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A Really Bad Day
by Galford & Poppy

Characters in this story:
Galford, Nakoruru, Rimururu, Haohmaru, Genjuro, Sogetsu and Kyoshiro.

Rimururu mopped the sweat on her forehead to avoid to be blind. The sweet freshness of Kamui-Kotan forest was characteristic of all spring days in highland. Now, her dye so bright usually was red. The young Ainu girl was angry. Konril, her magic ice crystal turned around her, awaiting her instructions. If Rimururu was angry, the reason was only one word : Galford. The young man proposed her a training. Just in order to make her more careful with her fighting style. The little girl agreed naively, and she never expected that Galford will laugh at her. The gai-jin was really powerful. She never succeeded with hiting him. Each of her tries produced a failure and railleries from Galford. Rimururu felt the anger filled her body. Unfortunately, Nakoruru was here to watch the training, her eyes seemed to be amused during some moment, but she never stopped to encourage her young sister. Rimururu was ashamed because of her sister, witness of her successive faillures. Mamahaha roosted on her shoulder, she looked at her and yawned. Shikuruu was here too. He watched with a great attention the fight between Galford and Rimururu. She began to regret his come in Kamui-Kotan. Galford took all time he needed. After he thanked Poppy, he readjusted his ninjato into his scarbard. It was like a provocation for Rimururu. But the young man made worst. He looked at her and smilled.

"Hey Rimururu ! Are you tired ? I won't be mad at you if you are. You know, you are a little kid, and all little kid get tired easily..." He launched before laughing.

"I AM NOT A KID !" Rimururu yelled and showed her dagger -a kodachi- to menace her opponent.

"And what will you do with this bread-knife, kid ?" Galford asked, his blue eyes brightening with happiness. "Aren't you a beginner to get angry so easily ? Take example on your sister ! She's calm."

Nakoruru can't help with smiling.

"Yes, sister. If anger can be powerful, it can bring you in big troubles if you can't control yourself ! Learn how to control it. When you can't control yourself, you are less concentrated and opponents can take advantages on you." Nakoruru suggested, her voice calm and sweet.

"Learn to ignore raillerie from the others, kid ! And by the way, learn to avoid making us laughing..." Galford said before laughing.

Even Poppy took Rimururu as a not very serious opponent. She yawned.

"Galford-sama ! You will regret all your provocations !" Rimururu yelled, throwing him an evil look wich made Galford laughing.

She made a charge. Without any efforts, Galford blocked her attack and unbalanced her. He pushed her a little to perform an ultime humiliation. Losing her equilibrium, Rimururu tried to recover herself. No avail. She fell on her belly and heard the laughs of Galford. Even Nakoruru tried to hide her smile.

"Are you sleeping little girl ?" Galford asked, raising a finger. "Don't be pissed at me, but it was so funny. Can we do it again ?"

"You won't laugh when I will stand up." Rimururu yelled, blushing.

Before she can stand up, Galford shouted "Go Poppy !". His dog ran to Rimururu and jumped on her. She hold the poor young girl down. Rimururu tried to struggle. No success. She stopped, too tired. Poppy licked her at her face. Rimururu protested. The dog liked Rimururu, but she wasn't in the situation to enjoy her sympathy.

"Stop it Poppy !" Rimururu begged.

"She obey only to the voice of her master." Galford said and approached of the poor loser and his dog. "Want some help ? Leave Poppy !" He said once he was near them.

Once Poppy got away and awaited near her master, Rimururu stood up. She stayed mute. She was really angry. She thrown a hard look to Galford.

"Oh ! You are so cute when you are angry..." Galford said, a smile on his lips while the little Ainu became redder.

Pulling out her kodachi from her scabbard, she hit Galford. The young man disappeared in a cloud of smoke and Rimururu felt her dagger jabbed in something. She started, afraid to wound Galford so hard. When the puff of smoke dispelled, she noticed her dagger stuck in a piece of wood. No more Galford.

"Are you chopping woods, Rimururu ? It's good, but you are in advance for winter..." Galford said, invisible thanks to his ninja abilities.

She groaned and tried to disengage her dagger from the piece of wood.

