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Rimururu to the Rescue
by John

Chapter 2-----The Angle, the Assassin, and the Oman

Narrator: Hi, I'm John
Nakoruru: I'm Nakoruru
Rimururu: And I'm of course Rimururu

Narrator: And welcome back for part two of Rimururu to the rescue. For those of you reading part 2 first, please stop here and go read part 1. The rest of you who read part 1 already know what's happened so lets get on with the show.

Narr: The sun shown through the tree's of the forest filling every corner with light. Nakoruru opened her eyes and stretched. While the tree she slept in wasn't very comfortable it did keep her off the ground and out of sight of any attacker's.

She slowly slid down the tree still ruffled by the night's events.

Nakoruru: If my double was here, then that means the Demon must know I'm coming. I must be quick before she comes back, or anyone else shows up.

Narr: She ate quickly and departed from the woods. She still had a bad feeling, like she was being watched.

Narr: In a large house on a hillside, in the valley where Nakoruru was headed a demon watched the young Anui with interest. His eye's red as blood watched intently as she began to trek down the hill; tword's a nearby village.

Demon: So, she's still alive. Well it makes no difference, soon she will die. Foolish Anui Maiden, do you really think you can defeat me?

Narr: He looks down to the floor where a young woman lays prostrate before him.

Demon: Arise for I have a mission for you.

Narr: The woman stands up and walks up to him.

Demon: There is an Anui Maiden named Nakoruru headed in this direction. Please go to the bridge between here and the village and wait for her. Be careful, she already defeated her twin.

Woman: I Obey. (leaves)

Narr: Meanwhile another young Anui is just waking up from a long nights sleep.

Rimururu slowly crawled out of bed.

Rimururu: Hmm, it's already very warm out. Maybe Ill wear that outfit Nakoruru gave me today. On a day like this it should prove to be very comfortable.

Narr: After breakfast was finished she prompted to walk out to the wood's to wage war on the straw dummy.

Rimururu: If I'm going to join Nakoruru in her next battle, Id better get better. Ok, clear my mind, relax, and focus.

Narr: She begins her routine and proceeds to beat the stuffing out of the dummy. She can just see herself by Nakoruru's side, their perfectly timed move's, their speed, and the look of thanks on Nakoruru's face when they're done.

What she doesn't see is Galford sneaking up behind her.


Narr: She shoot's 10 ft into the air and is now clinging to a tree branch.

Galford: Ha! Ha! Ha! Boy were you ever scared.

Nakoruru:( Trying to hide a giggle)

Rimururu: It wasn't funny at the time, and it never will be!

Rimururu: That wasn't funny. It's just downright mean.

Galford: Cant even take a joke. Anyway, Nakoruru would never let herself be surprised like that. Still you were doing pretty well before I scared you up that tree. Here, let me help you down.

Narr: She slides off the branch and into Galford waiting arms.

Rimururu: Thanks, so what are you doing here so early?

Galford: Well I thought I should help out around this place today. So, where's Nakoruru?

Rimururu: She went off to do battle with another demon. Hopefully she'll be back in a few day's. I wanted to go with her but you know.

Galford: Well she's only watching out for you. If your there then she'd be distracted with keeping you safe and not on her task. No offence ment.

Rimururu: It's ok, I understand. Once I can hold my own, then Ill be ready. Till then this dummy will have to do, YUHH!!

Galford: Well why don't I be your sparring partner for today. This time I won't go invisible, promise.

Rimururu: Sure (summons Ice crystal).

Galford: Poppy, come. Ready. Go!

Narr: Rimururu holds fast and studies Galford for a moment. Then she make's her first attack, a highflying kick at Galford's head.

Galford block's and Rimururu falls backward. However she compensates and summersaults back onto her feet.

Galford: Impressive. You really have learned something. But can you handle this!

Narr: Galford splits off into three copies, which charge at Rimururu.

Rimururu assumes a crane stance and closes her eyes.

Rimururu:(thinking) Concentrate, only one of them is real. Focus. Focus. That's it!

Narr: She kicks and knock's Galford down. Naturally he's stunned. But not as stunned as Rimururu.

Rimururu: I did it. I did it! I did it! I DID IT!!


Narr: Poppy snuck up on poor Rimururu and jumps on her. Poppy then start's licking Rimururu's bare legs.

Rimururu: Oh you stupid mutt, get off me!

Narr: This only makes Poppy lick her face.



Rimururu: It's not funny!

