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November Editorial

Samurai Shodown. . . contagious?
by John Enyeart

I had gone to the Kwik Stop many times before that, but there was something different this time. There was somebody accually playing one of the arcade games there. I walked up for a closer inspection. He was playing Samurai Shodown. He was using Haohmaru. I was thinking, I've seen this game before, but it looks a lot different than I remember. Checking the title, I noticed the IV behind the Samurai Shodown. I wondered when it was that they made the second one, much less the fourth. This game looked really cool. I waited for him to get killed, and I popped my fifty cents in and began to play. Feeling like a bit of a pyro at the time, I chose Kazuki Kazama and I was instantly addicted.

That night I went home and looked for Samurai Shodown on the internet, and I found out about many of the characters, which made me decide to switch to Nakoruru. Putting all her moves to memory as best I could, I was ready for tomorrow.

The next morning, I asked my friend Gary if he wanted to play against me explaining that I was totally new to the game, so he had nothing to worry about. I kicked his butt about seven times until he ran out of quarters. In that time a few people here and there stopped to watch, but kept walking.

The next day, there was another person in addition to Gary that wanted to play. He hopped on and played Gary. There were more people watching, and a few stayed for the whole show. By the next game, there were two more players and a large crowd of on-lookers. I decided to show off a bit, so I requested a game, and the current "Champion of the Day" told me to get extra quarters ready. I just kept silent and chose Nakoruru. ^_^

After that, more and more people came each day, some leaving because of the small viewing area, some playing. The addiction is spreading through a portion of the school, and I don't think it's going to stop. Samurai Shodown is just too good of a game.

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