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Samurai Spirits; The Legend Continues
by Helen

Chapter 6-----The Hunter Hunted..

Names of characters in this chapter:
Shizumaru (again!!), Rimururu

New character:
Galford, Kazuki, Sogetsu, Lord Shabu-Shabu, Lady (or princess) Cella

"HELP...HELP..!!!! ANYBODY..!!!!" screams old man, running around like a panic chicken in the Mansion, "PLEASE ANYBODY!!! HELP HELP HELP!!!"
"I'M HERE I'M HERE...!!!! damn..!!" said Shizu, "what happened?"
"my sweet sweet daughter...CELLA is KIDNAPPED..!!!!" freaks the old man, "MY POOR POOR DAUGHTER...."
"what???!! what's not good.." said Shizu, hesitating..
"SHIZUMARU!!!" Rimururu joins him, "this Mansion is HUGE..!! i thought i couldn't find you in here..!!"
"RIMURURU..!! i told you to stay outside..!!! it's dangerous in here..!!" said Shizu
"WHOA, what happened, dude?" said a voice. it's Galford and his dog, Poppy. he looks like he just took a nap, "hmm...where's the princess?"
"CELL IS KIDNAPPED, YOU IDIOT!!!" shouts the old man, "YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO BE HER BODYGUARD..!!!! BUT YOU..YOU...YOU WENT AND TOOK A NAP??!!! @#$%@#$$%@%..!!"
"she is??? YES..!!! oh i mean....that's sooo soo sad." said Galford, "she doesn't want me to bother her..!! so i left for awhile. who knows people actually kidnap a girl like HER?"
"hmm.." Shizu take a look on the ground, searching for clues, "..the kidnapper. he was here just now. probab not far away from here."
"the kidnapper..!! IT MUST BE THE PROPHET..!!! HE'S GONE TOO..!!! IT MUST BE HIM..!!" freaks the old man, "ohhh..what have i done?"
"prophet?" said Rimururu, "..he can tell the future?"
"YES..!!! and very good at it too. but he took my dear daughter..." whispers the old man, "AWWW...MY POOR POOR CELLA...." then he smiles, "HEY YOU...RED-HEAD..!!!! YOU ARE A SAMURIA, RIGHT?? TRACK DOWN THAT KIDNAPPER AND BRING BACK CELLA..!!"
"me?? red-head??" blinks Shizu
"YES YOU!!! if you bring her back safely, i'll pay you $100000..!!!!"
"WOW. that's a lot of zeroes..!!" smiles Rimururu
"hmm...ok." said Shizu, "i do need the cash..."
"GOOD..!! my name is Lord Shabu-Shabu, the richest man in this area. if you bring my Cella back, you will get your reward $100000." said the old man, "AND YOU, GALFORD, YOU WILL ACCOMPANY RED-HEAD TO FIND CELLA..!!!"
"ya know, i do have a name..." said Shizu
"accompany HIM?? all right, i'll watch him...he's still a kid." said Galford
"...i really don't like him.." whispers Shizu, to Rimururu

Shizu, Galford, and Rimururu leaves the village searching for Cella. they're in a small bamboo forest. Shizu doesn't care, he just keep on walking searching for the kidnapper so he can get the $ and out of here. Galford keeps on blabbing bout how great USA is and blah blah blah. Rimururu plays with Poppy and tags along w/ Shizu.
"....AMERICA IS A GREAT PLACE..!!! i was the best fighter there..blah blah blah." Galford keeps on blabbing, no one is listening to him.
"..." Shizu stops and looks around, "..the kidnapper must be heading North. THIS WAY."
"no...the kidnapper is heading South..THAT WAY." said Galford
[silent] there's a silent. Shizu and Galford is getting pissed now...
"noooo..we're going THIS way..South. my dog Poppy is a dog, you know?" said Galford
"no, we're going to North. a Samuria is skilled to learn to find it's opponent...and he went this way." said Shizu
Galford went up to his face, "YOU'RE GETTING ON MY NERVES, RED-HEAD..."
he doesn't care, and stare at him in the eye, "or do you want me to CUT your nerves out???"
"DAMN YOU...!! @#$%..!!!" Galford takes out his katana....!!
Shizu does the same, ready to fight..!!
"HEY...WHY DON'T WE JUST GO AND ASK THAT MAN OVER THERE FOR DIRECTIONS???" said Rimururu, pointing at a group of people not far away.
"huh?" they stopped. they hesitated. those people doesn't look wear normal clothes or anything...they look more like...NINJAS. only one man, is not wearing a ninja suit. instead, Samuria clothes..
"..hmm.ninjas....out here in the forest.." whispers Shizu, thinking..
"C'MON..!! LET'S ASK THEM..!!" smiles Rimururu, and they went to the group of ninjas..

