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The Last Spell of Mizuki
by Galford & Poppy

Starring Ukyo as a narrator, Galford as a poor victim, Haohmaru, Cham Cham, Earthquake, Mizuki, Nakoruru and Rimururu.

// A l'époque où Mizuki n'était pas encore vaincu... lorsque les premiers samurais vinrent la défier....

By a beautiful night of Autumn, during our quest against lord Yuga, we were forced to sleep outside. Despite of the reasons which were fully justified to me, my journeyman never stopped to complain, saying how stupid it was to sleep outside a city just due to a pack of girls. But does he know how annoying and tiring it is to be idolized and hunted by so much women ? That could sound greate. But it's not the case when you gave your heart only to one of them. Galford still couldn't understand how weak I became. I couldn't allow to brave my fans each time. And a day, I know my weakness will be fatal. For the time, it was better to sleep in the cold of the night. What a ninja and a swordmaster could fear in the night ?

When I was resuscitating the campfire, I was realizing how much I missed Kei. To not feel her gentle smile was much than torture. Kei is much better than these hordes of woman chasing me...

"Why can't we stay in that town, Ukyo ? It's better there ! There are nice beds and it's hotter than here ! You're suposed to be a man, Ukyo ! And men proud of this name will never flee face to a group of ladies ! They love you, and you're already with someone, so why don't you tell them that ?" Galford shouted again, his face lighted by the fire, and his dogs sleeping around.

"If you're that intelligent Galford, why don't you go alone ? I'm sure many of these girls will enjoy a nice gai-jin like you... And in addition, you're single." I answered, expecting a reaction from him.

"..." Galford would have liked the say something, but my answer flashed his mind. I knew he loves someone, but I still ignore who it is. This was certainly the best secret the gai-jin was able to keep. Thus I cogitated while this big twit was flushing due to the souvenir of his first and unique love.

Without that I pronounced any other words, he was looking at a little cherry blossom tree petal he holded secretly. Men are all like that. When they are as sentimental as in love, their mind is always manned by the vision of the elected of their heart. Galford would probably understand me...

"Would you want to have some children Galford ?" I asked, watching Galford's eyes opening widely.

"Heum... I... I think like everyone, no ?" He replied nervously and flushed.

"... but you haven't answered to my question, Galford." I said again, brushing my long hair.

"Mmm... yeah. I admit, I would like to have two daughters." He responded to my request of information. Something sulky, he was watching the firecamp.

"And what about the futur mother ?" I asked, devoured by the curiosity.

"HEY ! Mind your own business !" Galford said with a voice so hard to hear, probably because he thought we were spied.

"Ah. I was just teasing you Galford... So, why do you want just daughters ?" I finally asked.

"Because daughters are cute and adorable. And I lived surrounded by my sisters. So, I guess I've got that from my childhood. And... I would like my daughters to be as fair as their futur mother, and beautiful too. I can't help with imagining them with a big red ri...." Galford started to say, but stopped like if he was stroked by a lighting bolt.

I would have liked to know more details, but he never mentioned it again.

"You know, daughters are really cute and nice when they are child... But with the time and years passing, some of them become minx, puckish, too playful and all..." He related me, a serious face "... and that's not good because it can put you into trouble sometimes. I have suffered from that a day..." He added after a short pause.

"What happened ?" I asked, much interested by the topic.

"You... you have to promize me that you will never yell it to anyone interested..." He supplicated me as if he was going to relate me one of his worst adventure.

I hadn't any bad intentions toward him. Laughing to anyone isn't my cup of tea. In fact, it belongs much to Galford than to me. But anyways, I hadn't any troubles to convince him. Let me tell you his first fight against Mizuki...


Galford related me about his fight against Mizuki. Many braves stood up against her, and so, Galford, Haohmaru and Nakoruru were forming a trio to defeat her. But after a hard battle Haohmaru had against Mizuki gards, Galford was forced to take advance on his friends. Mizuki's powers were growing up. And when the eyes teary, Nakoruru begged him to save nature while she will hide, protect and heal Haohmaru, Galford felt forced to accept. He didn't want to abandon Nakoruru and Haohmaru on such some dark moments. But it was necessary to stop Mizuki before it would be too late. Nakoruru promised him she will rejoin him once Haohmaru will be safe, in order to fulfill her duty and to save Nature again. But she begged Galford to be extremely careful. he agreed. Then he went alone to fight the evil Shinto priestess.


"Poor little mosquito, I'm gonna smash your sorry little face and give your rests to your demon dog." Earthquake said, his mouth wide opened into a sort of grin.

But his opponent wasn't able to stop squealing.

