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by Nakorurufantic

Chapter 1

       "Ane-sama? what are you still doing in bed? wake up". Nakoruru opens her eyes and sees her sister, Rimiruru looking down at her. "forgive me Rimi-chan. I have overslept" she says as she pulls the covers out of her way. She looks over to see Rimiruru frowning at her as she says, "Nakoruru, you must stop practicing your skills so often. you are lacking sleep" "Rimi-chan, you must understand my duties to protect nature. I must practice my skills often or I will lose them" Nakoruru says as she sits down and drinks a cup of tea. "your skills are fine enough Nakoruru" Rimiruru says as she watches Nakoruru drink her tea. "You will understand soon enough" she says as she stands up and heads for the door. "now, If you'll excuse me, I have some duties to attend to". Nakoruru walks out the door with her sword in hand and her bird Mamahaha following. "Ane-sama... just be careful..."
       Nakoruru Sits on a tree as she try's to hear the voice of nature. "Something has gone wrong once again. I fear for the worst this time...". Nakoruru opens her eyes and gasps to a sharp thudding pain in her back. She falls of the tree but lands on her feet and looks up to see a Warewolfman like creature on the tree. The creature lets out a deep chilling growl and jumps down the tree and takes out a spiked club. "you... you are a gardian of nature.." she says trying to catch her breath. The monster glares at her and swing it's spiked weapon horizontally at her, but Nakoruru draws her weapon quickly and blocks just in time. "why must you fight me? we both have the same purpose!" she says as she blocks one of the monster's attacks. The monster doesn't reply, it only glares at her with eyes glowing with hate and fear. The two stare at each other, waiting to see signs of a next attack. Then, all of a sudden, the monster swings it's club sending out a wave of fire. Startled by this sudden movement, Nakoruru jumps back and ducks. She puts her blade in front of her and calls out "Annu Mitsube!" as she flies in the air, shrouded with holy mist. The monster is hit and sent flying backwards as Nakoruru makes a safe landing and sheathes her sword. She looks back at the remains of the beast she defeated as it disintegrates into a sand-like substance. "your not finished... I cannot be fooled so easily" she mumbles to herself as she runs back in the direction of her house.
       "Ane-sama? what's the hurry? where are ya going?" Rimiruru asks her sister who is rushing and packing. "I must get away for a little while, I'm leaving you in charge of the house, Rimiruru... there's no time to explain". Rimiruru crosses her arm and looks at Nakoruru suspiciously. "I refuse to let you go until you tell me what's going on". Nakoruru stops what she's doing and looks at Rimiruru.
       "about a thousand years ago... there were 3 great warriors who fought and risked their lives to keep nature away from being harmed by evil. They fought skill-fully and stopped all that got in their day, the force of evil was to powerful to ward. the three warriors where defeated. once they died, it was decided that they where the best at what they do, so the gods took the spirits of 3 animals and combined the spirits of the men. One had the spirit of the wolf, Agile and intelligent, one had the spirit of the bear, powerful and brave, and one with the spirits of the hawk, wise and skillful. They spirits remained in this forest and are summoned when the situation is extremely hopeless. Until now, however, I just battled one. I must go now."
       Rimiruru stares at Nakoruru for a few seconds, then says "but where are you going to go?" Nakoruru slinging her bag over her shoulder, glances at Rimiruru and says "this looks like the work of Amakusa, I'm sure he's back". Nakoruru calls her hawk, Mamahaha and she follows behind the door with Nakoruru. "Take care Rimruru, I will be back, don't worry" Rimiruru waves at her sister as she closes the door behind her. she then looks down at the floor and mumbles to herself "Oh, Nakoruru, I wish you could stay here and enjoy yourself". She then turns around and goes into her grandparent's room to tell them the news.
       Two days had passed scince Nakoruru left home. She walked along the road, looking up and seeing an endless string of white across an endless field of grass and trees. Her feet hurt as she limped across her path. "I need rest" she tells her self as she stops and stares at the road before her. "C'mon Mamahaha, I see a lake not to far from here. let's go eat" Nakoruru and her Mamahaha head to the a lake in the near distance. When they reach the shore, Nakoruru nods at her hawk, and Mamahaha goes diving into the water. After a few seconds, Mamahaha comes out of the water with a fish in her beak. "Arigatu Mamahaha" Nakoruru says as she takes the fish and plants it onto a stick. "Now, go get food for yourself. I'll make the fire". Mamahaha screeches in acknowledgment and dives into the water once more.
