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Rapping Haohmaru
by MarcX

Haohmaru:Are you sure this will work?

Shizmaru:Don't worry, girls will be all over you by the end of tommorow.

Haohmaru:Okay *goes into a dark room*


Haohmaru:Ummmmm *sweating* Okay, turn on the lights.

Shizmaru turns on the lights, people are crowding around a round platform with Haohmaru on top of the platform

Haohmaru:*goes in a rapping voice* Wassup samurai warriors?

Samurai Warrior:Woo Hoo!

Haohmaru:Now it's time for my *sweats* ummmmm, ummmmmm?

Shizmaru:*whispering loudly* Samurai Rap!

Haohmaru:Oh yeah! Now it's time for my Samurai Rap! *goes in rapping voice*

Now all you Samurai! Get all yo' foes, and get on yo' toes! Rap! Rap! Tap yo' sword! Rap! Rap! Get all yo' bows and arrows and smell the roses! Rap! Rap! Break it down to da' floor, and rap all you want, bust down that door keeping yo' rap side form a comin'! Rap! Rap! Listen to me! Rap! Rap! That's my Samurai Rap!

Samurai Warrior:Bows and Arrows are so yesterday! That ruined your whole song! *boos*

Haohmaru:Oh great.... ....Wait! It's all Shizmaru's fault! He told me to sing it!

Shizmaru:Oh shittake mushrooms! I better run! *flies into the air* Wait, I can't fly! *falls to the ground* Oh *bleep*! Hey! What put the *bleep* bleep! Where's my *bleep* agent.

Haohmaru:You don't have one

Shizmaru: Oh *bleep*!

The End

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