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Sleeping Cutie
by Ophelia

      Once upon a time in a Kingdom split in two lived a King and his Queen. King CK ruled over the happy part of the kingdom and he lived in a shining white castle with his wife Queen Saya. The people in the happy part of the Kingdom lived happy normal lives. The other half of the Kingdom was always in darkness and it's inhabitants were perpetually filled with misery, agony, and total despair. The other half of the Kingdom was ruled by the evil Queen Nakoruru and her sister Rimururu. Nakoruru and Rimururu were both very sweet and harmless looking, but they were both able to use nature's magic for their own dark purposes. They lived in a black castle high in the mountains and hidden by a dark forest filled with monsters, ghosts, and other creatures. "What am I going to do?"thought King CK as he looked out the window at the other dark castle in the mountains "Half of my Kingdom is suffering but there's nothing I can do about it". A few months later Queen Saya gave birth to their firstborn child and heir to the throne. Lord Shadow and Lord Shizo were in put in charge of arranging a party where all the important people in the Kingdom could come and meet the newborn prince. "I think we invited everyone"said Lord Shadow "Did we leave anyone out Lord Shizo?". "No we have everyone on the list"said Lord Shizo "Now we know how much wine, cheese, and ice cream to order". The next day all the nobles in the Kingdom and royalty from other Kingdoms, came over to meet the newborn prince. "Oh he's such a precious baby"said Lady Charlotte "Don't you think so honey...Honey?". Lady Charlotte looked around until she noticed that Lord Haohmaru was helping himself to all the free wine at the party. "Hey(hic) this is some party(hic) ya got here King"said Lord Haohmaru "You're(hic) the greatest host(hic) ever". "Thank you"said King CK "Thank you very much". All the guests were finally there so Pagegirl Cham Cham tried to get everyone's attention. She cleared her throat but no one heard her. "HEY YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!"screamed Cham Cham at the top of her lungs "IT'S TIME FOR THE PRINCE TO GET HIS GIFTS!!!!". Everyone turned around and right on cue three mysterious people appeared at the front gate. One was a man clad all in black with pale white skin and his chains rattled as he walked into the room. The second was an extremely beautiful woman with short black hair and her most unusual feature was that she had a blue eye and a brown eye. The third person was a cheerful looking blonde man wearing blue clothes and a smile on his face. Lord Asura represented the darkside, Lady Shiki represented the balance between good and evil, and Lord Galford represented the side of good and justice. The trio walked over to the cradle where the young prince lay. The three of them looked down at the sleeping baby prince but Lord Galford finally broke the silence by asking "So what's his name?". "We plan to call him Kazuki"said King CK as he and his wife observed the scene. "I'm going to give you a gift that will be useful to you"said Lord Asura "You won't be afraid to be who you are". "I'm going to give you a gift that will make you happy"said Lord Galford "I'm going to make you a very cheerful and fun loving guy". Lady Shiki looked at the baby prince for awhile but right as she was about to speak the Earth began to shake and a strong wind destroyed all the windows in the castle and everything went dark.

