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Interview with Irene Trent
An interview with the author of "Thunder and Redness"

Well, this was not exactly a real time/face to face interview, it was just questions I asked her via email and she answered it. This interview is for the readers to understand more about the writer of the fanfic and her works. The interviewer(Gan) is me, C.K. Gan, the webmaster of this site of course, and the interviewee(Trent) is the writer of "Thunder and Redness". Irene Trent has written the longest fanfic on this site so far.

Gan: Why did you want to write this fanfic?

Trent: Three reasons: I love to write, I love Samurai Shodown's characters, and I have no social life whatsoever--so I guess those three factors merged into writing this particular fanfic.

Gan: What were your motivations?

Trent: First of all, I was very disappointed in a lot of the Samurai Shodown storyline--ESPECIALLY since I was disappointed that Haohmaru and Charlotte never had much of a relationship. Unrequited love makes me sad (believe me--I know). So, I wanted to create a story where I could allow more in-depth and complex relationships between the characters--especially between Haohmaru and Charlotte. Also, I believe that writing creates an outlet for my emotions. There are a lot of events in this story that relate to things that happen in my life (such as jealousy, fear, and anger, mostly).

Gan: What aims did you have? And have you achieved it?

Trent: I really didn't have any aims when I first started. I guess I just wanted to write a story for fun, but lately I have been thinking about presenting this story to SNK (after much editing that needs to be done) and asking for their permission to publish it (and become famous, blah blah blah. . .ok I need to stop dreaming). So I guess most of my aims have yet to be achieved.

Gan: What do you think was the best part of your fanfic? And what do you think was the worst?

Trent: I have many favorite parts of my fanfic. I really like the beginning, as I think it is very powerful and action-packed. I liked writing about the part where Haohmaru and Charlotte have their conversation in Chapter 13, and for some reason I also liked the part where Haohmaru leads the troops to Shimabara and meets Asura. It was great describing the landscape. . .volcanic and barren. . .perfect ambiance.

The worst parts are probably those parts where they are just traveling along. It seems boring and tedious, but hey. . .now you can feel the tediousness along with them; this journey is not light and carefree, you know. I love those story-reader interactions. The battle scenes were a PAIN to write. Don't ask me why, but I would find a story very boring if it was one drawn-out battle scene.

Gan: Did you have any readers' feedback? If so, how have the readers reacted to your writing?

Trent: Yes. I have had both positive and negative feedback. Most of the readers seemed to enjoy it, and they said it was very well written. Some were very insightful with their comments. I've had complaints about my killing off characters, but other than that, people overall seemed to have liked it.

Gan: Any suggestions to future/current fanfic writers?

Trent: You have the artistic license. Just because the game depicts one thing doesn't mean that you have to retell it the same way. . .because that is not writing when you are rehashing the same old story. And fanfics can be literature too. . .and if you want, strive to get them published

Gan: What do you like best about writing a fanfic?

Trent: I'm normally not one to write fanfics since I would rather create my own characters. I just wrote Thunder and Redness because I liked SS so much.

Gan: Do you like to write the short fanfic or the long fanfic?

Trent: Long. . .but not TOO long. . . like to go in-depth when I write

Gan: Do you plan to write a sequel or a new fanfic?

Trent: Well, I was thinking about writing a prequel featuring Amakusa before he became evil, but I don't know if I will follow through or not.

Gan: Are there anyone who have inspired you to write the fanfics? And who do you want to give thanks to?

Trent: Yes. I'd like to thank CK for posting my story and giving honest suggestions, Mark for his inspiration, Carol for her enthusiasm, Galford, Abster, and all you Message Board freaks for your comments. I have the utmost thanks to people who actually dared to READ this fanfic. I would also like to thank the assholes in my life for providing me with the anger to funnel into this story, thus giving it a life force of its own.

Gan: Anything else you want to add?

Trent: I am tempted to add SS RULEZ! but that would sound too dorky.

Gan: I wish the best of luck to Irene Trent. Thank you.

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