters are shitholes to others. C'mon, let's be honest. We've come across the usual Ukyo is gay >:-( Nakoruru's a b*tch which perfectly suits the hentai junkies everywhere, weak, pathetic, Charlotte's a lesbian, Haohmaru stinks, and the Anti-character society. What's new? Makes your blood (how revoltin') boil though, ne?

Well, their differences is the beauty of it all. Well, suppose we make each character perfect, same speed, same strength same in everythin'. Like, what if every character's a Nakoruru? I don't think you'd be happy either, if you are a Nakoruru fan. It would be pretty bored and you can't explore the true nature of the character 'coz hell, the computer's doin' it for you.

And what about their appearances? Oh, Haohmaru's yucky >:-( look at those ugly scars. Look at Kyoshiro, he's so ugly. Then, when you meet someone like Ukyo (MiCah, stop droolin'), you call him gay >:-( WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!!! I DON'T GET HOW CONFUSED YOU BELITTLED BRAINS ARE!!! Sheesh! What, jealous 'coz the guys got groupies and you don't? Get a life!

And this goes the same as with the other characters. You can't appreciate the how bonny or handsome a character is without the ugly ones! Goes the same with their strength. There will always be the greater ones and weaker ones, but how can you tell? Have YOU mastered this "weak" character well enought to say that he'/she's an unacceptable piece of shit? Then how come when a true fan uses him/her, they manage the game? Thought of THAT lately? You only have the right when you have COMPLETELY MASTERED EVERY CHARACTER. Then you can weigh who's great and not. But it doesn't give you the right to belittle others and their characters, coz, who knows? Maybe this fanatic has more tricks up his sleeves than you do about the character.

And there's the competition. Oh, character's better than yours. It can't be avoided, but hell don't get the heat up! I don't have a problem if you like other characters unless you start to annoy people. I mean, hell, you can brag to the whole f***in human race that Shizumaru's the greatest swordsman. Fine, but you know not all will agree with you. So don't shove it! If someones disagrees, it's his/her right. But don't become sworn enemies for such low reasons. We were blessed with intellect y'know. AND you don't go in an Ukyo club just to say, "F you, SOB's! This character rules!" YOU ARE SO PATHETIC!!! You don't have to degrade other characters because a conqueror cannot be great without his conquests! And hell, I don't like a particular character, but I KEEP IT TO MYSELF damnit! Why? COZ I KNOW THE FANS WILL SUCK MY BLOOD (How revoltin') DRY IF I SAID SO!!! Discipline is needed if we want a peaceful community.

Samurai Shodown IS DEAD! As much as I hate to admit it, SNK got bankrupt and we can't do no nothin' about it. Years maybe some fans will revive the game (MC/Ukyo_M, AKM, Violet Pimp: :-) ). But right now, IT'S 6 FEET BELOW THE EARTH DEAD! Makin' war against other SS fans won't solve the freakin' problem, and will only make the remainin' fans LOATHE the game 'coz ya you!!! So don't give a damn about your hated characters, and don't piss other fans off! Live your life as a fan of your most favorite character and not as a jerk off a-hole!

-Akuma the Werecat, the 3D Tachibanian Kazuyanista

C.K.'s Note

Yeah, everyone, stop bashing other people's favorite characters already. Um..did someone say Charlotte is a lesbian?

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