      A pale red light appeared and began to grow and take the shape of a woman. "You wretched bastards"growled Queen Nakoruru "You have the nerve to ignore me when you know that I could destroy you all in the blink of an eye". "You have no place here!"screamed King CK "Now get out you witch!". "Oh I'll leave"said Queen Nakoruru "But not before leaving a lovely little gift for your little brat". Prince Kazuki suddenly flew up out of his cradle and into Queen Nakoruru's arms. "You think you're such a cute little thing"said Queen Nakoruru "You'll be cute and cheerful but on the eve of your 19th birthday you'll poke yourself with a needle and die". Queen Nakoruru laughed and vanished into thin air leaving everyone in utter desbelief. The Queen was busy crying as the King tried to console her since she didn't want their child to die. "I was going to give him another gift"said Lady Shiki "But now I'll have to change that gift". She went over and picked up the baby who lay on the ground where the evil queen had been. "I can't stop the curse but I can offer hope"said Lady Shiki "You won't die but you'll just sleep until your true love wakes you up". Lord Asura and Lord Galford nodded showing their approval since Shiki was always able to find solution. The trio then bowed to the King and Queen before getting ready to fly out of the window and back to their homes in the forest. "Wait!"cried Queen Saya "Maybe Kazuki would be better off if you took care of him". The three of them looked at each other and finally Lord Galford said "Hey that's a great idea! We'll keep him safe until his 19th birthday". Lord Galford took Prince Kazuki and this time they did fly out of the window and back into the forest. King CK and Queen Saya were very sad to see their newborn son leave, but they new it was for the best. The years quickly passed by and before long Kazuki was a teenager. Kazuki had been raised as a normal child by his "Aunt" Shiki, "Uncle" Galford, and "Uncle" Asura. He was a cheerful kid who wasn't afraid of what others thought, even though it got him in trouble sometimes. "Hey do that thing again Kazuki!!"exclaimed Shizumaru "Come on!!". Shizumaru was Kazuki's best friend and they always hung out together. Kazuki and Shizumaru liked to put flaming bags on peoples porches and then knock on their doors. Kazuki put the flaming bag of poo on his poor victim's doorstep while Shizumaru knocked. The two of them quickly hid in a bush and waited for the door to open. Snooty Sogetsu the most conceited guy in the kingdom, opened up the door and found the flaming bag. Not being the brightest guy around, he didn't hesitate to stomp the bag. "Aww crap!"yelled Sogetsu once he realized what was in the bag "My new shoes are ruined!". Kazuki and Shizumaru just laughed and laughed and laughed. "You'd think he'd know by now"blurted Shizumaru as tears rolled down his cheeks. Kazuki and Shizumaru always liked to go play pranks on everyone and they also liked to annoy Sogetsu since he was always mean to them. "We've been playing that same prank of him for the past eight years and he still falls for it". "Enjoy your childish pranks Prince Kazuki"said Nakoruru as she gazed into a crystal ball "Soon you'll be 19 and then your life will end". Asura was in a dark room when he suddenly felt a violent jerk and he looked up. "Queen Nakoruru is on the move"thought Asura "She plans to do something very soon". Shiki had felt the same thing so they decided to consult Galford. "Queen Nakoruru is planning something against Kazuki"said Shiki "I can feel it". The trio decided to tell Kazuki the truth of who he really was and take him back to the castle. "Everything is going according to plan"laughed Rimururu as she looked at the crystal ball too "Those fools panicked and now they're going to fall into our trap". Thunder and lightning ripped through the dark skies....like a warning of what was to come.

      "Hey so what do we do now?"asked Shizumaru after they were done with their daily pranks "I'm all out of ideas". Kazuki's favorite thing was pulling pranks but there was only one other thing that he loved more than pulling pranks on people. There was a very pretty teenage girl who Kazuki liked very much. The girl's name was Rinka but she never paid any attention to Kazuki since she thought he was nothing but an idiot. "Does she even like me?"wondered Kazuki as he looked at Rinka going to work at JHOP(Jushiro's House of Pancakes). Kazuki was in love with Rinka but he knew that Rinka didn't really like him so there was very little hope for him. "Your highness"said Ukyo "You sent for me milady?". Rimururu used her power to raise General Tachibana Ukyo from the dead after her sister destroyed him in a fit of rage. "Prince Kazuki's 19th birthday is two days away"said Rimururu "I want you to find a way to get him to poke himself with a needle on the night before his birthday". Ukyo lowered his lifeless eyes and raised a pale greyish hand before bowing to Rimururu and going off to do his job. What she didn't suspect was that Nakoruru had already planned something similar. General Kibagami Genjuro, Ukyo's replacement, was also supposed to find a way to kill the prince before he turned 19 years old. "These pancakes taste like sawdust!"yelled Sir Jubei as he spat them out "They're the worst thing I've ever eaten". "I'm so sorry about that"said Rinka "It's just that Jushiro is on break and I don't know how to make pancakes". At the same moment other customers were getting angry too since their pancakes were tough and just didn't taste right. "I'll never come back here!"yelled Gaira as he helped out his old Uncle Nicotine who had been eating at JHOP since the days when Jushiro's father still owned the place. "Yes the food in this place isn't worth feeding to a dog"said Hanzo as he vanished without paying. "Hey wait!"cried Rinka "You have to pay for what you ate!". No one cared what she said and they made their way to the door right as Jushiro was coming back. "You stupid little wench!"yelled Jushiro when he realized what had happened "You're fired for making me lose all my loyal customers!". He grabbed Rinka and sent her flying across the street into a pile of hay. "Hey he can't treat her that way!"yelled Kazuki who had seen the whole thing "I'll make him pay". No sooner had he said those words, JHOP went up in flames and was reduced to nothing. Kazuki thought he had done good but he ended up running for his life since all the people on the street grabbed pitchforks and chased him and Shizumaru into the forest. "Aunt Shiki!!"yelled Kazuki as he pounded the door "Let me in!!!!". The door opened so Kazuki and Shizumaru quickly stumbled inside and hid. "Kazuki"said Shiki "Your uncles and I need to have a talk with you about something". "Uh oh"whispered Shizumaru "Maybe I better leave after those people go away". "I can't believe he set JHOP on fire"said Rinka "He's a bigger idiot than I though". Jushiro was kneeling down where his restaurant used to be and his was crying like a baby. "That guy acts like such a stupid idiot"thought Rinka "But he's a real cutie". Amakusa the local fortuneteller/sorcerer offered to sell Jushiro a lucky charm that would protect his business the next time. "Oh get out of here you pansy"said Mizuki the other fortuneteller in town "My lucky charms are better and they taste like marshmallows too". A fight broke out between them over who had better lucky charms so Jushiro decided not to buy them from either one. "So I'm a prince?"shouted Kazuki "I'm really a prince!?". "Your father is King CK and your mother is Queen Saya"said Asura "We're taking you back to your father's castle tonight". "I even packed your bag"said Galford tearfully "We'll miss having you around". So Kazuki was taken back to King CK's castle and hidden in a secret chamber. "This disguise will fool that stupid prince"said Genjuro as he dressed in drag even though he made a very ugly woman "Now he'll be dead and I'll get promoted". "You know the price of failure"echoed the words of Queen Nakoruru in Genjuro's head "You'll be boiled alive in oil if you fail but you'll be promoted if you suceed". Ukyo was also disguised as a woman too in order to gain access to the castle.

