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Interview with Helen
An interview with the author of "Samurai Spirits; The Legend Continues"

Well, this was not exactly a real time/face to face interview, it was just questions I asked her via email and she answered it. This interview is for the readers to understand more about the writer of the fanfic. The interviewer(Gan) is me, C.K. Gan, the webmaster of this site of course, and the interviewee(Helen) is the writer of "SS; The Legend Continues". Helen is the first person who put up a long fanfic(chapter to chapter) on this site.

Gan: Why did you want to write this fanfic?

Helen: uhh.. Well, ever since i start playing Samurai Shodown, i totally was into it. i was crazy over that game. and i wrote stories before like zelda and such, and i found Samurai Shodown's storyline very interesting. It brings many questions like how did Shizumaru loses his memory, why didn't Zankuro kill him as a child, what really happened before SS warriors rage.

Gan: What were your motivations?

Helen: without emotions, there's nothing to live for. a life is nothing w/o feelings and worst of all, you can't feel love. and even the toughest warrior or the strongest man need help sometimes ^_^ so just ask for it

Gan: What aims did you have? And have you achieved it?

Helen: i'm very good at drawing instead of writing (as you can tell my grammar sux!) and i have wrote stories about chrono trigger, zelda64 (my best story) where you can find it at zelda headquarters (i think they took my fanfic off..but lots of ppl read it and LOVE it! it made ppl cry), etc. but lately i've been planning on a story about dragons. my own story about a race of dragons raging war against humans. and the world is sure not big enough for both of them..

Gan: What do you think was the best part of your fanfic? And what do you think was the worst?

Helen: probably the best part is the beginning when young Shizumaru met Hoahmaru the first time while he's taking his bath and became his apprentice, and how Shizu met Akane from childhood and in young adolence. the worst was the Underworld..

Gan: Did you have any readers' feedback? If so, how have the readers reacted to your writing?

Helen: yea i have some. they think it's very funny ^_^ cuz of Hoahmaru's character. he is a bit too clumsy and stupid when u think about it...just kinda hard to believe he's the strongest samurai in the game..

Gan: Any suggestions to future/current fanfic writers?

Helen: write stories you love. don't worry about what anyone says to you. as long as you like the idea u writing, others will too.

Gan: What do you like best about writing a fanfic?

Helen: you get to express ideas, and get more experience at writing fanfic. but i prefer drawings instead.

Gan: Do you like to write the short fanfic or the long fanfic?

Helen: mostly long. i like my stories to be mysterious and the story unfolding chapter after chapter..

Gan: Do you plan to write a sequel or a new fanfic?

Helen: probab the dragon fanfic. but i'm not sure yet. Are there anyone who have inspired you to write the fanfics? i wrote stories since i was 8. from little comics to fanfic. i just like doing it and express my ideas

Gan: And who do you want to give thanks to?

Helen: to the owner of this site!!! and everyone who read my fanfic. ARIGATO!

Gan: Anything else you want to add?

Helen: i like your site, keep up the good work!! ~_^

Gan: I wish the best of luck to Helen, and I hope to see another fanfic, and maybe some drawing too in the future. Thank you.

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