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Basara- To bleed as he does
by Amy-Lou

No one knows the darkness in a general way. We all have our own darkness to experience. We will never truly experience the darkness in one way, we only experience it in the ways that it happens to us. -Lyra Demonearte

He killed like an animal. And the person he killed had died crudely. Like how a lion kills its prey.

Basara laughed like a madman as Kagaribi appeared and fell into his arms. There she was, the woman of his dreams, the love of his life, the treasure in the center of his soul... even hearing or saying her name was like the sound of a bell hung in his heart. He trembled slightly, from how much he had to contain himself as he held her lovingly. They were together again! Finally! All that killing and writhing in pain and suffering had really paid off!

Basara was probably too happy to look closely enough and notice, but there was something the matter with her eyes. The way her mouth pouted. Generally, as he held her, she had a sad expression on her face. Why, if they were together as they are at this second? Why does she always look sad...?

Kagaribi suddenly closed her eyes, tilted her head backwards and lay lifeless in his arms as her skin disappeared, her beautiful body became a red skeleton and then she completely vanished. Basara screamed in pain and agony from the heart as he fell to his knees. He then just remembered this is the only thing that kept him fighting like this, so that she will stay with him next time. But each time it happens, it is becoming more and more painful to bear.

"Why didn't I save her... Why didn't I bring her home before anything else could have happened..." Basara was sobbing and muttering to himself with an edgy tone in his voice. "I COULD HAVE BEAT HIM!!" He then screamed. His emotions quickly turned from sadness to anger just as he was remembering all that Zankuro had done to him... and Kagaribi. Most importantly, Kagaribi. Basara believed that giving his afterlife to avenge Kagaribi in order to rest peacefully with her was surely going to be worth it. "AND I WILL DEFEAT HIM! I WILL KILL THAT MONSTER AND KILL HIM IN HIS AFTERLIFE, TOO!! HE HAS NOT SUFFERED UNTIL HE FEELS TWICE AS MUCH AS I AM SUFFERING NOW!!!!"

All was silent after Basara made his statement. He felt as though he was surrounded by nothing. That's all he seems to gain after all he does. Nothing. What a way to live your afterlife. Well, this is what you get if life without the center of it is not there with you, and want to avenge them in order to reunite with them peacefully... With nothing in between. After all he does for her and because of her, it's never enough. Had he already failed? Will he ever fulfill his destiny, to regain the one woman he loves? One thing was for certain, she was not dead in his heart. She was not gone, either. He remembered her dark hair, the way it fell over his body, the way her soft skin felt against his, the way she kissed him... so gently... The way she held him in her arms and everything in the whole world seemed happy and serene, and there was nothing wrong on this earth, ever. The way she said and whispered his name and that she loved him as she fell asleep in his arms every night....... He was crying now. Remembering her made him happy, but it also saddened him to no end that he may never experience any of it again. He shivered. He felt so cold in this world now. It didn't even seem like the same world anymore, without Kagaribi. He wiped his tears off his face and stood up slowly.

Basara sighed and stared at the body of the old man he had just torn apart. He felt the more he killed, the more he was losing his peace of mind and sanity... but also, the more he killed, the more he was getting closer to finding Zankuro... and killing him. He wasn't sure, but he knew he felt closer to something each time he killed. And so, he wanted to keep killing until he knew what it was that he was getting closer and closer to... could it be reuniting with Kagaribi? Or could it be... that he was falling deeper and deeper into his own pit of eternal darkness? Nevermind that, he knew he could never rest until he could get what he has come back for- revenge. In the best way to have it. Only then, will this nightmare end. Only then will he rest, or sleep, or dream in peace.

The ground, the sky, the entire atmosphere was forming a dark mist as the full moon lowly hung over. Basara's skin looked more pale than usual with the moonlight so strongly shining off his skin. Something seemed strange and unreal about the area he was in, all of a sudden. As if he were dreaming but still awake. The image of Kagaribi suddenly fell from the sky and landed perfectly on her two feet. She looked absolutely beautiful in the moonlight. And she looked real. It didn't seem like she was going to return to bones in his arms. Her skin was pale blue and her purple hair glistened and shimmered. Was he dreaming? Basara took his triple-bladed shuriken and pinched his arm with it. He didn't feel the pain but yes, it proved he wasn't dreaming.