"And what you and your 600 pounds of fat will do ?" Mizuki responded, a kind of sadistic smile on her lips.

Earthquake rushed to her as a charge of blade and fat. But Mizuki wasn't hurted by that. She was expecting for something finer !

"Pig... You are a pig ! A big and fat stupid pig !" She yelled.

Her hair flew into the air and her eyes became fully white. A very very bad sign. And so, she commanded the magic of the dark gods to give a better form for this human who dared to strike her. The demon protecting her finnaly answered to her request. A bolt of magic went out of its mouth, and it stroke Earthquake on his fat ass. Before he can even understand what happened, he was transformed into a pig.

Then Galford arrived at this moment. Mizuki was out of laugh and Galford understood immediately who the pig was.

"Here's a form matching with him." He was thinking, smiling lightly.

But this thought made of his first fight against Mizuki a real defeat. Mizuki used magic once again and Galford was transformed into an animal.

"Sorry little gai-jin. But you look much dangerous than your pig friend. So I have to teleport you far away..." Mizuki said, holding Galford who has known the bad sensation of being lifted up and used like a toy. "Bye bye !"

He would have liked to yell, but a strange sound went of his mouth in fact... He felt himself collapsing...


When Galford awoke, big green eyes were watching at him. He was feeling better, but he suddenly realized that the person looking at him was Cham Cham ! He remember he had fought the little cat girl with his friends. She was easily afraid of the group until that Nakoruru convinced her that they weren't bad thank to the confidence animals have on her. But Poppy didn't resisted to chase poor little Cham Cham who jumped on Galford to bit him before fleeing. There are no honor in chasing a little scarred cat girl by three. So, the group left her alone.

But now, Galford was able to admire Cham Cham, eyes into eyes. She was enormous compared to the last time he saw her. Why didn't she flee like before ? Her green eyes were giving her something cute and rogue. She seemed to be very playful with him, and she started approach so much his face that she was able to touch his nose with hers. She was smelling him. But Galford suposed she was really unpredictable. So, he used to talk, if only she was able to speak and understand his language.

Galford opened the mouth to say something, but instead, a big meow went off. Confused, Galford used to put his foot with white fur to clog his mouth, like if it was for saying how much he was sorry. But it was too late. Cham Cham made a big smile and purred. Galford never knew what kind of compliment he said to make her happy like that. He stood up to noticed he was in a forest, across to a river. He rushed to the river to see his new face in the reflections of the water while Cham Cham was focusing her eyes on him, feelings melted with confusion and gladness.

When Galford saw what he became, he screamed. "NNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He meowed.

He was a blue-eyed cat with a white and hare fur. Due to the terror of the situation, he squinted.

"Mizuki ! What did you make of me ? It's nearly as stupid as the idea of marrying Cham Cham and Jubei together !" Galford thought.

Cham Cham ran behind him, Galford was sure she would kidnap or push him into the river, but in fact, she simply jumped into the water and started to play.

"I believed cats were afraid of water !?" Galford thought, his tail between his rear legs because he was ashamed.

"Nyaah ?" Cham Cham answered in a sweet meowing like an invitation.

"No thanks...." Galford thought but meowed in fact.

The reaction of the young cat girl was strongly unpleasant to him. Quivering her legs and arms in the river, she was throwing water everywhere, even on Galford who meowed in rage. Water on his fur was a horrible experience. Like an electrocution.

"I swear I'm going to take my real form again, and then, you will cry for making me to let you alive, you little cat woman !" Galford thought, his fur spurring.

Galford tried to concentrate himself with the hope to take back his real form. Such something didn't happen. But he attracted Cham Cham enough to make her going out from the river and stretched avaricious hands toward him. Galford complained and he was taken like a baby. Cham Cham was looking at him with amused eyes and started to caress his white fur on his belly. The sensation was gentle, but Galford didn't want to be dealed as a baby, and especially by a girl of that age ! He didn't want to be Cham Cham's toy and what she was doing was shocking for him... But what's more normal than a girl caressing her childhood pet ? Nothing ! Ashamed, Galford meowed desperately and struggled like a cat in water. But the gentle caresses from Cham Cham were too sweet that he heard his own purrings because his entire body was reacting to this affection, whatever if he wanted or not. He meowed his distress, hoping again that someone would help him...

"Who are you ? Don't you see this poor little kitty doesn't want you ?" A little voice Galford identified as Nakoruru's one claimed.

"Meow ?" Cham Cham answered. "How dare do you annoy me while I'm with one of my cousin ?" Cham Cham said with a strong accent and many difficulties to express herself in that language.

