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Samurai Spirits; The Legend Continues
by Helen

Chapter 21-----The Underworld

it's almost morning. the sun is rising..but there were still some stars in the sky. Shizu and Rimururu were still together laying there like last night when they were watching stars. everyone was asleep..
but Shizu was awake the whole night..
he looks at the sky. it's getting lighter and lighter every minute as the sun rises. he can still see some stars still high up in the sky...
".....hmm.." Rimururu was asleep next to Shizu..she rolls over a little and lands right next to Shizu's body..
"....!" Shizu freaks out a little
"....?" Rimururu opens her eyes, and blinks.
then she looks up and noticed she accidently slept and touched Shizu...
"...i'm sorry." whispers Shizu, and backs off
".....no." whispers Rimururu, then she move closer to Shizu and put her head on his shoulder.
Shizu don't know what to do. of course he's shocked, he never knew she liked him..
"..wait..please.." whispers Rimururu, "just..let me have this moment.. let me treasure this moment before the day comes.."
Shizu didn't say anything. she continue put her head on his shoulder, and fall asleep.... she wish it last forever..
Shizu didn't mind. he didn't move. he only care about her as a friend...he knows he should move but nah... Shizu can feel it, the coming day may be the last day of his life...

day comes. it's time to go. everyone pack up their stuff and gets ready to fight. Hoahmaru stare at his sake bag and hesitates...
should he drink them all now? if he doesn't survive today, this will be his last drink. but what if he survived, then he can't celebrate his beautiful victory without sake.
"hmm.." whispers Hoahmaru, "OH WHAT THE HELL!!"
he gulps down every drop of sake in the bag
Galford grooms Poppy, and pet him. Rimururu helps him groom the dog. Genjuro uses a rock and sharpen his blade..
Hanzo is meditating..
Jubei just stands there, thinking about Akane and Julia and everything.. Kazuki trains for a little..
[ssssshing] [sssshing] Shizu is sharpening his sword...minding his own business.
he's having 2nd thoughts. fighting your own creator? your own master? that's wrong. and Kojiro is very powerful...what if he can't defeat him? what will happen to the world then? and the prophet..where is he? he just disappeared..what if Shizu faces him..what should he do then?
"......" he takes out Akane's pendant..and stare at it for a minute. then he put it back. he puts his sword into his sheath, and gets up. then he turn to his allies, "..let's go."

