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Beyond the Hidden Plan
by Galford & Poppy

Chapter 6-----The flight

Characters in this story:
Rimururu, Nakoruru, Galford and Adjantis

Nakoruru hugged Galford and crouch down her face into his chest. Galford smiled and caressed the knot of her red ribbon into her long hairs. She sighed. She hugged him with such a strength, unusual for her tiny arms.....

"Oh Maria ! Oooooooooooooooh ! Vilaine petite coquine ! Tu veux faire un calin, non ?" (Oh Maria ! Little rogue ! You want me to kiss you ?) The werewolf said, his spell was over and he speak with his real language.

Galford was tired and still believed that it was Nakoruru who hugged him. Strong or not. But the smell of salmon breath made him return to the reality. So, he awaked in a true nightmare. Adjantis was unconscious and crushed Galford with his full weight. The most disagreeable was that he hugged Galford and called him "Maria".

"Maria ! Maria ! Mariaaaaaaa ! Tu sens si bon !" (Maria ! You smell so good !) Adjantis said, his voice used to be tender.

Galford tryied to awake him. No success. So, he pushed Adjantis with his full strength.

"Maria ! Pourquoi tu veux pas ? Mariaaaaaaaaaaa !!!" (Maria ! Why don't you want ? Mariaaaaaaaa !!!) Adjantis said before beeing ejected from Galford's bed.

He fell with a big noise. He woke up and looked around him, like if he didn't know where he was.

"STOP ! I'm not your girlfriend ! I'm not Maria !" Galford said, already tired because it was already night outside.

Hearing the name of somebody important in his heart, the werewolf looked at Galford sadly. He approched to his bed, but they heard a noise. A noise that both of them dreaded. The noise of the door opening. Someone entered in the barn, and it wasn't Nakoruru or Rimururu. Galford opened wide eyes. He moved quickly and prepared his items. Poppy and the pups realized the situation where their master was. So, they stayed mute.

"I'm sure ! I heard a noise ! Like if someone was in the barn..." A man with a loud voice said.

"We don't use this barn at the moment. Except for old furniture and thing. Who can be mad enough to sleep here ?" Another man's voice said, less loud than the first one.

It was Ainus ! The gai-jin could affirm it, because he heard Nakoruru speaking in this language a bit different from Japanese one. Galford's blue eyes went alarmed when he saw the werewolf was stunned and paralysed. Like if he was afraid to be discovered by humans.

"Come on Adjantis ! Come on !" Galford whispered.

Adjantis didn't seem to understand, but he started to collected his stuffs. He was very clumsy and the newcomers could hear the cracks of the second floor where him and Galford were.

"There ! I heard something ! In the second floor ! Let's go !" One of the voice told.

Adjantis glanced at Galford. Then, he looked at the wall, made with weak wooden board.

"Adieu Galford ! On se retrouve en bas !" (Bye Galford ! See you soon !) Adjantis said and waved a hand.

Then, by keeping his items closer to him, he ran in a terrible charge. Galford didn't have the time to say "Noooo !" that the werewolf broke down the wall. He saw him trying to land on his foots in spite of the height of the level. The big noise made react the two men faster. They rushed to the second floor. Galford had just the time to disappear thanks to his ninja skills. The pups inside his package, Poppy hidding herself behind what she can, Galford just had to wait for an opportunity to flee. He saw the two man entering in the new level by the scale. They were typical Ainus.

"Look ! Two person were here few times before !!!" The first one said, pointing toward the blanket arranged as beds.

The second approched to the hole created by Adjantis's flight.

"I wonder what kind of guys can escape from this level and make such a hole..." The second guy told. "By this height, he must be wounded now. He won't go so far. We'd better to chase him. I don't like roving people..."

The first one acknowledged and both left the barn without noticing Poppy hidden behind some old stuffs. When it get calmer, Galford appeared.

"That was so close, Poppy. Hey ? Yeah !!!! You behave like a good girl !" Galford said.

Poppy made few growls to show she agreed.

Then, Galford left the barn with all carefulness he can. The night was strangly fresh. But Galford didn't really care. He was anxious for his friend. What will happen to him, now ?

"Psssst ! Over here Galford !" Adjantis said. "They took the wrong way !"