"Kagaribi......" He whispered delightfully. She took his weapon and slit her own wrist with it, ever so suddenly, and held out her wrist closely to his mouth. "Drink it!!" She shrieked. "Drink, it, Basara! My love, my life, my beloved everything!" Basara, ever so helplessly and willingly, without even an effort to fathom or think that his deceased wife may have possibly gone insane just as he had, took her wrist and started to drink from it slowly. He stopped and started to feel more alive than ever, while all of a sudden his skin started to turn blue and he started to cough up blood horrendously and uncontrollably. "POISON!!" He coughed. "...POISONED ME! My own wife has POISONED ME! It's WONDERFUL, Kagaribi, WONDERFUL!! What a splendid way to end my suffering, how thoughtful of you...... are you going to bring me to our afterlife or do you want me to carry you?"

Kagaribi suddenly formed two black sleek demonic wings with two huge shiny blue talons on them, and her skin turned as blue as his was turning. She kept her face and body, but her form looked completely different. She spoke, ever so softly, and said, "It's time I revealed myself to you, Basara." Basara stared in astonishment and shock. "DEMON! What have you done to her?! Where is the real Kagaribi?!" "I am right HERE, Basara!! ......THIS is me in my true form, my real body." Basara stared speechless. "Well I'd feel a lot more secure about it if you were still human, as I once was..." "I BECAME human to be with you, Basara. In all honesty, I became human to experiment and see how I would do with myself being fragile and defenseless, and I met you..." "Kagaribi..." "My real name is Lyra, Basara. Lyra Demonearte. What I just gave you was my blood, to give you a little more power and make you a little more like my original self. No, it isn't poison, but it very well could've been if your body did not absorb it the right way." "You... what are you?" "I am a moon demon, and I am 500 years old. I am still the same woman you love, the only change is my outer appearance. You, though, you need a few changes..." "Kagaribi... I mean, Lyra, I thought you loved me just the way I am..." "I do, Basara. Just a couple of things, though. I wouldn't say that you were wasting your time with others while you could be killing other people. I've hated seeing you in such horrible shape, and such a horrible state of mind. And don't ask me questions and talk to me when..." "When... you're not there. I know. But still, we are together forever..." "That's why I'm here, Basara. To end your suffering..." "L-Lyra... I cannot. I want to end my life as it is without you! And I want KAGARIBI!! I don't care if you are a demon or what your real name is!! I WANT KAGARIBI BACK!!!! If you are alive and well and you are the same woman as her, then please BE the woman I fell in love with!"

Lyra was silent. She breathed in deep, turned human, draped her purple silk kimono over her shoulders, and after a few moments, she said "Very well, Basara. Because I love you...... but just know that if our lives are in danger, I will turn into this form again to protect myself. Until then, I shall be the woman you love, because you are the same man I love as well... I will take my blood out of your veins, but I want you to know that you may drink it again at anytime... because if we are going to be human and together again, I know this is going to be quite a ride." Basara smirked. "A ride, Kagaribi? You say that like it's dangerous...... it'll be fun! I can't die now, they've forced me to stay here like this. You, however, you need protection... If I had known about this demon form I would have laughed in Zankuro's face. Let's kill him together, shall we?" Kagaribi smiled. "Yes, Basara, but I will not be in this body when we face him." "Are there... others I should know about?" "Yes, Lady Kazumi Kibagami." "Kibagami.... GENJURO?!" "He is her second-in-command leader in a group of orphaned or homeless samurai thugs. Very dangerous people. If Kazumi could convince Genjuro, he could help us...." "Genjuro Kibagami... THAT angry pipe-smoking sake-drinking bastard?! Do you honestly think that he will be nice enough to HELP us?"

To be continued...

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