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October Editorial

My Wish
by John

It's a crime; several arcades are getting rid of Samurai Shodown . Why? Ill tell you. It's because arcades only want to have the flashiest games, and a 2D game like Samurai Shodown just inst good enough for them.

They keep big names like Street Fighter, or its spin off Marvel Vs Capcom, and those are still just the same 2D graphics. Now not to badmouth Capcom after all they do make Resident Evil. But unlike S.S. their characters lack all the depth and attraction that are part of what make's our game so great.

People's clothes react to movement. Case in point Nakoruru's cloak when she s in fighting stance. It flow's and reacts to movement. You can use a sword, and the powers are cooler. And don't forget that all-important Rage Gauge, you earn a special move.

And its better then many other fighting game's like Tenkken, or Virtual Fighter since their characters lack the special powers that make up S.S. . And its not outta hand like Mortal Kombat where there's just wholesale slaughter and stupid ending's.

I will however say that Capcom did pull off a treat for S.S. fans with the release of Capcom Vs SNK 2 where we find two of the Characters are S.S. stars like Nakoruru. Be it that her costume isn't the trademark red and white, but robins egg blue and white. The original is still there and you can get it easy but it's just not the same. Sorry Rimu fan's but Rimururu is only part of Nakoruru's opening, and Victory scenes. A shame.

But Ill tell you that my one true wish for all of us Samurai Shodown Fan's out in the world is.

A Samurai Shodown Anthology. All the games on one disc for X-Box ,P.S. 2 , or even Game Cube. I hope at least P.S. 2. I don't have a fondness for Nintendo all that much.

Myself Id like to own an arcade machine. There's nothing like having a crowed watch as you beat challenger after challenger on the field of fry's and coins.

So keep on fighting the good fight and never give in. We are strong and we can as we've proven time and again overcome anything.

Good Luck and Fight hard

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