"Thank god ! You are safe !" Galford answered when he noticed his friend. "But it was so stupid the way you used to flee !"

He waited a moment... seeing the despair face of his friend.

"But no matter, you are safe now. I guess your beast constitution allow you to endure high jump." He added, a kind smile to comfort Adjantis who nodded.

"I have used a new magic parchment to understand your language. Now, what shall we do Galford ?" The werewolf asked, his senses always in alert to prevent from the return of the Ainus.

"What's wrong ? I thought your magic could take effect while one day, no ?" Galford asked.

"I don't know... maybe someone cause me some trouble... But who ? I don't know anyone here, except you, Nakoruru and Rimururu..." Adjantis complained.

"Hmm... We have a lot of enemies in this world, Adjantis. Lot of bad people hate us. Because she's a really good person, the evil want to kill Nakoruru. Once it will be done, it will destroy the spirit of Nature without any problems. Even if Nakoruru looks so young and so fragile, she's not naive and never let this happen. Thinking it's easy to take advantage on her is the first error of her opponents..." Galford told him and he nodded.

Suddenly, Galford remember she asked them to flee in the forest or let her know. But because of his feelings and because he didn't want to lose an occasion to see the chosen of his heart, he planned to prevent her in spite or her shyness. Sure Nakoruru will feel ashamed, but she didn't want them to leave because of a trouble without preventing her, and feel worried all the time because of uncertainty of what happened to them. That's why she took the risk to think of an eventuality to see them during the night if problem happen.

"We'd better to prevent her. She... Ahem... she must still sleeping now..." Galford said, flushing a little by thinking of his recent dream.

"Alright Galford." Adjantis answered. "By the way, I wanted to tell you..." Adjantis started after a small pause, seeming to be embarrassed.

"What ?" Galford answered, raising a eyebrow.

"This night... I don't understand what happened, but the beast lying within me became stronger and stronger ! It's not usual. Something evil is beginning, Galford." Adjantis told. "I don't want this to happen again..."

"And what happened ?" Galford asked, curiously.

The werewolf started to cry. It was strange to see such a dangerous creature showing feelings. Adjantis was really strange.

"Most innocents died by my hands, Galford. Did you ever made a nightmare where you were a slaughtering device ? And when you awake, you noticed that it wasn't a dream." Adjantis answered, trying to dust his tears.

Galford sighed. He tapped a little on Adjantis's shoulder. The werewolf covered himself with his cloak, in order to hide himself.

"I noticed it too, Adjantis. I mean, I saw when the beast ruled you. I saw when you were controled against your will. I was ready to act, but something stopped you." Galford said. "You are not bad, Adjantis. And we will save you from your curse."

There were a short silence.

"Thank you Galford." Adjantis said.

Galford smiled at his friend. Poppy barked to make them remember that they have to go to Nakoruru's house.

"We'd better to hurry. Let's go Poppy !" He said.

Adjantis followed him. Leaded by Poppy who remember the way, they went ahead carefully. During the travel, Adjantis asked a strange favor to Galford.

"I have a wish Galford, and you'd better to accept. It's very important for me." He told, his face really serious.

"Huh ? And what is it ?" Galford asked.

"Kill me if I become dangerous for the girls. I don't want to end two life better than mine." Adjantis finished.


The darkness let appeared strange shapes. Nakoruru was really too asleep to noticed them. If it would be an ordinary night, she would heard the panic of her two pets... But she wasn't... due to some magic. A red cloud ruled in Nakoruru's chamber. Mamahaha can't stop squawking. She was really afraid. Something evil was going to happen. Like all animals, she sensed changes. Shikuruu wasn't inactive too ! He'd never stopped turning around, like a beast imprisoned in a cage. And it wasn't entirely wrong. He used to awake his mistress, pulling her by the sleeve of her kimono. But nothing could awake her. Not Mamahaha or Shikuruu. Even Galford would never be able to awake her from a magical slumber. Then, the red horned demon appeared into the bed room. Seeing his plan working perfectly, he let a loud laugh. Who cared ? The magical cloud he created blocked all sounds and plunged the young maiden in a deep sleep. Mamahaha was afraid by this unholy creature. Shikuruu growled after the demon. As big he was, he couldn't survive long time against such a nightmare creature. But nothing will deter him and Mamahaha from their sacred duty : Serve and defend Nakoruru.