      "This sucks"thought Kazuki "I don't like being a prince if it means being locked up in this room". Kazuki was lonely and he was tempted to sneak out of the castle and go down to the town where he could play pranks with Shizumaru. "I'll also never get to see Rinka again"thought Kazuki "It's not fair!". He threw himself on the bed and tried to think of a way to pass the time since he was very bored. "Okay your first job is going to be sweeping the hallways"said Mistress Irene who was in charge of all the servants in the castle "Now if you don't do a good job then you're fired!". Ukyo and Genjuro both grumbled since they didn't get along but now they had no choice but to work together in order to find the prince before the next day. "I'm so bored"thought Shizumaru as he sat down on the side of the street "It's no fun without Kazuki". Rinka saw Shizumaru so she approached him and asked "So where's your friend?". "I haven't seen him since yesterday"said Shizumaru "He wasn't home today so I don't know where he is". "Jushiro probably had him arrested"said Rinka "JHOP was the only thing he had". "I've gotta get out of here!"said Kazuki "I miss my friend and I miss my freedom". Kazuki melted the lock on the door and made sure the coast was clear. He silently crept out of the chamber and made his way down the hall trying to find an exit. "I don't know where they put him"said Ukyo "He's not in one of the towers". "I looked in all the other bedrooms and he's not there either"growled Genjuro "Basara said that he saw Asura, Shiki, and Galford bring him here". "Then where is he?"yelled Ukyo "Where did they hide him". "Excuse me ladies"interrupted Kazuki "Could you tell me where the exit is?". Ukyo and Genjuro both began to jump and down from joy. "The exit is downstairs" said Genjuro "But I was wondering if you could help me with something first". Genjuro fished around in his pockets and pulled out a single needle. "Hey what's that?"asked Kazuki "I've never seen one of those before". "I have one too!"said Ukyo as he pulled one out of his pocket "You can have it if you want". "Really?"exclaimed Kazuki "Wow thanks!". Ukyo and Genjuro just stood there waiting patiently. Surely enough Kazuki poked his finger with the needle and fell to the ground. "Score one for the dark side!"yelled Ukyo "Queen Nakoruru can't send me back to Hell now". "Now I get that promotion"said Genjuro "Plus the Queen won't boil me in oil now". The two then teleported back to Queen Nakoruru's castle in order to celebrate the Queen's victory over King CK. The side of the Kingdom that King CK ruled over was filled with sadness when they found out that the prince had died. "It's all our fault"sobbed Shiki "We were supposed to take care of him". Galford and Shiki were very sad over what had happened to Kazuki. Asura showed no emotion at all but he felt sorry that Kazuki was dead. Shizumaru was also unconsolable since Galford had told him who Kazuki really was. Rinka once again found Shizumaru on the street but this time he was crying. She asked him what was wrong and he told her the whole truth. "Pain, suffering, anguish, and eternal guilt"laughed Queen Nakoruru "Things I wish on King CK and his entire kingdom". Queen Nakoruru was happy that her curse had worked and now that the King had lost his son, he would be easier to overthrow. "Kazuki is the prince!?"yelled Rinka "The prince who just died!?". Shizumaru nodded before he began to cry again over his friend. "The prince"said Rinka as she slumped down next to Shizumaru "He was the prince and I always thought he was just an idiot". "He was in love with you"said Shizumaru as his sniffed and sobbed "He always thought you hated him though". Rinka sat there and looked up at the dark cloudy skies. "We have to destroy Queen Nakoruru"said Galford "It's the only way the curse will be lifted". "No"said Shiki "That won't solve anything, her sister will just take over instead". The trio tried to think of ways to defeat Queen Nakoruru before she tried anything else. They heard a knock on the door so Galford went over to open it and found Shizumaru standing there accompanied by a girl. Rinka had wanted to know more about Kazuki now since she felt guilty for misjudging him. Asura knew exactly how Kazuki felt about the girl since he would often say her name in his sleep. The trio then knew exactly what they had to do in order to wake Kazuki up.

