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Rimururu to the Rescue
by John

Chapter 4-----Razors Image

Narrator: Hi. Welcome back.

Nakoruru: Hello.

Rimururu: Hi.

Narrator: Are you ladies better after the last part?

Nakoruru: Yes, were fine.

Narrator: Good. On with the show.

Narr: The cold and lonely darkness faded with the raising sun. Rimururu turned her head to look as the mountains to the west lit up.

Rimururu: How beautiful. Now I see why Nakoruru fell so in love with nature.

Narr: She felt at peace with the world, one of the few time's she'd ever felt so peaceful. The only other time she was at peace was in her flowerbed. It was a moment of true happiness for her.

She stretched and that's when she felt a small sack lying next to her bed.

Rimururu: .......????

Narr: she opened it and looked inside. She found 6 rice balls and some fresh fish inside.

Rimururu: I had a visitor last night. How kind of them to leave me something yummy.

Narr: She quickly started a fire and cooked up a fish for breakfast. She ate quickly and packed up. She had to get where she was headed fast if she was to find out the fate of Nakoruru. Still she had to wonder who left her the food?

It wasn't long down the road that she came to a hill leading into a valley. She looked down the hill and saw a village.

Rimururu: Maybe the person who left me that sack lives down in that village. I should thank them for their kindness and do something for them in return. Nakoruru always says that one good gesture deserves another.

She skips down the hill toward the village.

Narr: When she enters the village she doesn't see any sighs of life. There's no smell of cooking food in the air, no laughter of children, even the wind refuses to blow across the village square. But she still can't shake the feeling she being watched.

She knocks on doors but no one answers. She goes into buildings but they are vacant. Strangely it seams that all the furnishings are still in place. Food is raw and spoiled but in bowls. Books are left open, and storefronts are open

Rimururu: Helloooo! Is anybody here?! Is someone there?!

Rimururu: I don't like this place. It's cold and creepy and lonely. I wish some one would come along and save me from my fears.

Narr: For a few moments she stood in the village square alone. Then a noise from an ally got her attention. She looked over to see a figure walk out and reveal herself.

Rimururu stood in wonder as the person who she was watching turned out to be her. She looked like Rimururu but with wilder hair and her costume was black with red trim while Rimururu's was white with blue trim. She whore a yellow head banned while Rimururu's was blue.

Rimururu: Who? Who are you?

Rimururu B: I'm you, or are you me? Oh well it doesn't matter. I'm only here to stop you from advancing.

Rimururu: I hope that doesn't mean killing me. I'm only her for my sister. I don't want to hurt you so please let me pass.

Rimururu B: I cant. I'm only to detain you here. That's all I was told to do. So please stay here.

Rimururu: I've asked nicely so now I have to be forceful (draws Kadochi). Move or be moved.

Rimururu B:(tremble's as she releases her Kadochi) I'll have to fight you then. I'm not holding back.

Narr: They stand ready for a long minute. Then Rimururu Bust makes the first attack. It's clumsy and unbalanced. Rimururu just stands aside and trips up her opponent.

Rimururu Bust falls on the ground and stays for a moment or two. Then she gets up and tries another attack. This time she uses a flying jump kick which Rimururu just blocks and Bust falls down on her butt.

Rimururu: You really should focus more; you can't hope to win if your charging eye's closed. That's what Nakoruru said and she's the one who taught me. Be patient, focus, and try hard.

Rimururu B: My teacher said that only strong people survive. She said that anyone who thinks during a fight is stupid and will end up dead. Only through brute strength can we win.

Rimururu: You must have been taught by Nakoruru Bust to believe such things. She's evil, mean, cruel, and enjoys watching others suffer. Some teacher.

Rimururu B: She made me strong!

Rimururu: She only made you headstrong. That doesn't make you really strong, just hot headed. And that's why you fail.

Rimururu B: ENOUGH!!!

Narr: Rimururu Bust begins to concentrate all her power for an Ice attack. Rimururu could feel Busts energy building stronger and stronger.

Rimururu B: Take this!!

Narr: Before Bust can release the ice ball Rimururu shoots an ice spell at her. The spell freezes Busts hands and she can't finish the attack. Rimururu Bust falls on her knees and starts crying.

Rimururu: Sniffle. I cant do anything right. Why cant I ever do anything right? Waaahhhh!

Narr: Rimururu walks over to her and pats her on the shoulder.

Rimururu: Its ok, I was like that once. But I got better.

Rimururu B: Just, just finish me quick. I'm no good.

Rimururu: No. I wont finish you off. That would be murder.

Rimururu B: But I thought you were supposed to destroy evil, and that's what I am. Your sister would have.

Rimururu: No, she wouldn't. She never would hurt anyone who was weaker then her. She believed I preserving life, not taking it. You're not weak however. You're strong but you lack direction.

Narr: Bust stops crying and looks at her.

Rimururu B: You mean it? I'm strong?

Rimururu: Yes. And I can help you get stronger. Please come with me.

Rimururu B: I, I can't. I need to return to Nakoruru Busts side. Were two of a kind and I need her.

Rimururu: Why?!

Rimururu B: You'll understand someday. A sisters love can break even chains.

Rimururu: Um. Were you by any chance the one who left me that sack?

Rimururu B: Yes, I thought you would need your strength.

Rimururu: Thank You.

Narr: They hug each other and go their separate ways.

Rimururu: (thinking) I may already know. Good Bye.

Narr: Rimururu heads toward a large house on top of the hill over looking the village.

Rimururu: I may already know.

Narrator: That's the end of part 4 of Rimururu to the Rescue. That means we've reached the end of the midpoint of our story.

Nakoruru: John, that was Beautiful.

Rimururu: Sniffle, yeah.

Narrator: I see it almost had the same effect as the last part.

Nakoruru: Yes. Oh and thanks for being so nice to us.


Nakoruru: Draping that quilt over the two of us. We needed to feel loved at that time.

Rimururu: Yeah. I felt better after that.

Narrator: Well I'm glad to have made the two of you happy.

Nakoruru: So, what's next?

Narrator: Part 5 Revelations. Come on and sit down with us.


Chapter 5-----Revelations

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