She growled lightly and her tail was beating the air. Galford would have liked to see Nakoruru, but Cham Cham pressed his face close to her shoulder. His position was all but not comfortable. She taped him like to comfort, and Galford feared to belch and break his polite and handsome image. Sounds of loud step made change the attitude of Cham Cham. And when she faced a big bear, she let Galford go and she fleed, scared. And so, Galford made his cutest meowing to thank Nakoruru. But it wasn't her. It was just a girl who was maybe a little more younger than her. Her brown hair was short. Her eyes were brown. She was dressed like Nakoruru, by big trousers with a kind of kimono. The drawings and symbols on this dress were nearly like those on Nakoruru's one. But much blue than red. The girl was wearing a blue headband. Her skin white as snow was confirming she was an Ainu. And she had something like Nakoruru in her face. But her smiles were much important and generous than her. A big brown bear was close to her like a gardian. But she wasn't terrified by his presence... Rather comforted. Galford remembered he saw her when he trained with Nakoruru near the village before they left to find Mizuki. Nakoruru introduced her little sister as Rimururu and she asked her to stay away from them while they would train. She added her to stay mute about Galford who is a gai-jin, but a friend and who wouldn't be tolerated by the other members of the village. The little Rimururu agreed with the condition that Galford let her to fondle Poppy. He accepted and smiled due to the interest the little girl had for his dog.

"I'm sure you're a present from Kamui !!!" Rimururu said, smiling like Galford never saw. "Likely they sent you to comfort me about the departure of ane-sama..."

Rimururu approached to him and Galford would have prefered to be with Cham Cham now. She placed her cold hands around his plusher belly.

"MOUAAAAAAWWWW !" Galford meowed in despair.


"Where did you find that kitty, Rimururu ?" Sanouku asked. "We'd better to be careful with Shikuruu and the other animals..."

"Oh please grandfather... This is probably a present from our Gods !" The little Rimururu said, very excited.

"No way ! I don't want to be your toy ! I can swear I won't be a gift !" Galford thought, struggling like an impatient little cat.

He'd have liked Nakoruru to be a bad cooker or Haohmaru to make the last dinner, since the last time he ate, it was with his two friends. He'd have liked to be ill and to disgust his futur owners.

"The poor little sweety has no where to go and the forest could be dangerous regarding all these predators..." Rimururu outbid, knowing her grandfather would accept soon.

"I don't think we should keep it. It could have many diseases and all..." Sanouku started, smoothing his long white beard.

"YEAH ! I don't know who you are old man, but I love you !!!!!" Galford thought, meowing of enthusiasm.

Rimururu's face became sad and she lowered her brown gaze.

"... but we never abandonned any animals in distress and you look so happy with this new companion !" The grandfather ended suddenly, meaning a big change in Galford's destiny. "Moreover, looks like a gentle little female, no ? I guess she will comfort you from the departure of Nakoruru..."

"Yippie !!!!!" The little Ainu girl yelled and jumped of joy.

"I HATE you, grandfather !" Galford thought.

No one could know if it was his vengeance, the contrariness to be dealed like a lovely little cat female or the fear of what would happen next, but Galford made a big fart, airing his vengeance all over the room where they were. The smell was so horrible that the grandfather ran for his life. It looked like whoever would smell this would turn to stone or get poisoned. Rimururu and her too delicate nose didn't resist too. She left the cottage with a groan of distaste.

"Hahahahaha !!!! Feel my vengeance, you poor little humans !" Galford thought louder for himself. "I didn't know cats were able of this ! Is it a secret weapon ?"

Then noticing few details in the room where he was, he spoted a bowl full of some Ainu recipe. Fortunately, the effects of his gaz attack wouldn't be over before a dozen of minutes since no one managed to open a window in order to ventilate and remove this nasty smell. Perhaps they feared to let Galford escape ?

"Ok, let's make this like an accident. It's time to ruin my reputation of lovely little cat..." Galford thought and he lead toward the bowl like a panther.


Meanwhile, Rimururu was out of breath. She never smell anything that ugly. She didn't know something so cute and sweet could make something that smelly ! But she believed the poor little kitty was too scared in his new home. So, she used to find him an apology. Waiting few minutes for the odor to be over, she finally came back to the cottage. But it was to surprise an horrible show.

Galford was eating her grandfather's bowl of food ! And he was probably enjoying it since she could hear his purring from the doorstep.

"Hello kid !" Galford thought, not surprised to see Rimururu.

"Ooooh ! You !" Rimururu yelled, obviously angry.

"Want some ? I left what I couldn't eat and what I rejected..." Galford said and pushed the bowl toward Rimururu.

Rimururu was too afraid to watch what was inside the bowl, because of the hobby of this weird cat.