"Huh huh huh ! Do you think you can stop me, preposterous animals ?" Fyok'tel said, curved because of his huge mass in this tiny room.

Turning to Nakoruru, his sadistic smile revealed his tooth, wheted like daggers. He couldn't stand by seeing such an innocent creature. It was a too easy victory for him. Kill a young priestess.

"Assuredly, gods of this new world are really weak ! I will massacre them all..." He thought.

With quick movements of his four arms, he thrown a spell to block Mamahaha and Shikuruu. The two poor pets couldn't move to defend their beloved mistress. Then, the demon approched Nakoruru, his arms trembling due to the excitation of thinking how he will break her fragile neck. The pure creature was just in range. Maybe the demon will keep a cowlick of dark blue hairs as a trophy ? Too easy... Too easy that the demon started to regret he couldn't read the fear in the eyes of his victim.

But suddenly, a bright light enveloped Nakoruru benevolently. The demon howled in pain, severly wounded by light of gods. Nakoruru was protected... Almost blind, the demon stepped back. But he used to hit confusedly, hoping he will kill Nakoruru. He howled more. The light burned more his arms. Now, Fyok'tel was able to sense the gods protecting Nakoruru. It was just at this moment that Mamahaha was liberated from the dark curse of the demon. She rushed on him, enveloped in a magic fire. Shikuruu following her, ready to attack. Deprived of his eyes, Fyok'tel couldn't do anything else than blaspheming Nakoruru, her animals and her gods. What an irony ! A demon born by fire was killed by fire... Once his life was truely finished, the red cloud disappeared totally. Nakoruru seemed to sleep normaly again and the only proof of the recent fight was ash pile...


A lightning bolt swooped down on a tree, leaving only a stump burnt to ashes. Soon, the deflagration was replaced by unatural roars.

"How dare they ? I sacrificed too many time to leave this opportunity go. I won't let a pack of gods stop my plan." The unholy knight howled, out of control.

Another lightning bolt born from his skeletal hands destroyed another tree, transforming it into a huge torch and lighting up the night with an apocalyptic sky. But his anger stopped as fast as it started.

"Why need I lose my patience ? Time isn't what I miss." He said, the red lights of madness losing their intensity and his voice getting strangely calm. "If Fyok'tel failed his duty, somebody else will do it."

With the light of the flaming trees, the dark knight disappeared in the wind.


The white night dress brought to mind a symbol of purity and noblesse. Thanks to her candlestick, Charlotte could move in the darkness of her luxurious bedroom... This training day was quite exhausting for her. But it was necessary.

"Later, it can save my life. Evil can appear where I don't wait it..." She thought. "Alright, I need a rest... tomorow will be a harder day..." She added for herself, her angelic face betraying her sleepiness.

Before intalling herself in her bed, she stretched her body, leting a small groan due her limbs more relaxed.

But the destiny wanted her to do something else than sleeping. A holy light brightened her room, much better than her candlestick. A delicate silhouette appearing inside, face to Charlotte. His white wings stretched. Nobody could describe it. Nobody, even Charlotte. But she was really moved by the beauty of this angel. So much, that she fell on her knees, tears rolling on her cheeks due to emotion. She coudn't help with kissing her holy cross pendant and praying. As a good Christian, she was really moved by the holy presence of an angel.

"Stand up, my child. You have been chosen for a holy duty." The divine presence said with a really tender voice.

"Envoyé des cieux, I'm ready to serve our father." She said, couldn't focus her eyes on her interlocutor because she feel like a simple mortal face to an angel.

"Let me explain you, my child. Our religion is in danger. Since few days, a pagan cult menaced our mother church, starting to spread their faith all over the world. They pretend they can heal people from diseases, but they are nothing else but charlatans. The problem doesn't stop here, my child. They overtly uttered menaces to slaughter all Christians until the last. They started to chase or sacrifice their poor victims in the name of their cult : The cult of the bear." the angel said, a voice full of sadness.

"They are... Ainus, aren't they ?" Charlotte said, a confused voice.

"Yes. The whole cult is divided in many village. Each of them are managed like patriarchal communities. But the most important member, suposed to be the link between these fanatics and their gods is a young priestess you know well. She does this in the name of Nature..." The angel said, stretching his white wings again.