Shizu and his "friends" (yeap..he got friendly, people. what a shocker) finally arrived at another temple..but a bit smaller and nothing much around it. in the middle of the temple, there's a big square rock, with lots of ancient writings on it.
and a hole in the middle of the rock..
"we have to go in and stop Kojiro before he breaks the seal.." said Shizu, then he turn to his friends, "are you sure you want to do this?"
there was a moment of silence..
then Galford smiles, "why do you think we're here then?"
Shizu is very happy that he have friends like them. they haven't betray him at all or leave him behind whenever Shizu need help..
"...." Shizu take out Akane's pendant...
then he said, "...let's do it."
and was about to put the pendant right into the hole in the middle of the ancient seal (rock)
they all turn around.
"....Shogun??!!" blinks Shizu
Shogun is alone. he walks toward Shizu, "..it's a been a while, Shizumaru.."
"what..what are you doing here? how did you.."
"me and my men have been following you the whole time." said Shogun, without facing him
"hmm..." Shogun touches the ancient seal, "..so this rock is the entrance to the Kojiro huh?"
"what do u want Shogun?!"
"i know what happened to my beloved Akane.." whispers Shogun, then he faces Shizu, "i want to avenge her."
"it's not a game." said Shizu, "this is very dangerous. one of us WILL die..i just know it. and you don't know what's going on.."
"the hell i care what's going on!" said Shogun, "i don't care if Kojiro takes over the world! all i want is to avenge my wife..and Akane was your friend wasn't she? you would let me go with you if you are her friend."
"..she became your wife because you blackmailed her..." whispers Shizu, very pissed off.
Charlotte whispers to him, "...we can't let him come with us! he tried to kill us before how can we trust him? and he'll just give us more trouble.."
"if you won't let me come with you.." whispers Shogun, "GIVE ME HER PENDANT."
"that pendant belongs to Akane. and Akane belongs to me." said Shogun, "now that's she's gone everything that was hers belongs to me now. if you aren't willing to give me the pendant, i'll have no choice but to use force." then he pointed at a distance, "my men aren't very far from here. there's more than 20000 men with me. and they will attack on my command. can you all take on 20000 soldiers at the same time?"
"......" Shizu is very pissed, WHAT THE HELL?! he's blackmailing him now just like he did to Akane!
"..what men?" blinks Hoahmaru
"..they're here.." whispers Galford, "they've surrounded us.."
"grrrr.." growls Poppy
"damn.." whispers Shizu
"which will it be, Shizumaru?" said Shogun, "you don't want me to kill all your friends right now do you? and you need to stop Kojiro..."
"YOU'RE AN ASS, SHOGUN!!" shouts Jubei
"you're wasting time, demon." said Shogun, "you either trust me or not, it's your choice. i just want my revenge for Akane..."
"......you never even loved her.. you don't even know her.." whispers Shizu, then he said, "...fine. you can come with us."
"..WHAT?!!" freaks Kazuki
Shizu put the pendant into the hole...
the pendant start to glow brighter and brighter...
[BRRROOM] the ground started to shake
then a weird portal opens..
Shizu put the pendant back into his pocket... "...hmm..looks dark inside.." whispers Hoahmaru, taking a peek
"this is it." said Jubei, and jumps in
"HEY WAIT FOR US!" said Rimururu and they all went in except Shizu and Shogun "good work, Shizumaru." grins Shogun, "i knew you would cooperate, even after i gave you that scar. you were my friend after all." and put his hand on Shizu's shoulder..
Shizu push his hand away from his shoulder, "no. you're wrong. we were never friends.." then before he steps into the portal, "..you never loved her, did you?"
"oh..her." said Shogun, "not everything have to be about love, Shizumaru. especially if you want something, you go for it. whatever you sacrificed to get what EXACTLY what you wanted. besides.."
then he grins, "..you're a demon, Shizumaru. i'm a human. you would never understand love..and you can never feel it and understand it like a human does."
then he jumps into the portal before Shizu..
Shizu lowers his head...
was Shogun right? he is a demon but..is it true that he can never understand feelings like a normal person does? his feelings to Akane are confusing now...was it just his imagination that he THOUGHT he loved her or he does love her..?
he shakes his head... and gets back to reality. right now he must defeat Kojiro.
then Shizu jumps into the portal too.
the portal slowly closes behind him..
"......" the prophet was there the whole time watching him..