"Can I have more ? What's your mensurations ? Do you know some female cats in order to play strip poker ?" Galford would have liked to say in order to ashame his poor host.

He was really acting like a bad boy, but he wanted to be fired from that family and get out of here. He was stretching and rolling himself on the floor, like to show his joy. He suddenly hit the bowl by his rear feet and everyone could contemplate the bowl spreading its ugly content everywhere. Galford's fur was also soiled, but he didn't care. In fact, he was happy things turned like this. He knew that Rimururu would be so angry that she'll kick him out. At least, it's what he'd have liked.

Rimururu started to yell again and gesticulate everywhere, showing how unpleasant Galford's behavior was for her.

"You evil kitty ! Look at what you've done !" She said.

"No matter, I don't speak Ainu so I don't know what you're talking about !" Galford thought, like a mockery.

"You ugly ! I'm gonna bath you now !" Rimururu sentenced.


But there were just a bunch of meows and his tail which became threefold its volume to show how he felt. That didn't avert Rimururu from gather him like a fruit, while he was attempting to climb in order to flee by the window.


"Stop that !" Rimururu yelled again.

She was trying to put Galford in a basin half full of water, but Galford was refusing this. Each of his feet were clinging to each of the basin's corners. But Rimururu succeeded with plunging him into the water. However, Galford used to drag her in his fall. But the basin was too small for her.

"MEOW ! MEOOOW !" Galford meowed in despair.

"Stop that, please ! There are not enough water to drown you, so you needn't to be worried." Rimururu said in order to appease him.

In spite of Galford's complains, she went on with washing him and thus, Galford's fur was clean and smelt so good. On the top of that, Rimururu put him a pink ribbon. Just one word could describe Galford : Adorable. And Rimururu was just too proud of the hard time she spent to wash and dress Galford, because he looked so cute. The gai-jin wasn't hearing that from this ear and he was pretty ashamed.

"Oh no... I hope Hanzo will never see me like this..." He thought for himself, watching the skies in order to beg his God's pity.

"Now my little female cat, I'm gonna find you a name..." Rimururu said and she used to think about this.

"I AM NOT A FEMALE ! I'M A MALE !!!! And if you'd see me in my real form, I can tell you'd be scared because I'm a tall gai-jin !" Galford used to said and his tail was showing how annoyed he was.

Rimururu watched him carefully, like if she'd understood the meaning of his cat talks.

"MISHA ! I'm gonna name you MISHA !" She exclaimed herself and held Galford in her arms theatrically.

"Oh no ! It sucks ! I'd have expected for something much virile !!!!" Galford thought.

"Don't you like your new name ?" Rimururu asked and hoped the cat could understand her.

"No way ! I'd even have prefered a name from Pokemon !" Galford thought.

Feeling spoiled, Galford rushed in the basin. He wanted to finish with his life. But Rimururu came to rescue him just at time.

"What's wrong with you Misha ? Are you suicidal ? Or do you like bath ?" Rimururu asked.

"I'd like to go now ! There is a shinto priestess I'd like to get avenged of !" Galford meowed cutely in order to have what he wanted from Rimururu.

"Oh you're so cute ! I know what will make you so happy !" Rimururu said, satisfied of her new idea.

She caught Galford again and left with him by pampering him again during all the travel. The poor Galford meowed and purred even though he'd have liked to not.


"Here's Sasha, I hope you'll be really friend !" Rimururu said and laid Galford delicately on a bolster in front of another cat entirely white.

Galford watched the new cat. Then he thrown an interrogator look at Rimururu who smiled.

"Sasha.... and Misha... Doesn't it remind you a pathetic cartoon ?" Galford thought.

"I hope you'll enjoy him and that you'll have plenty kids together when you'll be older." Rimururu said.

Then the white cat approached Galford and smelt his nose. Then he purred like if he wanted to say Galford how much he loves him.

"NO ! I'm a male ! In fact I'm a human ! Imagine our life together !!!! That'd be possible !" Galford yelled.

But for all answer, the male cat licked Galford's forehead. The poor gai-jin stepped aside, furious.

"I'm not gay !" Galford yelled.

But Rimururu pushed him lightly and his head was in front of the cat who was purring like he never did before.

"A kiss ! A kiss ! A kiss !" Rimururu cheered them up.

Disgusted, Galford let out a puff of breath. Due to the Ainu recipe he recently ate, his breath wasn't nice smelling. That was so horrible that the cat nearly fainted and felt dizzy.

"What the hell did I eat ?" Galford wondered.

"What's wrong ?" Rimururu wondered too. "Hmm... Oh, no matter ! Now, I'm gonna make you dance for your futur husband !"