"Nakoruru... Oh my god... It cannot be true, she hates violence. How can she open a war against our mother church ?" Charlotte whispered, almost shocked by what she heard.

She couldn't imagine Nakoruru, a young maiden, dedicating herself to a war of religion.

"But it's true. She fell drunk of power. Mortals serving permanently their god and receiving powers from them always become persuaded they are the only creature allowed to live on earth. They think they are god. She always pretended she was protected by her gods. Blasphemy ! Her too greate faith in her gods and the fact she felt like an immortal were her main weaknesses. She was always thinking she was protected against all. And it was her fault. It allowed demons to corrupt her. She never wondered if the gods and the spirit she served were always the same. During the peace time... I guess a demon slowly took control of her spirit. Slowly remplacing the voice of Nature she ever heard to lure her and made of her a docile prey. Now, she's just a poor naive girl who was betrayed by a holy voice which is nothing else than a demon voice. That could be the reason. Maybe she's controled against her will. Maybe she's possessed by an agent of Ambrosia. But we are sure of one thing... she's allied with werewolves now. She started her ascension in the chaos. She didn't perceive the demon took her spirit. Only her appearence is the same... like Mizuki was." The angel said, a grave tone in the voice.

"But... but her love for animals ?" Charlotte asked, her blue eyes teary.

She couldn't believe it. Nakoruru was ever a good hearted person. Why would she behave like this ? Could she be possessed like Mizuki ?

"Animals are her servants. Many people in Japan were killed accidently by animals. It was too strange and frequent to be ordinary." The angel said. "Mother Nature is in pain. She lost her priestess."

A tear was rolling on Charlotte cheek. The myth of the "Kamui no Miko" was broken for her. But she managed to hide her sadness. She didn't want to show her weakness to an angel.

"What should I do so ?" She asked, with a weak voice, due to sadness.

"Don't be sad my child. I know Nakoruru was a good person for you. Even if you didn't know her well, I'm sure you would be her friend. But she need you now. You have to free her soul. Unfortunately, she's not alone. And for that... you have to kill her. So her soul will be able to rest in peace. That's the best could happen to her. But there is this werewolf... He defend the demon. And Rimururu, Galford, and many other person still think she's normal. You have to convince them of her true face. You have to show them it's not her soul... but a demon." The angel said, throwing a sweet look to help Charlotte to accept her hard task.

"Nakoruru... a demon... But how should I do ? Galford has a big relationship with Nakoruru, and Rimururu is her sister. For my part... I'm just a foreigner. They will surely trust her and not me !" Charlotte asked, watching the floor.

"Before you start your task, I will give you something..." her immortal interlocutor said her before concentrated himself for magic.

The shape of an item appeared in a ray of light. When the light disappeared, Charlotte could understand what it was. It was a kodachi. A Japanese dagger, like Nakoruru and Rimururu ever used to defend themselves. But the blade was made in a strange metal. It was strangely bright. When Charlotte gripped this weapon, her amazement was rather big. The dagger seemed to be magic. She interrogated the angel by her gaze.

"Show her this holy dagger and told her this is a present. Then, if the demon didn't took too much strength, he will be forced to take his true appearence. Don't be shocked by this and don't leave him any chance. Little does it matter how you will fight him, but you must finish him with this dagger. It's the best way to kill him. Galford, Rimururu and all her friends will see her true face. Maybe they will be shocked and stay confused... So you would be alone." The angel said, focusing his eyes on the young woman.

After a pause, he went on.

"Don't intent to seek Nakoruru in Japan... she will fall in your arms. You will find her here, in France." He finished.

Charlotte took a short time to meditate on this duty. She couldn't refuse it.

"Envoyé des cieux, I accept you mission... even if I have the feeling it will be hard." She finally told, closing her eyes as if she thought she will regret her acts.

"Good my child. May the light of eternal father advise you." The angel said.

Charlotte bent over him to thank. Then, the angel disappeared in his own light, plunging the bedroom in the darkness again.

Alone, Charlotte watched the holy dagger.

"May the spirit of Nakoruru protect me..." She hoped sadly.

Chapter 7-----The end of the night

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