Some invisible hands came from nowhere removed her headband. Her short brown hairs were fully free.

"Maybe if I put this in my hairs, you will see where I am ?" Galford suggested.

Nakoruru can't help laughing. It was the worst indignity Galford ever made to Rimururu. She turned behind herself and noticed her blue headband, floating and betraying the presence of Galford. Poppy was aside. Even invisible, Rimururu heard Galford laughed at her. She felt her anger at its zenith. She stretched her hands toward her floating headband and yelled "KONRIL !". Galford laughed and tried to imitate the fine voice of the young girl.

"Oh Konril ! Ooooooh ! He's invisible, I'm afraid..." He laughed by imitating her. "And what your icicle will do ?" He asked with a more mature voice.

"This..." Rimururu said.

The magic crystal of Rimururu became bigger and bigger. Once it has more of the size of the young girl, Rimururu ordered it to throw itself on Galford. Nobody saw an invisible Galford opening wide blue eyes and staying dumb, but all heard the terrible smash of the big ice crystal crashing on Galford's head. The shock was too powerful. The last thing Galford heard were the cry of a little girl who made a terrible silliness from Rimururu, and the desperate calls of Nakoruru. He felt unconscious and even the licks of Poppy and the pups can't awake him...


Galford awoke in the middle of a flowers field. He didn't awake immediatly, but let himself dreaming and enjoying the calmness of this peaceful land. Kamui-Kotan was a really sweet place. He wondered how Nakoruru and Rimururu succeeded with transporting him out of the forest. The birds singed, and a sweet wind came to caress his face. He awoke softly and noticed a shape watching him. He can't manage with affirming who it was because he received the light of the sun in his face. Besides, he known it was Nakoruru. Sure she took care of his wounds and let him awoke here, in the best place, with the best company. She seemed to watch him. Galford smiled and felt relaxed. But when he perceived a quick movement from 'Nakoruru', he can't admite what he seen. The flowers near her were crushed by her mighty hand. Galford quickly stood up and gazed the worst he ever seen.

What he used to call Nakoruru in this flowers field was Genjuro. But it wasn't the Genjuro he saw last time. No. Not Genjuro, the rude samurai, killing all innocents, warrior without any pity and rival of Haohmaru. It was Genjuro with a sweet gaze and a big red ribbon dying his hairs as Nakoruru had. When Genjuro looked at Galford, his inferior lip trembled and his eyes became bright due to tears of gladness. Sure it was Gejuro, but he acted like a pathetic parody of Nakoruru. Galford can't believed it.

"Galford ! GALFORD ! You are better, my love ! I was so worried !" Genjuro said, a voice strangly high for a virile man.

"Beeuu ! Get away from me, Genjuro..." Galford answered, trying to flee and a horrible grimace of disgust.

"Genjuro ? Oh... don't worry about him. I killed him last day. He watched me while I took my bath.... I smached his neck. What a pig !" Genjuro corrected.

Galford was brutaly shocked by what he heard. Sure Genjuro was a really bad actor with playing the role of Nakoruru. She's pure and innocent. She hates violence and prefer giving a good lesson to his opponent instead of killing him. However, she won't let anybody watching her in such a private moment. That's why Shikuruu and Mamahaha take care of her quietness while she takes her bath. But Genjuro started to approach him. Galford backed off.

"Galford ! I'm so glad that you are safe now. We will get married and have a lot of kids !" Genjuro told, a smile on his lips.

Galford never saw him smiling. It was the most horrible experience he had in his short life. The rude samurai wasn't a kind person. He was always obsessed by defeating Haohmaru. What was wrong with him ? Maybe he was drunk ? Galford waited for the opportunity to flee this madness.

"Are you afraid, my cutie ? Are you afraid of a life with me ? Or do you think we are... too young to have kids ? Or does it this life of adventures which will miss you ?" Genjuro asked, his eyes devouring Galford.

"But... but... you told me that you have your duty of Ainu priestess... and so, you can't stay with me... And... you are a man !" Galford said with a anxious voice.

