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Samurai Spirits; The Legend Continues
by Helen

Chapter 15-----Another New Ally

Names of characters in this chapter:
Shizumaru, Rimururu, Cella, Hoahmaru, Galford, Charlotte, Jubei, Hanzo,

New character:

Shizu and his allies are trying to find the prophet, but couldn't find anything. they arrive at a town. it's almost night time..they found an inn. they went to take a bath (ya know how japanese baths are? it's like a big pool, like a jacuzzi---i donna how to spell that---)
women take the bath on the left side...the men take the right side. it's seperated by a wall...
Charlotte, Cella, and Rimururu take the left side...
"so that's how japanese live..." whispers Charlotte, relaxing in the water,
"i like it..."
"nah!! you should go and take a bath in the waterfall, especially the one from my forest." said Rimururu, "me and Nakoruru used to go there. it's the BEST!"
"whatever happened to Nakoruru..?"
"...." Rimururu lowers her head, "'s a long story.." then she saw Cella,
Cella is trying to look at the other side...the right side of the bath..(where the men are)
"...c'mon..." whispers Cella, looking through a small space between the bricks...
then she smiles, "YEA!!!! THAT'S IT..!!!!"
"huh...?" Rimururu went to Cella, "whatta??!!" she saw Cella spying on Shizumaru..!!! and he and the other guys are taking a bath..!!
...meaning Shizumaru is NAKED!!!
"isn't Shizumaru...HOT?!" smiles Cella, "he's so much cuter without his clothes on.."
"[BLUSHES] WHATTA??!!!!!!!! CELLAAAAAA..!!!!!" freaks Rimururu, and pushes Cella away..!!!!
"WHY YA PUSH ME??!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG W/ YOU??!!" freaks Cella
"WHAA....!!!! YOU...!!!!!" [ARGUEING] [SPLASHING]
"...[sighs]" Charlotte sighs, ashamed..

"huh?" Shizu turn around, to the wall. he and the other guys are taking a bath on the other side. they heard splashes on the left side where the women are...
"what's going on over there?" said Shizu, getting curious
"probab one of those girl games..!!" laughs Hoahmaru
"i thought someone was spying on us.." whispers Shizu, scratching his head..
"NAH!!!" said Hoahmaru, "THAT'S OUR JOB!!!"
"...." Shizu blinks, "...what do you mean?"
"HA HA HA HA..!!! YOU CRACK ME UP, KID!!!" laughs Hoahmaru
"hey check that dude out." said Galford, looking outside the window...
they went to see...
they saw a blue-haired man fighting...
and a bunch of girls sighing at every move he makes....
"he's pretty good.." said Galford
Hoahmaru saw him, "BAH..!! NOT AS GOOD AS ME..!!!" then he shouts out from the window, "HEY, YOU!!!!!!!!!!"
"..???" the blue-haired man looks around.
"YEA, YOU!!!!!!!! BLUE-HAIRED PUNK!!!!!!!!!" shouts Hoahmaru
the man look to Hoahmaru, "you calling me 'punk'?"
"YEA, PUNK." said Hoahmaru, "LET'S FIGHT IN A DUEL..!!!"
"..." the man didn't say anything, then he whispered, "i accept your challenge."
"GOOD!!!" smiles Hoahmaru, "but wait for me ok? i'm naked right now..."
".........." the man didn't say anything...