Shizu and his friends doesn't know how long they've been inside the portal. or where he's going. it's pitch-black inside. they have to follow each other by holding onto each other's shoulder...every step they walks seem like they're walking on something liquid, squishy stuff. and the farther they walks the smell of rotten meat gets worse.
"ewww..!! PU!" shouts Rimururu, covering her nose. she looks around but only darkness is around her..
"stay close!" shouts Shizu, leading the way..
"WHERE THE HELL ARE WE? where we going??" said Kazuki
"beats me. i'm following Hoahmaru." said Galford
"no, i'm following him, Galford." said Charlotte
"NO, i am."
"no...i am!"
"Hoahmaru, u tell us, who's following you?" said Galford
"zzzzzzzzzz.....hmm?? huh???" Hoahmaru wakes up. he yawns, "gomen but it's so dark in here i fell asleep standing up..."
"......" Charlotte freaks out, "..if i wasn't following Hoahmaru..."
"..and if i wasn't either.." whispers Galford
there's a flash of lightning went throught the darkness
everything goes a little brighter now..
"..[gasps!]" Shizu is shocked when he saw what's around him. nothing but dead rotting bodies of all creatures from humans to animals including dinosaurs (this world must've been here since the beginning of time..) they were all on the ground, rotting away with flies flying around it. the ground was all covered in blood. the sky is purple and no clouds. thunder and lightning flashes from out of nowhere..
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" screams Charlotte. she saw who she was following the whole time...
a half-rotting human!! a zombie
"WAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!" freaks Galford. he was following a zombie too they all back off and take their weapons out...
the 2 zombies walks toward them slowly..
Galford and Charlotte freaks out so bad they couldn't move for a min..
[WOOSH] someone attacked them with a fire attack. the 2 zombies collapses..
it was Hanzo
"WHAT...WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY?!!" freaks Galford
"...the undead.." whispers Hanzo
"...?????" Hoahmaru saw something moving beneath the dead bodies..
"[BARK!!] [BARK!!]" Poppy growls and barks at the dead bodies..
Shizu hold onto his sword, "something is coming.."
[BOOM] the corpses flies everwhere.
"[ROAR!!!]" it's a huge T-Rex roars loudly, and slowly gets up. half or most of his body are bones.
"OH MY GOD" freaks Charlotte
"[SCREECH]" dead crows and more and more dead animals begins to rise.. including humans..
a hand from the ground grab Charlotte's leg!
"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! GET OFF ME!! GET OFF ME!!" freaks Charlotte, and cut off its hand. she hides behind Hoahmaru, "WHY ARE THEY ALIVE?!"
"they are the servants of Kojiro.." said a voice
it's the prophet
"YOU!" shouts Shizu, very angry
"awaken my friends!!" said the prophet, raising his arms up, "SHOW THE MIGHTY KOJIRO YOUR LOYALTY! KILL THESE INTRUDERS!"
"[ROARR!!!!!]" T-rex swings his head and tail around knocking anything in its way and roars fiercely
then the prophet runs off
"...!!! WAIT!!!" shouts Shizu
"they betta be a good challenge." said Shogun, and pull out his sword
"....allright." nods Shizu
"AAAAAAH!!" Jubei runs and attacks the zombie tiger. it roars and hisses and attacks fiercely
"THE GODDESS OF ICE..." whispers Rimururu, "PLEASE HELP ME!" she raises her hand high up, as the ice start to form a big glacier above the T-rex's head, and drops on it...
[CRASH] The T-rex wasn't hurt much, just knocked down a little
"........" Genjuro ran through the zombies with his blade with no trouble. he only cut the heads off =P
"...." Shizu stops and watches them fight. more and more zombies are appearing. they're not gonna be able to stop them all without help.. but he have to find Kojiro before he turns into a demon himself..
"...grrr...goddamnit!" Shizu run to help his friends
"...AAAAAAAAAH!!" Rimururu got hit by a pack of zombies...they keep coming at her. she can't stop them all alone..
"[ROAR!!!!] [GROWL]" the zombie wolf (half of its body are bones and no eyes) growls at Rimururu ferosciously with drools on its sharp teeth..
"..BACK OFF!!" shouts Rimururu, starting to worry
"[GROWL!!]" the wolf jump at her..
[SLASH] Shizu jumps high into the sky and stabbed the wolf right in its head..
"..Shizumaru..!" smiles Rimururu
more and more zombies jump at Shizu.
"SHOGETSUZAN!!" shouts Shizu, and rips the zombies apart. then he turn to his friend Rimururu, "are you ok? you have to be more careful..these bastards aren't like the ones we fought before."
"......but what about the prophet? aren't you.."
"nah." grins Shizu, "we start the journey together, we end it together!"
"...." Rimururu smiles. he have changed so much since Akane's death.... who ever expect a serious don't-give-a-@#$%-to-anybody-but-himself changed to a nice sweet person?