"Galford. Rimururu decided by her own to take my duty. The spirit of Nature agreed and welcome our weeding. And why are you saying I am a man ? I am what is the most feminine." Genjuro said, freeing his long hairs from the red ribbon.

Galford groaned. The only feminine point on Genjuro was his pink kimono. Going on with backing off, Galford stumbled. On the floor, he tried to get his sword. But the destiny decided another event. The justice blade wasn't at his side.

"Po... Poppy !" He shouted.

But his companion wasn't here.

"Galford ! Are you alright ?" Genjuro asked, bending over Galford. "Be careful with yourself ! I don't want your old wounds to open themselves again !" Genjuro said with an anxious voice.

Seeing himself forgotten, Galford begged.

"PLEASE !" He asked.

"Oh ! I understand ! You want a very big hug, my darling. Let me satisfy your need." Genjuro said, his eyes sparkling with desire.

Genjuro rushed on this poor Galford who tried to defend himself. But because of his position, the struggle was quickly over. Genjuro hugged so hard his victim, can't help with kissing his forehead. Galford looked at the sky, asking silencely what he did to deserve this. The overflowing love of Genjuro missed to choke him.

"What did I to deserve this ?" Galford requested, his blue eyes so deceived.

"You are the responsible of our happiness, Galford. When you told me how much you loved me, I was so happy. I was sure you love me, and now, we are both for eternity..." Genjuro said, hugging Galford a little much.

Galford known he was finished. But he heard a far charge. Like someone came to release him. It was the powerful charge of a samurai. The powerful charge of Haohmaru. Yelling, Haohmaru approched to Genjuro hugging Galford. In sign of challenge, he pointed Genjuro with his katana. Genjuro, disappointed left Galford alone. He took his katana, and executed his fighting stance.

"Sister ! I'm stronger than you ! Let me show you what I can do now !" Haohmaru said with a strange naive voice.

"You will regret that, Rimururu ! I was happy with my boyfriend and you have botched our gladness." Genjuro menaced with a harder voice.

Galford thought he was mad, because he noticed a blue headband, tying Haohmaru's hairs. The worst was this stupid jar of sake floating around him.

Haohmaru rushed on Genjuro. He grabbed him and thrown above himself. The heavy Genjuro crashed on the floor, puffing spectacular clouds of dust. Haohmaru laughed. But once Genjuro stood up, he panicked. Keeping a frog in his hand, Genjuro shouted "Mamaha !" and thrown the poor animal on Genjuro. All heard the "floatch !" when the frog smached on Haohmaru's face. His riposte was terrible. He grabbed Genjuro and blocked his head under his arm. Yelling the name of his sake jar "Konril", he poured sake into Genjuro's throat.

"Ahah ! You like sake, my sister... It's good, no ? It's good to become shaggy..." Haohmaru said while he went on with making drink Genjuro.

"Stop it ! STOP ! Where's Galford ?" Genjuro yelled and tried to struggle against the jar of sake.

Fortunately for him, Galford find all the time he needed to hide himself in the forest. When he was away from the two mad samurais pretending to be the two cheerful sisters, he heard someone calling him.

"Pssst ! Galford ! Come here !" A voice said.

This voice issued from a far souvenir, Galford found it hard to remember the face of its owner.

"Who are you ? Keep away from me." He launched carefully, a face really anxious.

"So you are sane too... For one day of my life, I'm glad to see you Galford." the stranger said.

He went out of the bushes. It was Kyoshiro. The kabuki dancer was as Galford saw it for the last time. His make up, his clothes, his long red hairs... all was perfect, except the fact that he wasn't in possession of his weapon. And maybe due to this, he seemed to be nervous. So proud in the past, all little suspect ado made him start.

"What's wrong with you, Kyoshiro ? Aren't you a proud kabuki dancer ?" Galford asked, raising a eyebrow and felt the same fear than him.

"Galford.... it's horrible. Sogetsu...." Kyoshiro started, always looking behind him and watching over any potential dangers.

"What ? What's happened to him ? Did he..." Galford started.