Galford: Poppy, heel.

Narr: Rimururu gets up and brush's herself off. Then she looks at Galford, and smirks.


Narr: Nakoruru slowly entered the village in the valley. It's cold and lifeless. A ghost town.

Nakoruru:(thinking) This place gives me the creep's. I don't sense anyone anywhere.

Narr: She looks in several homes with no luck. In fact it looks like there haven't been any people here in ages.

She nears a small rope bridge crossing a 50 ft ravine, and their she sees a tall, slender figure of a woman standing on the other side.

Nakoruru: Shiki! So you're working for this demon.

Shiki: Yes, my master says I am not to allow you to pass. If you submit now I shall finish you painlessly. If not, then you will die slowly.

Nakoruru: I must pass, so prepare to fight me. (draws sword) Shiki: So be it.(draws swords)

Narr: Nakoruru jumps at Shiki hoping to off balance her. Shiki holds fast and blocks her attack.

Nakoruru then slash's at Shiki, but only manages to knock one sword out of her hand.

Shiki lunges at Nakoruru and grabs a hold of her sword handling hand. Then she raises her sword in the air to finish Nakoruru. Nakoruru shivers as the blade goes higher and higher over her head.

Shiki: All too easy. Now do you see how really weak you are?

Nakoruru: You. You.

Shiki: What's wrong?! I thought you were eternal?! Why should death scare you?!

Nakoruru: Its not death, its not pain, its the thought of my little sister. How could I die and leave her alone to face the world? What would happen to Galford without me? What would happen to them? No, I can't die yet!

Nakoruru: Mamahaha!

Narr: Mamahaha swooped down and knocked Shiki's sword out of her hand. Nakoruru jumps up and Side Kicks Shiki off the side of the Bridge.

She fell for what seamed like minutes and finally splashed into the river below.

Nakoruru: Thank You Mamahaha. You saved my life.

Narr: Now Nakoruru looked up to the top of the hill where an imposing structure stood.

Nakoruru: This must be the place. Now to see if anyone's home.

Narr: She took a deep breath and started up the hill.

Narr: Meanwhile Rimururu was walking to a hill near her home. This place had special meaning for her because in the summer flowers grew there and on warm days she loved to take nap amongst them.

Rimururu: This looks like a nice place to rest.

Narr: She lay's down and gets carried away by the smell of fresh flower's and falls asleep.

Nakoruru: Oh, how cute. Sleeping among the flowers.

Rimururu: One of the best parts of summer. Helps me relax, meditate, be at peace. You two should try it. Everyone should try it.

Narr: Sounds nice. Maybe later.

Narr: Ok. Now Nakoruru slowly entered the house. It smelled of evil, it looked evil, and worst of all it-felt evil.

The floor creaked as she walked from room to room. In several of the rooms she found stone statues of people in everyday postures.

Nakoruru: This must be what happened to the townspeople. Poor souls. What a way to die.

Narr: Her heart pounded harder and harder in her chest till she thought it would burst. One door stood in front of her. A huge door where mist seeped from.

She opened the door and there in the center of the room stood the demon.

Demon: Welcome.

Narr: She stepped into the room.


Narr: Rimururu started to dream. It was a scary dream where Nakoruru stood before a demon. She was drawing her sword to attack.

In the Valley

Narr: Nakoruru drew her sword and prepared to do battle.

Nakoruru: What is your name demon?

Demon: Ujio, not that it matter's. Soon little Auni Maiden you will die, and your soul will be mine.

Nakoruru: Never!

Nakoruru: You will never take another soul. You shall end demon. Ill send you back the underworld.

Narr: Nakoruru stands there in fighting stance while Ujio just smiles. Unknown to Nakoruru a huge steel spike is headed right for her.

Narr: Rimururu watched as Nakoruru stood her ground. Suddenly a huge steel spike shot straight through Nakoruru's thin body and into the floor. For a long moment the body hung on the spike, then slowly slid down onto the floor.

She awoke. Sat up.

Rimururu: Nakoruruuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Narrator: That's the end of part 2 of Rimururu to the Rescue. Only the Brave is the next part of our story.

Rimururu: What a cliffhanger ending.

Narrator: Well yeah. I mean she is eternal but it leaves you wondering. Did she just get it? Or will she by some incredible luck survive?

Nakoruru:Only I know. And I'm not telling a soul.

Narrator: I guess well just have to wait on this. Come back and read part 3.


Chapter 3-----Only the Brave

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