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Rimururu to the Rescue
by John

Chapter 7-----In the Moment

Narr: It was a long path home for Nakoruru and Rimururu. For a long time neither of them spoke. The experience was too profound for words.

When their home finally came into view the two Aniu parted ways from Galford.

Galford: See..... You..... Tomorrow?

Narr: No one spoke up. They just went inside. Galford could only stand and wonder what had really happened? What was to come? And how had it changed the pair?

Days passed and no one saw either Nakoruru or Rimururu. The tree was empty, the straw dummy enjoyed a period of peace, and the flowerbed was a lonely place to stand.

This made some of the other fighters wonder if Nakoruru had returned to the Spirit World and taken Rimururu with her. This made Galford uncomfortable, they never said goodbye.

One day Galford showed up at their home. He was there to see for himself.

Galford: Hello! Nakoruru? Rimururu? Are you here?


Mother:(whisper) In the next room, but please be quiet.

Narr: Galford with all his ninja stealth creped into the next room. There he found the two girls engaged in meditation, the smell of incense hung in the air.

Mother: They've been like this for 4 days. They haven't slept, haven't eaten, haven't moved in all that time. I've never seen Rimururu sit so still for so long.

Galford: Well something happened when they were in that village to the north. I wish I knew what.

Narr: Nakoruru looks up.

Nakoruru: Rimururu, she discovered the extent of her powers. Now we're searching her soul to see what she'll do with it. From what I saw and now feel. She's the best person to control that power.

Galford: That's good to hear, I always knew she was powerful. Now that I know she'll use those powers for good. We'll have a new allie.

Nakoruru: True, now we must finish.

Galford: Goodbye.

Narr: It isn't long that the pair finish and begin to relax. A day passes and Galford takes Rimururu to town to visit a shop. Nakoruru stays behind and rest up for her next battle.

That night Rimururu and Galford get Nakoruru to come with them to a small eatery where Galford arranged a private room all to the trio.

Nakoruru: Guy's, what's all this about? It isn't my birthday for another 4 months.

Rimururu: Nakoruru. In all the time that I've been with you I've learned a lot about myself. But I also learned about you.

Your Kind Hearted, Gentle, and the best roll model I've ever known.

In honor of this I'd like to present you with a gift.

Narr: She hands Nakoruru a box wrapped in brown paper. Nakoruru opens the package and finds to her surprise a larger version of the same type of outfit she'd given Rimururu for her Birthday.

Rimururu: You said you wanted one, and this was the last one they had.

Narr: Nakoruru blushes and goes off to change into the new outfit. She returns a few moments and draw's eyes from everyone in the next room.

Galford: WOW! Nakoruru, you are gorges.

Nakoruru: Giggle!

Rimururu: Now we can look the same when we go off next time.

Nakoruru: Now wait just a minute. What do you mean WE?

Rimururu: Come on Nakoruru, I'm ready this time.
Nakoruru: Just kidding. Now we'll be side by side.

Galford: Demons of the World run in fear for justice comes by two's now. Nakoruru and Rimururu!

Rimururu: So true.

Galford: Now, lets eat.

The End

Narrator: We end our drama. Now only fate will decide the path.

Nakoruru: Its been a long journey from part one to here. Now we may rest.

Rimururu: John you've been good to us all through this story. I don't know how to thank you for all your time spent on this.

Narrator: Well having you here was payment enough for me. I'll never be able to thank you enough. Now that we must part I'm sort of sad.

Nakoruru: John, anytime you have a project like this again, don't hesitate to ask us to join you again.

Rimururu: Any time you want to come with us on a journey, feel free to ask.

Narrator: Wouldn't miss it for the world. But I don't have a sword.

Nakoruru: Well, maybe this will help.

Narrator: Is this?

Rimururu: A Kodachi, just like ours. Hey, you cant fight evil without one.

Narrator: Well, Thanks!

Nakoruru: Hey, come visit us sometime and we'll teach you how to use it.

Narrator: I cant wait to start.

Rimururu: Yay!!

Narrator: Again thank you for your time. Well Goodbye everyone.

Nakoururu/Rimururu: Bye!

Narrator: See you down the road.


The End

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