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Haohmaru's Encounter
by Nicotine

One day Haohmaru was on a path that even he didn't know lead to. He was traveling and got lost in a deep forest and been lost for three days. One day he came across an old monastery. Desperate for food and Sake, he ran at the gates at full speed. He banged at the large door.
       "Any one! Some one let me in!" shouted Haohmaru.
Suddenly and old creaky voice was heard from the other side of the door.
       "What's your Business here!" said the voice.
       "I am lost, I wish to have some food now!" replied Haohmaru.
       "Come in then and have some tea and food then." Said the voice.
       Then the door opened and with every inch it opened the louder the creaks. Then Haohmaru saw whom what the voice was. It was an old monk, very old, and small, his name was Caffeine Nicotine. But Haohmaru didn't know Nicotine.
       "Well old man, you have any food. But instead of tea can I have sake, I love sake, I ran out a long time ago." Said Haohmaru.
       "I have a little bit left from my younger years." Said Nicotine.
       Then they ate bread and rice and Haohmaru had his sake bottle with sake and drank some.
       Now that you will go out and I tell you, be caring full, a big challenge is ahead of you." Said Nicotine.
       "Thanks old man, for the sake and food, I will go now." Said Haohmaru.
       "You should go left at the intersection, I will take you to a town, it has an inn." Said Nicotine.
       "Thanks again old man, I will do that." Said Haohmaru.
       Then Haohmaru left the monastery. About have way to the intersection of paths Haohmaru was attacked. It was Earthquake.
       "Well, this is the big challenge I was going to face, well, the old man wasn't kidding about huge, and man you are a Chunky butt." Shouted Haohmaru.
       "Gosh, I am gonna make mince meat outta you little skinny guy!"
       Then they began to fight. Haohmaru dodged all the cheap slashes from earthquake. Then without warning Earthquake shouted" Smell the Roses." Earthquake grabbed Haohmaru and shoved him by his butt. Suddenly Earthquake let out a huge fart on Haohmaru's head.
       "Er-he-ooooo!" laughed Earthquake.
       "I guess that one would turn your hair brown eh Haohmaru?" said Earthquake.
       Then out of the brush came Nicotine.
       "Hey Earthquake!" shouted Nicotine.
       Distracted is Nicotine's stupid jester Haohmaru had the chance to get back up.
Then Haohmaru jumped in the air and did a crescent kick to earthquake's head. With a great rumble and grunt Earthquake fell to the ground, Unconsiness.
       "Thanks old man, I gotta go, but one question." Said Haohmaru.
       "And what is your question?" replied Nicotine.
       "Is my hair Brown now?" said Haohmaru.

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