Suddenly, Galford heard a terrible noise behind him. Like someone pushing aside the bushes and the vegetation to pass. Kyoshiro pushed a scream and flight with his strange gait. Hopping on one foot, it was certain that he won't go too far to escape. Galford pivoted around himself to see what was dreadful for Kyoshiro. It was Sogetsu. Sogetsu as Galford saw him for the last time... but he was bald.

"KYOSHIRO ! Come back here ! I have to cute your long hairs. And after it, we are going to pick flowers !" Sogetsu told.

But when he noticed Galford, he stopped.

"Are you high or something ? You are the shame of all ninjas !" Galford said, a disgusted face.

"What ???" Sogetsu requested, his face really surprised to see Galford here.

Suddenly, the destiny reunited to heart, again. Galford opened big dreadful eyes when he noticed something pink approching here. He jumped on a bushes to hide himself.

"What are you doing Galford ? Why are you hiding ? Do you have some troubles with Nakoruru ?" Sogetsu asked, a really big smile on his face.

"Shut up ! It's not Nakoruru, but Genjuro. If he find me, it will be over for me !!! So, please Sogetsu... If he ask you where I am, lie to him !" Galford whispered, his forehead wet of sweat because he felt the panic growing.

Two big foot jammed his vision through the bushes. It was certainly Genjuro. Galford could confirm it when he heard him asking where Galford is. A bird landed on Genjuro's fingers. Amused, he looked at this new friend. When he fondled it, his hand was too big and clumsy. The bird fell and flight, disappointed by so much rudeness.

"Galford ? Oh, he's just hidden in these bushes. Here !" Sogetsu answered, a happy face.

Galford missed to bit his own tongue. He started to yell his panic when he felt two powerful hands removing him from the bushes. It was really Genjuro.

"GALFORD ! I've found you, and now, nothing will separate us..." Genjuro said, a voice to high to be virile.

Conscious that Genjuro behaved like a girl, Galford felt ashamed. What happened to him ? Did he lose his head ?


"Galford ! Galford ! Wake up ! Are you alright now ?" Rimururu asked, her brown eyes wet because she wept.

Galford woke up. His head was hurtful. When he touched his top, he felt a big bandage protecting a big bump. Rimururu was here. The imposing shape of Haohmaru was remplaced by the fragile little girl. But she wasn't alone. Nakoruru was here too. It was really her, and not Genjuro imitating her... Mamahaha, Shikuruu and Poppy were present too.

"Galford ! I was worried about you ! Please, tell something !!!" Nakoruru begged, her innocent eyes were bright as if she was going to cry.

"Nakoruru, Rimururu... Don't worry, I'm better now. I had a terrible dream. I just remember I've taken a hard hit." Galford said, his eyes focused on the two Ainu girls.

"It's my fault Galford-san... I was too angry... I'm sorry." Rimururu said, her tiny voice trembling of remorse.

Too ashamed by her acts, she tried to hide her face with her tiny hands. Galford approached her and taped lightly her shoulder to comfort her. Poppy licked his hand and groaned. She was afraid of what happened to her master too.

"You needn't be sad, Rimururu. I'm responsible of this anger. I liked too much to laugh at you... but I did something worst. I underestimated you." Galford assured, his face more tender and angelic to calm her.

"I'm glad... Galford. I'm glad you are fine. When you struggled and yelled that Genjuro wore a big red ribbon, I was persuaded you became mad because of this hard hit on the head..." Nakoruru said, touching the red ribbon in her hairs and avoiding Galford's blue eyes as she was embarrassed. "I was sad..."

Galford smiled at her.

"You know Galford-san, she was really anxious when you raved. She bandaged your head and we took care of you..." Rimururu said, a tiny smile on her lips.

"Thank you." He said, feeling better by hearing how much the two maiden took care of him.

At last, in this spring afternoon, Galford, Rimururu, Nakoruru and all their pets enjoyed the calmness of the forest. Galford will just keep a horrible souvenir of his confusion between Nakoruru and Genjuro, and between Rimururu and Haohmaru.

The End

Note : This fiction is just a joke issued from a fanart representing what Genjuro and Haohmaru will be if they act like Rimururu and Nakoruru in spite of their strength and rude manners.
I do this just as a joke and I never intented to harm any characters or any persons

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