       As the two eat, Nakoruru hears what seems to be footsteps. While looking around, she tells Mamahaha "did you hear that just now?" Mamahaha screeches in acknowledgment. "come with me, let's go see what that is". Mamahaha perches on Nakoruru's shoulder as she sneaks over in the direction of the sound. As she comes up to a bush, she cautiously peers through the bush and sees Haomaru pacing around. She notices Haomaru glancing close to her direction, then he sees her and screams like a little school girl. Nakoruru giggles and says "Haomaru, it's just me, Nakoruru Remember?" Haomaru looks at her strangely then says "I didn't know anybody was even close to this place. so tell me, what are you doing here?" "come with me to my camp site and I will tell you everything" she says.
       "I see" Haomaru says looking interested to the story Nakoruru just told him. "I felt Amakusa when I was near that monster. so that is why I feel it must be him behind this" "you sound confident" Haomaru tells her as he takes a sip of sake. "Sake?" he offers to Nakoruru. "No thanks, you know I don't drink." "ah yes, I forgot about that. I haven't seen you scince that battle with Zankuru." Haomaru says drinking more sake. "yes that was quite a while ago. about a year, no?" "more or less..." Haomaru says looking around. "well then, before I lose to much time, I must go now. Nature may be in danger" she says griping her gear. "wait!" Haomaru shouts. "Before you go, I want to see how much better you got." Haomaru says as he picks up his katana. "I wish not to fight you now, I need to get where I need to go quickly.... but I guess one fight wouldn't hurt..." she drops her gear behind and straps her sword to her back. "Ahh, still got the fighting spirit I see" Haomaru says, while spiting some sake on his sword. The two fighters get in their fighting stances and Haomaru makes the first move.
       Haoumaru jumps at Nakoruru swinging his sword down at the ground. Nakoruru quickly jumps back and yell out "Mamahaha!". Mamahaha then dives at Haomaru enveloped in flames. Haomaru dodges quickly and swing his sword sending a small tornado at Nakoruru. she jumps up and catches Mamahaha, then she shouts out "Kamui Mitsube" as she dives down at Haomaru with holy mist surrounding her. She catches Haomaru off guard and strikes him in the chest, knocking him down. Haomaru gets up and puts his sword up to. "I'm not through with you yet! "Hiougi TenhaFujinZan!" he yells as he spins his blade around many times in a circle. Nakoruru puts up her blade as he comes spining and she blocks it successfully. as he finishes his move off by going straight up in the air, Nakoruru uses it as an opportunity for a counter attack. she jumps on Mamahaha and when Haomaru hits the ground she dives at him. he get stunned from the hit. as he's stunned, she exclaims "Ererushi Kamui Risse!" she takes out her cloak and hit's him about 3 times, and on the third time she sends him up in the air, she then sends Mamahaha to dive at him.
       She looks at Haomaru trying to get up. When he finally sits up straight, Nakoruru holds her head up high and says, " I can't lose. for Nature's sake". "You have gotten better" Haomaru says trying to catch his breath. "well, I must be going now" Nakoruru says as she picks up her equipment and walks off." "good-bye, come visit me when your are done with your adventure" Haomaru says watching Nakoruru walk away from him.
       "So I'm here..." Nakoruru stands on the edge of a cliff looking at the castle that lays in the valley before her. It took a while, but Nakoruru was finally at her destination. "yet I return to this land of hate and sorrow to bring peace to nature" she mumbles to herself looking at the castle. "And it was very foolish to do so" A voice says coming from the back of Nakoruru. She turns around quickly to see Amakusa with his arms crossed over his chest. "Demon!" Nakoruru shouts as she grabs her sword behind her. "what have you done to nature?" Amakusa laughs softly, sending a chill down Nakoruru's spine. "you know that you have only come all this way to be killed by me correct?" Nakoruru squints at Amakusa and says "your going to be the one who dies!" Amakusa laughs again and says "my child, your journey has only begun...." she points to the right. Nakoruru looks and gasps in horror at what stands before her.

to be continued...

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