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October Editorial

Hope For The Possibility Of A New Chapter Of SSRPG
by Evasyar

Got the news, oh, is it ever true?? The Samurai Shodown Team who developed the 2D Samurai Shodown (Absolutely the best ones, the 3D version sucks) had moved on to Capcom, and with them, the Samurai Shodown license?? I surely hope the news is what it is for it'll generate a spring of New Hope for us avid followers.

Got a copy of an Enix PSX RPG game Valkyrie Profile and I saw the two samurai characters in there named Jun and Suo, oh what a marvel seeing these two in action especially when they're doing their combo attacks finishing off with a DEATH BLOW waza. Witnessing this, I started to wonder if that new team from Capcom can mimic the battle system used in Valkyrie Profile and make a new game for a new chapter of Samurai Shodown RPG. I'm imagining what a grace it would be if they actually could and this idea would come to fruition. Hundreds of fans including myself will definitely rejoice. Imagine a new Samurai Shodown RPG game, with a plethora of new characters and sword-battle moves (maybe the ones used in Warrior's Rage, but definitely in 2D), returning favorites like Genjuro, Jubei, Haohmaru, Ukyo, Hanzo, Shiki, Charlotte and Tam-tam, a new type of battle system (maybe like the one used in Valkyrie Profile if not better), and to top these of, a new story about honor, betrayals, espionage, revenge, lust, greed, power, excellence, speed, grace and love all in one game (A Samurai Shodwon RPG game would really look and play great in Sega Dreamcast , but Sony PSX wouldn't be so bad, after all Enix did a marvelous job of Valkyrie Profile on PSX).

The Samurai Shodown Development Team really needs to take notes and observe what others like Enix (Valkyrie Profile) and SquareSoft (Final Fantasy VIII) had done. Come up with new, innovative concepts, or rehash (but not much) some existing ones and develop a new Samurai Shodown RPG with an involving and interesting story/characters, backed by a very cool and tight RPG In-Battle System/Strategy Concepts complete with combinations and finishing moves.

What we fans should be thankful as well is that there is always hope for Samurai Shodown and it is now seemingly eternal. The Samurai Shodown Team had relocated to Capcom so we can expect some collaborative work to produce top-notch artwork implemented in 2D (I cannot elaborate it enough, Samurai Shodown belongs to 2D world). Until then, we can hope, wait and see what this awesome development team can do in the future of Capcom produced Samurai Shodown games. We all expect it will be awesome and it should. Capcom and Samurai Shodown Development Team, a powerful combination in excellence. We adore all of you and hope for the very best in Samurai Shodown game development future.

C.K.'s Note

Wait a minute, I think it's all just a rumor about Capcom making the SNK games, and I believe it'll probably never happen. But, if Capcom is really making SS, I personally don't really mind it, BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS TO MAKE A NEW SS!

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