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Yagyu Chronicles: love and hate
by Gerald Deshayes


She draws her knife and stabs him in the back. The shot is not lethal, the wound is not deep. He falls on the ground, stunned, and turns back. She’s upon him, ready for the second deadly shot.

Despite the blood that blinds him, Jubei does not understand the reason of this attack.

He gave her everything. Every single thing that this wild and shy country girl who he has been holding captive in his castle for nearly four months could have wanted if only she had dare say a word.

He gave her Edo’s quiet and peaceful lifestyle, far from the insecure and cold days of these uncivilized mountains of hers. He gave her a hawk to please her warrior’s heart. And most of all, he gave her his love. A love unlike the one he has for his wife. True love, not polite behaviour. His heart burns for this young woman whose silence has been defying his authority since the first day. Yet, he tolerated it. He loves her and allows everything.

She’s ready to hit. He grabs her arm. They struggle. They roll over. The blade cut through the belly. The white kimono drinks the spreading bloodstain.

A smile is upon her face. She falls on his chest, relieved.

“Arigatou, she whispers, for opening the birdcage”.

He deprived her of everything. She hates him. He burnt her village, offered her homeland to the Shogun and stole her virginity. He has just strangled the hawk she trained to hunt him. At least the bird ripped this bastard’s left eye. How ironic.  He was so blind to see; now he’s one-eyed. He loves her. She hates him. He could not understand how Edo was too narrow a cage for an eagle like her. She hates him. She could not give him what he sorely wanted. She had to get back the only thing she would have never got from him: freedom.

Nakoruru dies three-months pregnant.

Jubei will never understand.

The End.

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