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Vile Spirits
by AJC the samurai

Chapter 4: Aftermaths

Place: Ezo japan rurus house in kamui kotan Noon It has been 4 weeks since that day and Nakoruru has learned of something she must tell Galford

"Galford..I must tell you something important!" Nakoruru said

"What is it Nakoruru?"

"Galford...." she stared in his eyes "...I'm pregnant"

"Oh my did you tell your sister and grandparents?" Galford said with a shocked tone of voice

"not yet" she replyed

"are you going to keep the child or..?" he started

"I'm keeping it"

"what about your Mikoship?" he asked quickly knowing how much she cared about her dutys has well has she cared for him

"It's over i can't be one anymore even after the circumstances that led to that"

"Wow i'm sorry i need to go outside for a moment and think about this" Galford goes to leave the house

"Wait Galford I want to ask you something!"

"What Nakoruru?" Galford asks

"Will you be my husband?"

"I have to think about it before i can give you a reply please understand!" Galford replys then goes outside

"I understand this news is hard to swallow i better go and tell sister and my grandparents now come Mamahaha!"

"Sis i saw galford standing at the door he looked sad and worryed how come?" Rimururu said with a serious tone in her voice

"Sister please sit down i have something very important to tell you" Nakoruru tells her sister about what she just told Galford

"Your pregnant!? oh well it's just a hurdle that life is throwing at you i'm sure you'll find a way to clear it like you aways have!"

Rimururu hugs her sister

Nakoruru smiled her sister dispite her being only 15 was very mature for her age and it seems that horrid day added to her maturty a bit

"So sister have you decided on what to do with the child?"

"I'm keeping it sister!" Galford then enters the room

"I have decided i'll accept your offer of becoming husband and wife also i'll raise the child to the best of my powers"

all of a sudden Nakoruru's grandfather Sanouku said "Well then since you both care for one another so much I see no problem with you two getting married but i do wish you would have told us about that sooner!"

"You were listening on us?" Nakoruru said with a tone of surprize

"You are correct my dear granddaughter!"

"Thank you grandpa" Nakoruru gives her grandpa a hug then she turns to Galford looking at his eyes then they kiss

Nakoruru and Galford get married soon after

Nakoruru soon learns she is carrying twins other than that Nakoruru's pregnancy goes normal and smoothly givng birth to a girl and a boy

"Well Galford what shall we name them?" Nakoruru said with a calm happy sounding tone

"How about the name Rinaruru sound for our daughter?" Galford said

"Hmm sounds nice i like it very well it shall be Rinaruru!" Nakoruru smiled has she held her daughter

"Has for the name for our son i'm stumped!"

"Galford i have one Glen"

"Glen sounds..good but why did you name him that" Galford smiles after asking this

"After a promise i made to a gaijin friend who died saving me my sister and some other of my people's lives 4 years before i met you"

"And his name was?" Galford asked not knowing that his now wife had a gaijin friend before he met her

"Glen i never had the time to ask for his last name he saved us from a demon bear attack but at the cost of his own life"

"Oh my how long did you know him?"

"Since he was born,his parents washed up on Ezo 15 years ago after the ship they had been on got wrecked his father died shortly after we found him his mother was expecting she gave birth to him a week after that!" Nakoruru had a sad tone in her voice

"Mm and what of his mother what happened to her?" Galford asked

"six years passed and his mother came down with a illness and she never recovered from it but she died peacefully and my family took the now orphaned Glen in has promise my mother made to his before she died"

"Sounds like you two became good friends" Galford was kinda sad but now wasn't the time for tears

"Very good ones thats why he gave his life protecting me and the others has he lay dieing he told me to name the son if i ever had one after him i agreed and he soon passed on to go with his father he never really knew and his mother!"

"Wow how come you never told me this sooner?" Galford said with a look of semi worry

"I was thinking about it but i could never find the time to tell you it!" Nakoruru was about to go into tears

"I'm sure he's smiling right now knowing that your save and sound!" Galford smiled after saying this and gives Nakoruru a kiss on the cheek

"Come on we got to show our children to your grandparents then once they are healthy and old enough to travel to my folks"

"Also i know Rimururu would want to hold them stay right there honey i'll get Rimururu!"

"Your so sweet" Nakoruru smiled while nursing Rinaruru and Glen

Galford goes to Rimururu's room and knocks on the door "Rimururu are you there Nako says its ok to check out the babys now!" Galford gets no response "Rimu are you in there?" he opens the door and he meets a cold wind from a open window and to the left of the window on a desk it was a note Galford goes and reads it "Dear who ever finds this note i have gone on my own to try to find Roy Hodachi i won't be back till i find and kill him or otherwise if i'm still alive please don't worry about me or send people after me i can take care of myself unlike what sister or my grandparents says my only regret if i end up dead is not to be able to see sister's children grow up signed Rimururu.PS i mean it don't come looking for me"

"Oh my" Galford takes the note and shows it to Nakoruru

"Sister....why can't you see this one may be too powerfull for any of us!" Nakoruru was sad but to try to look for rimu would cause more trouble than not doing so.....

Chapter 5 : Burning flame of love stolen

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