      "What was that!?"yelled Rimururu when he heard a loud exploding sound "Is the castle under attack?". Nakoruru quickly looked into her crystal ball and realized that Asura, Shiki, and Galford were attacking the castle. "Fools!"snarled Nakoruru "I'll crush the three of them like roaches myself!". Nakoruru made her way to the drawbridge and summoned a sea serpent from the dark waters of the murky moat around her castle. The serpent was black and silver with horns on it's head and glowing red eyes. "Attack those fools and tear them to pieces"yelled Nakoruru as she commanded the beast. "Oh yeah"said Galford "Come to papa". Galford summoned his powers and launched a huge thunderbolt straight at the serpent, but it's skin was like armor so it deflected it. "Good"'said Shiki "But not good enough". A cold wind began to blow and dark clouds began to form over the serpent. Hail began to fall on the creature along with icy blasts of wind. The serpent froze for a moment but suddenly it shot a cold blast of ice back at them. "NO!"said Shiki "It can't be!". What Queen Nakoruru didn't suspect was that the attack was a way to distract her while Shizumaru and Rinka went to the castle. Rinka was the only hope there was since she was the girl that Kazuki loved. "We have to hurry"said Shizumaru "They can't hold back Queen Nakoruru forever". Shizumaru and Rinka had snuck into the castle aboard a laundry wagon and now they had to find Kazuki as quickly as possible. "Now you fools will get a taste of what it means to mess with Nakoruru"said Nakoruru as she raised her arms summoning the dark forces of nature. At that moment all of the monsters, ghosts, and other foul creatures from the haunted forest come out of the forest and began to attack the trio along with the sea serpent. "What do we do!?"yelled Galford as he continued to use his strongest attacks against the sea serpent "Nothing's working against this thing". "Because we haven't been working together"said Shiki "It's our only hope!". Asura nodded and began to summon his own dark powers. Several silver chains appeared around the sea serpent and immediately wrapped the beast and began to choke it. "Now"yelled Shiki as she and Galford combined their powers and threw them at the beast. The serpent began to roar in agony and it blew up in a large explosion. The electricity from Galford's attack was conducted by the water and this caused a large earthquake around the castle. The creatures from the forest quickly retreated and the castle continued to shake and crumble. "Hey here he is!"yelled Shizumaru as he opened the door to the chamber where Kazuki was. He lay on the bed and he was wearing an outfit fit for a prince. "He looks like such a cutie"said Rinka "A sleeping cutie". She quickly went over to where he lay and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Am I dreaming?"asked Kazuki when he opened his eyes. He pinched himself and realized it wasn't a dream and that Rinka was really there. Suddenly a large explosion was heard and the entire castle shook. "What was that!?"yelled Shizumaru "What blew up?". They all quickly ran towards the nearest window and saw that Queen Nakoruru's castle had blown up completely. At the exact moment when the castle exploded, the trio flew up to the window where Kazuki, Rinka, and Shizumaru stood. "The kingdom is safe"said Galford "That evildoer is gone for good". Everyone in the kingdom rejoiced since they were united again and now Prince Kazuki would rule over the half of the kingdom that Queen Nakoruru had ruled over. "If the spell is broken and Nakoruru is gone then why is the sky still dark?"thought Asura as he sat on the highest tower overlooking the mountain where Nakoruru's castle had been "Why?". "Sister....."groaned Rimururu as she lay surrounded by burning rubble "I'll aven--". The sentence went unfinished since she closed her eyes for eternity and the sky cleared up immediately.

The End

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