"Nooooo !!!!" Galford yelled and ran out for his life.

His new form of animal was allowing him to be so fast, but Rimururu was running behind him, scared to lose him.

"Wait ! Wait ! We haven't decided yet a date for your mariage !" She yelled, out of breath.

Running madly into the forest, Galford unfortunately slid in a puddle of fresh mud. His so good looking fur became entirely black.

"Oh no !!!!!! Not a bath again !" Galford thought for himself as he took again his race.

Rimururu was dangerously close to him. But Galford was suddenly stopped by a black cat in this forest.

"Hanzo ?" Galford asked.

"Galford ?" The black cat asked. "What ARE you doing here ? Where were you until now ????"

For all answer, Galford pushed him where he came from.

"Good question, you'll know soon ! Sayonara !" Galford said and went on with his run.

The poor Hanzo didn't understand.

"Gai-jin are really weird ! He didn't even tell me how he became a cat..." Hanzo thought for himself.

"Misha ! You evil girl !" Rimururu said when she spotted Hanzo.

Hanzo felt his black fur bristling due to an unknown fear.

"You'll have to apology to Sasha ! That was unpleasant from you what you did ! But first, I'm gonna bath you again !" Rimururu said, very angry.

"Oh no !" Hanzo answered.


Thanks to Hanzo, Galford was free ! He didn't have something else to do than finding a way to stop the curse. But unfortunately, some people were running after him and they weren't Rimururu... Hearing some light growls, he understood it was Poppy and the pups.

"Oh no ! They cannot recognize me ! My smell... I must smell like a cat ! And Poppy never liked cats !" Galford groaned for himself.

She was dangerously moving on. Galford realized he totally forgot her during all the recent events. But he wasn't that appeased by this grand reunion.

"God... being eaten by my own dogs ! What a tragic end !" Galford thought.

He was tired because he hasn't got the same endurance than a human. He was faster, but less enduring... Poppy was just behind him. He could sens her breath on his back. Poppy jumped and brang Galford down like in a spectacular game of American football..... She licked him.... She licked him like to wash him from all this mud.

"Ooooh !!!! Poppy ! Your breath stink so much ! I'm happy to see you again, but you..." Galford used to say.

Then, reinforcement has arrived and Galford was also licked by the pups...

"Noooooo !!!!! No more baths !!!!!" Galford yelled.


"How about the end, then ?" I asked, very attentive to all Galford's funny story.

"Later on, Mizuki's curse was over, and I finded again my real form..." Galford answered, ashamed. "I'd have feared to ask her to stop this curse in such a ridiculous form !"

"Hm. What a strange story, my friend. I know Mizuki was able to do such something and transform people into animals, but I wouldn't have expected this of you ! I thought you were more skilled and careful against your opponents...." I replied, closing his eyes.

"Oh... I... I couldn't help laughing since Earhtquake was transformed as a pig !" Galford said like to find an apology to his defeat. "But you have to promise you will keep this story for yourself ! Some kids are nice, polite and not too playful. But some other, like Rimururu, are a bit too childish and bratty..."

"Don't worry Galford. I won't tell anyone about your 'secret'... I know how ashamed you are, so, no one will learn this story..." I answered by a very calm and appeasing voice.

Galford felt relieved, because he related something he never talked about before. I guess he had the feeling I understood him, or maybe in fact I was too borred by this story ? Whatever, both of us finally took a rest because of the hard day of travel they would have tomorow...


Behind the bushes, Haohmaru was out of laugh. He spied at Galford and Ukyo, but he never lost any pieces of Galford's nightmare. He never heard something funnier about the gai-jin... Sure, people who would hear that would have a lot of fun. Even his rival, who was mad for being forced to sleep outside because of the fight he started with Haohmaru when he met him at the inn, he would probably have a laugh by hearing this.

"Move your lazy butt now ! Dinner is ready !" Genjuro yelled, very angry for having been forced to make dinner for two. "Even in cooking, you're bad ! Compare what I've taken for dinner with what YOU have bought !"

"But I've a nice and funny story to relate this night ! That'd probably interest you ! This one is about Galford... Remember of him ?" Hoahmaru said with a big grin.

"No way ! You suck in every domains ! Likely about your stories too..." Genjuro let out, obviously annoyed.

"Listen.... The story take place during Galford's first fight against Mizuki..." Haohmaru started...

The End

A note from the author : I hope everyone will enjoy this funny little story about Samurai Spirits ! I also hope Galford's fans won't felt insulted by the way he behave to flee Rimururu in that fic Having three cats at home, I know what they can do when they're scared or annoyed and when to flee...

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