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Samurai Spirits: End of an Era
by Nick Kimbrel
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Chapter 3 : A Tainted Soul

     Still enraged over the incident at the temple, Genjuro sat in the corner of a drinking establishment in the small town of Otsu. A rowdy bunch of samurai sat at a table in the center of the room, gambling and drinking more than their share of sake. The owner was obviously growing impatient for it was well past his normal closing hour, but he did not dare interrupt them. After his bout with Haohmaru at the temple, Genjuro left the dojo and, after gathering his things, headed off in an unknown direction. After several days Genjuro had stumbled upon this small town and immediately rented a room. The previous day a sign was posted outside the small dojo in the center of town announcing the senior student Otaguro Hyosuke would be accepting challenges from anyone whom wished to fight him. Genjuro saw this sign upon entering the town and showed great interest. The word around town was that Hyosuke was the greatest student of a well-known sensei by the name of Toda Seigen, founder of the Chujo Style of swordsmanship. Deep in thought about his plans for the following day, Genjuro heard the faint voice of the frail shopkeep.
     “Umm, pardon me sirs?” Said the man, obviously intimidated.
     “What is it?” Grumbled one of the samurai.
     “Well you…you see. Its way past, and I have, my wife…”
     “Spit it out old man!” Growled the same samurai, “I don’t have all day!”
     Genjuro saw the opportunity and was already reaching for his sword.
     “I believe it is closing time.” Said Genjuro, staring intently at the floor between his legs,      “He is asking you to leave.”
     “Ahh, the silent samurai speeks.” Chuckled the drunken warrior. His gambling partners looked at eachother, smirking. “What is your name?”
     “That is not of importance, now please leave or I will have to move you myself.”
     The man roared with laughter, “Is that so?”
     The shopkeep recognized the upcoming confrontation and ducked behind the counter, only his tired eyes gloomed over the tabletop. One of the men stood up, and Genjuro instantly unsheathed his sword and sliced vicoiusly at the unknowing victim. The laughter stoped as the head of the victim rolled onto the table they were playing on. The samurai grabbed a halbred that was leaning in the corner and slashed with all his might in the general direction of his opponent. Genjuro easily dodged the attack as the blade of the halbred slammed into the counter. The other two men that resided at the table took this oportunity to take their leave. Getting to their feet, they stumbled to the door and disappeared into the night. Trying desperately to remove his halbred from the bar, the drunken warrior caught a glimpse of a blade moving in his direction. Another head fell at the feet of Genjuro, followed by the body, limply collapsing to the ground. Genjuro ripped a piece of cloth of his victim’s body and wiped his crimson blade clean. Sheathing his sword, Genjuro took a few yen off the gambling table and tossed them at the shopkeep.
     “For the sake.” He said, stepping over the two bodies and walking out the door into the darkness.
     Genjuro’s long red hair whipped violently in the harsh winds. A smile krept over his face as he walked to his room. Behind him was the old man, mopping the bloody floors and rolling the corpses onto the porch. He did not kill those men for the sake of their manners, or their threats to the old man. He killed them for practice. He killed them for sport. He killed them to satisfy his lust for blood. He killed them to kill.

Chapter 4 : The Student

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