"he's not here." said one of the ninjas, "we've been searching for that asshole for 3 days...still nothing. but I'M POSITIVE HE'S HERE..!!!" then he turn to the leader of the group (the one w/ the Samuria clothes), "he probab is killed by venomous snakes or killed by a tiger. we should head back."
"...we're not going anywere." said the leader. it's Sogetsu, "...he's here, he's still alive." then he sighs and smiles, "ha ha...Kazuki. i underestimated you, to think you're easy to find...since i always find you when we were kids. now you're just going to keep on running instead of facing me? ha ha. SHITSUBOU DESU..!!! (disappointing)"
"hey, boss. someone is coming..!" said one of the ninjas.
it's Rimururu and the others.
"HELLO MISTER..!!! konnichiwa!!" smiles Rimururu, "we're on a mission to find a kidnapper. did you see him?"
"..." Sogetsu is surprised when he saw Rimururu. he only met his sister
Nakoruru before in a battle. he is so amazed of how Rimururu have grown so beautiful...
the ninjas didn't say anything...they don't dare to answer it.
"??? something wrong?" blinks Rimururu
"ninjas aren't allowed to speak without their leader's permission." said Shizu
"VERY GOOD, stranger. that's correct." said Sogetsu, and step out to meet them, "have you studied bout ninjas before?"
"..." Shizu nods no, "..i travel a lot."
"oh i'm so sorry. let me introduce myself." said Sogetsu, "my name is Sogetsu, the leader of the ninja clan, and the best of them all. we didn't see any kidnappers around."
"...which way is North?" said Shizu
"hmm...should be THAT WAY." said Sogetsu, pointing the direction with his katana
"ARIGATO." said Shizu, bow a little, and start to walk away..
"hey, is that red-head going to leave w/o US??? that's not part of the mission.." said Galford
"SHIZUMARU...!!! WAIT..!!" shouts Rimururu, she turn to Sogetsu and bows, "ARIGATO, SOGETSU..!!! SHITSUREI (pardon me) but i have to go..!!! HOPEFULLY WE'LL MEET AGAIN IN OUR JOURNEYS!!!"
then she and Galford went after Shizu, "WAIT FOR US, SHIZUMARU!!!!"
"[BARK!!]" Poppy barks, and follows
"that glow in his eyes...the's scary.." whispers one of the ninja
"....aren't they Samurias?" said the ninja
"yes." said Sogetsu, watching Rimururu...

"SHIZUMARU....WAAAIIIITTTT..!!!!" shouts Rimururu, running after him
"HEY, RED-HEAD..!!! HOLD UP, DUDE..!!!" shouts Galford
"..." Shizu stops, and turn around, "you don't have to come with me. i can handle it."
"ok ok..!! we're going NORTH, OK??? you think I WANT TO GO W/ YOU? i don't have a choice..!" said Galford, "and you're still a kid, can't leave ya alone like that..!! it's always the older ones who watches the younger ones. that's how it works back where i'm from in AMERICA..!!"
"..this is JAPAN. we don't a give a damn if you're young or not. if you're a Samuria, you're a loner. Samuria don't depend on others.."
"hmm..." Galford hesitates, "huh? what's that??"
"???" they saw blood on the ground..near the bushes.
someone is near the bushes...trembling in fear..
"..!!" Shizu went up to the bush, and move it aside, "WHATTA..??!!"
a woman is laying on the grass, her ankle bleeding. she trembles in fear..and she looks like she's been running for hours..
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH..!!!!!" in a sudden, a ninja falls down from the trees.....his katana in his hands....!!
"[GASPS]" Shizu and the others look up..and quickly jump away just in time.
the ninja missed, but he doesn't care. he stand by the woman's side, "BACK OFF YOU @#$%...!!!! WHY WON'T YOU LEAVE US ALONE, DAMN IT..!!!!"
"heeyyy...dude....CHILL OUT..!!" freaks Galford, backs off
"[BARK!!] [BARK!!]" Poppy growls, and barks same time
"leave you alone?" Shizu doesn't understand
"OUCH...!!!" the ninja cries in pain. there's a cut near waist...bleeding a lot. Shizu can tell that the ninja just fought with somebody but lost the battle. one of his knees fall on the ground, very tired. he struggles to get up so he can defend the woman..
"you're wounded.." whispers Rimururu
"please...don't hurt him!! IT'S NOT HIS FAULT..!!! IT WAS ME..!!" cries the woman, "please...can't you just leave us in peace????"
"what..??" Shizu doesn't get it
"i don't understand...we're not here to bother you." said Rimururu, "we're here because.."
"THERE THEY ARE..!!!" shouts a ninja. they saw Kazuki and the woman.
"OH SHIT..!!!" freaks Kazuki, and struggles to get up, "RUN, SISTER..!! RUN WHILE I KEEP THEM BUSY...."
"but you're HURT..!! YOU'LL GET KILLED..!! SOGETSU IS TOO STRONG..!" cries the woman
"GO..!!!" shouts Kazuki, and attacks the ninjas
Shizu and the others watches him fight. Kazuki fights pretty well, and beat almost any ninja that comes near him. he uses the fire element, which is quite surprising to Shizu. maybe he's a demon? who knows
"KAZUKI, STOP." said a voice. it's Sogetsu, "those ninjas are weaklings. if you want to fight, fight ME."
"YOU @$$HOLE..!!!" Kazuki attacks..!! but Sogetsu is too fast for him, and missed. Sogetsu uses his water element attacks, knocking Kazuki off his feet in seconds.
"KAZUKI...!!!" cries his sister
"this sux..!!! let's help him out, red-head..!!" said Galford
"..." Shizu didn't do anything, "'s none of my business."
"...i said it's none of my concern."
"....!!!!" Galford is pissed, "MAANN....I'LL DO IT MYSELF..!!!" he went to where Kazuki and Sogetsu is...
"Shizumaru..!! shouldn't we help out?" said Rimururu
"..." Shizu didn't say anything
"hmm....!! damn..!!" Rimururu wants to help. but if Shiz isn't going to, she can't either..

they watch Galford and Kazuki fight against Sogetsu. but Galford is not helping much. Sogetsu water attacks are really powerful, knocking them down... Rimururu watches them, really want to help out.
"AAAHH..!!" Kazuki falls on the ground again, bleeding even more.
"...!!!" Rimururu wants to step out and help. but she stopped. she stare at Shizu. he didn't do anything. he just stand there, watching them fight. not really care. Galford and Kazuki will get killed for sure if they don't have any help.....

Chapter 7-----A New Ally

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