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Rimururu's Bittersweet Crush
by John

Chapter 1-----Blossoms in spring

The sun shown clear through the tree's lighting even the darkest corners of the forest. The birds sang as the wind rustled through the leaves on the trees. It was spring in the highlands and the best time of year to pick berries.

Nakoruru and Rimururu walked peacefully through the woods baskets in hand.

Rimururu: How about these?
Nakoruru: No, those are wild snake berries, they're poisonous. Look for these.

She shows Rimururu some red lumpy berries.

Nakoruru: These are Mountain Sweet Berries. They're yummy.

Rimururu popped one in her mouth and chewed it.

Rimururu: Your right, these are yummy.

They began picking all the sweet berries they could carry in their baskets.

Nakoruru: Ok, now we can make juice out of them.

Rimururu: My baskets full. I'm heading back to the cottage now.

Nakoruru: Ok, I'm going to pick some herbs and I'll be along shortly.

Rimururu walked down the hill toward the cottage. It was going to be at least 5 minutes before she'd get there. Soon she came up on a stream and stopped to drink.

As she rested a man in a dark cloak snuck up behind her.

Man: Ok, give me all your money!

Rimururu turned to see the man waving a small dagger at her.

Rimururu: I don't have any.

Man: Well that's going to cost you. I'll take that Kodachi your carrying.

Rimururu: No, I'm not going to give it up. It was a gift from my sister.

Man: Look kid. Give it up or I'll just kill you to get it.

Rimururu:(draws Kodachi) You want it! Come get it!

The man charged at Rimururu. She jumped up over his head and landed behind him.

Man: Nice trick kid! But it takes more than a fancy flip over my head to impress me.

Rimururu waited for a chance to run. When it came she would run like the wind.

Rimururu: Leave me alone. I'm not going to fight you just over a sword!

Man: What's your problem?! I'm going to kill you for a sword. Make it easy and just drop it. I'll let you go.

Rimururu: No way!

She bolts as fast as she can. But the man is fast too and gains up on her. When he reaches's her he grabs her and throws her to the ground.

Man: Ok, now I'm not going to let you live!

Boy's Voice: Halt!

Man: Who said that?!

Boy: I did!

Rimururu watched as a young man about her age walked out of the brush and raised his sword.

Boy: I said let her go!

Man: Ok, I've had it with all these smart kids today. Boy prepare to die.

The man gets up and draws his dagger. Rimururu watch's as the man lunges at the boy.

The boy just gets out of his path and trips him up. The man gets up and slash's at the boy but misses. The boy slashes back and hits the man right in the chest.

Man: No, I'm bleeding! I'll make you pay some other day boy! Till then I hope you get a gravesite picked out!

The man runs off down the trail. The boy walks over to Rimururu and helps her up.

Boy: You ok?

Rimururu: I'm fine. Thank you a lot for saving me.

Boy: It was noting. Some one's got to teach these people not to mess with girls.

The boy walks Rimururu back to where she dropped her berries.

Boy: Mmmmm. Mountain Sweet Berries.

Rimururu: You want a few?

Boy: No thank you. Here, let me carry that. I walk you home.

Rimururu: Thank You.

Back at the cottage Rimururu took the berries into the dinning room and set them down.

Rimururu: I don't even know your name.

Boy: Ashi.

Rimururu: Ashi. It's a nice name.

She started to look at him with dreamy eyes.

Rimururu: Would you like to stay for dinner? There will be plenty to go around.

Ashi: No, I couldn't be a bother to your family. Maybe next time.

Rimururu: Goodbye.

Ashi walks out the door and down the path toward the road.

Rimururu: Hey! Where do you live?

Ashi: Not far. Three homes down. I just moved here.

He went down the path and disappeared down the road.

When Nakoruru got back she was greeted by Rimururu who told her everything that had happened.

Nakoruru: Well, looks like you made a new friend.

Rimururu: It's not just that, I think I like him.

Nakoruru: Oooo, you have a crush on him.

Rimururu: Hey! I, I don't love him like him.

Nakoruru: Don't worry. I wont tell a soul.

She leaves.

Rimururu: Ok, so I do love him. But is that such a crime?

She looks down at the floor.

Rimururu: Hmm, I thought I cleaned that floor before I left.

She sweeps up a few piles of dirt that have formed on the floor.

Rimururu: Ashi, wait for me.

To be continued...

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