they went to bed after they took a bath. in the morning, they're ready to continue search for the prophet again...
"huh?" Hoahmaru saw the blue-haired man outside of the inn. he must've been waiting ALL night for Hoahmaru to show up for the duel....
the blue-haired man is standing there, his eyes closed, and face down so his blue hair cover his face...
"hey, you really waited for me for the WHOLE NIGHT??" said Hoahmaru, scratching his head
"if you two are going to fight, stay then. i'm out of here." said Shizu, and walks away
"WHOA..!! HOLD UP, KID!!!" freaks Hoahmaru, "hey punk, let's do this next time, k?"
"...." the man grab his weapon, ""
"oh c'mon, man!!! i gotta go....they gonna leave without me!!!"
"DAMN!!! @#$%.." Hoahmaru felt stupid. he shouldn't have ask that punk for a duel... now Shizu and the others are leaving him behind, especially Charlotte. and she have his sake....
"OH C'MON PLEASSSEEE..???? NEXT TIME, OK???" whines Hoahmaru
"...." he hesitates, "$1000000."
"hmm.." Hoahmaru looks into his pockets. he only have 3 cents, and a small linen. he hand the stranger what he have, "how bout a IOU $999997, ok? and a linen."
"ok maybe you." whispers Hoahmaru, he freaks out, "OH SHIT..!!! THEY'RE GONE ALREADY..!!! I GOTTA GO FIND THEM..!!" he waives bye, "NEXT TIME, PUNK!!" "no." said the blue-haired man, "NOW."
he pull out his long pole sword (i have no idea if it's a pole or sword), and swing at Hoahmaru..!!
it almost hit him.
"@#$%..!!!" Hoahmaru freaks out, and some of his hair are cut off, "OK THAT'S IT..!!!! LET'S GET THIS OVER W/..!!!"
he pull out his sword, and attacks, "GET READY, PUNK!!!!!!"
the man defends himself...
"LET'S SEE IF YOU CAN DEFEND FOREVER..!!" smiles Hoahmaru, and attack again and again and again....
the man keep on defending himself with his weapon...but can't keep this up. he make a back flip, jumping away from Hoahmaru.
"huh?" Hoahmaru couldn't see his face.... the man hides his face, only his back showing, "damn, are u shy or something?"
"...." then the man run straight at Hoahmaru...!!!
what a stupid mistake. he's running straight at him...ready to get himself killed..!! Hoahmaru can finish him off very easy like this...and he saw his chance, and swing his sword at the man...!!!
but it's a trick. when Hoahmaru swing the sword...he totally concentrate on the attack...he didn't care about defense. that's the man's trick. he quickly slide and hit Hoahmaru's legs when Hoahmaru lost his Hoahmaru will trip over.
"OUCH..!!!" Hoahmaru falls on the ground, "OH SHIT..!!!"
Ukyo was about to stab him....!!
Hoahmaru closes his eyes...
"??" Hoahmaru opens his eyes.
[weapon drops the the ground]
the man drop his weapon to the ground....and backs off....
he start coughing REAL BAD....
"uhmm.." Hoahmaru get up, and ready to fight again....but it seem the man won't be able to fight nor defend. he's coughing a lot now...
"hmm.." Hoahmaru stare at him, "..uhmm..are you ok, man?"
blood splatter to the ground...
"eewww... i take that as a no..." whispers Hoahmaru..
[stops coughing]
"[breathing]" the man tries to catch his breath....and wipe off the blood from his mouth.
" should get a doc to fix ya up." said Hoahmaru
"....doctors.." whispers the man, "damn those doctors...they can never heal my disease...the tubercolusis..."
"the tuber-what??"
"...." the man get his back back...
"HEY..!!! U STILL WANT TO FIGHT?? i mean, look at you!! you're like coughing yourself to death!!"
"...." the man hesitates
"maybe next time, k?" said Hoahmaru, "NOW I GOT TO HELP THE KID FIND THAT PROPHET GUY...."
"the prophet..?" whispers the man. if he finds the prophet...maybe the prophet knows a way to cure his tubercolusis. then he said, "WAIT. i'll come w/ you."
"huh???" said Hoahmaru
"i am Ukyo, the last survivor in my village..." whispers the man, "i'll come w/ you on your journey."
" forced me to lose my sake cuz of you....and tries to kill me..." whispers Hoahmaru, "BUT OH WELL!!! let's hurry so we can catch up to them!!"
then they walk away... a bunch of girls follow Ukyo....

"hey Ukyo.." said Hoahmaru
"i have a question"

Chapter 16-----The Ghost of Nature

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