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November Editorial

Samurai Spirits + Ninja Scroll = Lawsuit?
by Crono
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Ok,  I have played almost every Samurai Spirits game out there... and have quite a few of them.(The only 2 I haven't played are 64 and RPG, and I own 1, 3, and 4).  After playing through Samurai Spirits one night, I went to my local blockbuster and decided I wanted an ancient Japanese Style anime.  So, after looking at the box to Ninja Scroll, I thought "What the hell... it looks pretty cool".  So, I then returned to my humble home and watched Ninja Scroll. 

I was amazed at the Animation, and how awsome the characters were... and then it dawned on me... Ninja Scroll was almost exactly like Samurai Shodown! I mean, look at Jubie... he looks just like Jubie in SS exept for the 2 swords and eye patch.  And the blind guy(Does anyone really know his name?)... can you say "Uyko!".  Then they fought in many familiar Samurai Spirits scenes! like the bamboo forest and stuff.

I figured that either Ninja Scroll or Samurai Spirits would get sewed for copyrite infringement(Can you tell I cant spell? ^_^).  Then later I heard that a few of the people who did Ninja Scroll went on to Samurai Spirits.  I loved the dark theme to Ninja Scroll, and that epic ending... its one of my favorite anime.

Also, another thing... I have noticed that a number of people have put down "Samurai Spirits" 3.  I always ask myself... "WHY!?".  Personaly I think it is the BEST of the series... I loved how it had such a darkish look to it, and how the game play was more based on pacients... and not racking up 1000 hit combos.  It was truely... liveing by the samurai.

C.K.'s Note

I often receive mails from people telling me how good Ninja Scroll is. Yes, I've watched it. Well, it's good. But for some odd reason, I like the 'no blood and no animation' Samurai Shodown anime better.

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