"WHAT U WAITING FOR RIMURURU?! we still have these undead to kill!" grins Shizu. Rimururu nods. and they both continue to help the others..
"SHOGETSUZAN" Hoahmaru swing his sword and a tornado attacks one of the zombie..
the zombie flies high up into the sky..
"..whew." sighs Hoahmaru, "these zombies keep coming back.. huh?"
he looks up..
zombie falls back down..
like they said: anything that goes up must come down..
"..WAAAHH!!!" freaks Hoahmaru, and the zombie falls flat on him..
"................" Hoahmaru's body is stuck to the ground, "...ouch."
"GO POPPY!!" shouts Galford. Poppy growls and tear apart the zombie.
"[ROAR!!!!!!]" the T-Rex roars and grab its fellow zombies in its way with its sharp teeth, and throw them far away...
"...!!" gasps Galford, looking up at the T-rex. Poppy backs off, it growls but its scared the same time..
"...damn.." whispers Galford, "never imagined we'll tackle a historic dinosaur huh Poppy?!"
"HE'S MINE!" said Genjuro, and attacks before Galford
"hey! that wasn't fair." said Galford
Genjuro jumps high up and [SLASH]
then he land safely back on the ground..
[CRACK] the T-rex head falls off... the body is still standing..
"i can see why you always go for the head.." whispers Galford, scratching his head
"..!!!" Genjuro turn around
the head start to move! the body went berserk and swing its tail everywhere, stepping on anything its way..
[BOOM] the tail hits Genjuro, and knock him away..
"..[ROAR!!!]" the T-rex head roars even louder, and attacks anything near it, even zombies and rip them apart..
"...uh oh." freaks Galford, "send him to hell, Poppy!"
Poppy growls and attacks the body of the T-rex.. but missed. it's moving around too fast. the tail hits Poppy and knock him away..
Kazuki summons its fire attack, "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" and hits the ground...
the fire burst out from the earth and burns the T-rex's body
"GLACIER!" Rimururu creates a glacier above its body, and slam it down..
[silent] the T-rex body stops moving
[CRACK] it collapses to the ground..and begin to melt..
"...ewww.." whispers Kazuki, looking at it.
"WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" freaks Hoahmaru
he's running away from the T-rex's head..! the head open its jaw and tries to snap Hoahmaru..
"....!!!" one of the zombies hand grab onto Hoahmaru's leg!
he trips and fall on the ground
"...[ROAR!!]" the T-rex opened its jaws and dive right toward Hoahmaru..! he can't defend himself..it's too late..
".....huh?" Hoahmaru gasps
Shizu saved him. he used his hand and hold the T-rex's jaws wide open so it won't snap on Hoahmaru...
"...arrghh!!!" freaks Shizu. it's too strong... his hands start to tremble a little and he begin to sweat..
"whew, you saved my ass Shizumaru! i knew you would be a good apprentice and.."
"..G..GO!!!!" shouts Shizu, coudn't hold on any longer..
"oh right!" smiles Hoahmaru, and jumps away ^_^'
"Shizumaru..!!" gasps Rimurur, wanting to help him
"NO..!! IT'S...IT'S GONNA SNAP..." shouts Shizu, his hands tremble more and more, and the jaws are closing onto Shizu's head more and more...
he can't escape in time now..
the T-rex is too strong...it's so hard to keep its jaws open..
his hands started to bleed (the T-rex teeth are RAZOR SHARP) and getting weak by the minute..
he can't hold on anymore but he can't give up now. the prophet and Kojiro.. suddenly, Shizu's eyes begin to turn dark-red in anger..
he begins to feel powerful energy inside of him..
"...[gasps]" everyone backs off..
"grrrr.." the T-rex growls, "[ROAR!!!!!]" it roars at Shizu, struggles to close its jaws..
".........." Shizu's hands hold onto its top and bottom jaws TIGHT.. and slowly opens it up...
"[ROAR!!!!!!!!!" the T-rex roars in pain, and struggles like crazy to be freed..
the T-rex is dead..(well, dead again =P)
"......." Shizu shakes his head...
he slowly calms down...and his eyes turn back to its natural color...
"are you ok, dude?" said Galford
"Hoahmaru u gotta stop being so clumsy!" said Charlotte, and hit him in the head..
"HEY! that thing chases after me for no reason...i can't even turn around and attack.." whispers Hoahmaru
"..pathetic." whispers Genjuro
"you don't look so good, Shizu." said Kazuki, looking at his eyes..
Shizu pushes him away, tries to hide his face "..I'M FINE"
then he lead the way, "Kojiro is near.. we have to kill him before he gets into our world.."
Shizu lowers his head while he's walking..thinking..
he can feel his powers
his body is changing inside of him even though he looks ok on the outside..
"please.." he whispered to himself, "please not now..don't change me into a demon now...."
Shizu closes his eyes, and his hands clutch together tight..

Chapter 22-----Final Destination

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