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Kami no Kenshi Den
by Kami no Senshi

Chapter 8: Cold Blue Eyes. Tachibana Usuke


Kenkawa Raipuu: Creator of Shinmei Kasshin-ryuu. A young kenshi who possessed a powerful hidden potential in him.

Haomaru: The legendary kensai with a sword style of his own, bold and yet delicate.

Tachibana Usuke: A cold and unyielding kenshi with a stone cold composure and possessed talent in kenjutsu rivaling that of Raipuu. Son of the infamous kensai, Tachibana Ukyo.

* * *

"Interfere, eh? Don't you know who we are?" questioned one of the ruffians with a sneer.
"A bunch of losers who have hit the wall without knowing it," smiled Raipuu.
This obviously pissed the ruffians off.
"That's it! Get 'em!" And the ruffians drew their knives and attack Raipuu and Haomaru. Before, they could react, however, a streak of white and blue shot out and slash the ruffians, sending them flying off. Within seconds, all lain dead except for one, who sunk to the floor. The killer was none other than the blue hair young man.
"Scared till your feet turn jelly and piss in your pants, eh?" smiled the young man.
"Y… y… you just wait. We are the subordinates of the Third Lord. Just you wait!"
With that, he scurried off.
"Kind sirs, please leave now. We don't want you to get involve with the Third Lord's affairs. You might not be able to handle it," the speaker was none other than the innkeeper.
"Who's this third guy anyway?" asked Raipuu.
"Third Lord," corrected the innkeeper, "Anyway, he's the most influential gangster lord of this town…"
Before he could continue, the handsome young man said expressionlessly, "Third Lord or no, he's a weakling who preys on the weak. A weakling not worth living. I'll prove that with my Shin-musou Itou-ryuu,"
This further shocked Haomaru.
"Shin-musou Itou-ryuu. Ukyo's sword style. It couldn't be. Ukyo died taking the skills of this sword style with him," he whispered.
"Don't worry. We'll take care of that moron for you, inn boss. In return for nothing that is," smiled Raipuu, "Right? Haomaru?"
"Of course! I'm going to smash the sake right on his head," with that, he laughed loudly.
"Haomaru… don't tell me it's him… looks like a moron to me" thought the young man.
"Since you said it, I'll prepare rooms for the three of you," said the innkeeper.

"Wow, this room's great!" commented Haomaru. Then he turned towards Raipuu and said, "Hey, I've told you about myself. Now is your turn. Tell me about yourself and your world,"
"Well, er, are you serious?"
"Of course!"
"Well, ok… It goes something like this…"
Then he told Haomaru, from his childhood to his crushes on Yu Fen and Yali to his ITE days and finally, his job and how his boss bullied him.
"Whoa, so do you express your feelings towards the two girls?"
"No. I'm the typical shy guy towards girls, partly since I looked like a nerd,"
"Don't make me laugh. You don't look like one. I do think you're one handsome guy, y' know,"
"Your ITE friends don't include you in their activities, do they,"
"Maybe. All I know is that they treat me like an alien,"
"Then what about Japan in your world. What is it like? What happen to it after my days?"
"You won't be happy to know it,"
"Just tell me,"
Then Raipuu told him about Japan, from the period of Bakumatsu to the Meiji period and of course, the Japanese's notorious cruel acts during the World War 2 and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, right to the present day Japan.
"If what you said is true, then my fellowmen are bunch of psychos during the war,"
"Not only that, the right wing extremists are a bunch of lousy liars. They said that only 3000 people died during the war with China and deny the Nanking Massacre. For God's sake, 3000 is, at the most only half of the Chinese army,"
"Damn, then I suppose the Japanese government also denied the forced taking in of the 'comfort women',"
"You bet. At first, they deny it. Then, when the truth is out, they refuse to compensate them, saying that it has been settled by the UN. What a load of crap,"
"They deserve a smash of sake right on the head then,"
"Not only that, I'm going to give them a stunner right on the face. Especially some right wing f***king bastards. You know what they said?"
Haomaru shook his head.
"They said that the Japanese invasion of Asia is forced by the US. Even that's the reason, that didn't give them the right to treat the civilians cruelly, killing them whenever they like,"
"Man, I really feel like giving them a smash right on the face then. In fact, bastards like them don't fit to have a face. Anyway, what's a stunner?"
"You won't know. If there's a chance, however, I'll demonstrate it to you,"
"Thanks. You know, I think there's no reason for the Americans to use the atomic bombs to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even if the Japanese did great sins to the suffering,"
"It's not up to Man to decide the right or wrong of this action. In fact, he doesn't have the right. The Americans don't have the right to justify their actions because their actions cause deaths and suffering of millions. Those who suffered under the Japanese rule don't have the right to rejoice because by doing so, they fail to sympathize with the sufferers. The Japanese don't have the right to pity themselves because they ignored, and possibly, fail to know the suffering of the civilians under the Japanese rule. Only Boss have the right to decide. But one thing is for sure. The murderer of the innocent Japanese in the atomic bombings is not the Americans, but the Japanese militarism. If those militarist dogs didn't murder thousands of innocents during the war, Boss wouldn't have planted the thought of nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki into the Americans' heads,"
"You hate Japan then,"
"No. I don't hate Japan. Rather, I hate Japanese militarism and the despicable way the Japanese government deny these acts. But I like Japan. The songs, cuisine and others. If I hate Japan, I would have stayed in Boss's Kingdom rather than going back to ancient Japan. As for US, it really need discipline, both spiritual and responsibility wise,"
Then Raipuu told him about the Ehime Maru incident and the freedom of New Age.
"It seems that those US guys really need to buck up,"
"You bet. I…"
Before he can finish his sentence, a young boy rushed into their room panting and said, "There are a group of suspicious fellows in the inn. Can you take a look please?"
"Where's that blue hair punk? The guy who killed those ruffians,"
"He went to challenge the Third Lord to a duel,"
"Let's go, kid,"

* * *

"Hey, do you think there's no problem?" asked a burly man.
"Don't worry. Just getting the girl is as simple enough," said a thin man.
With that, the group of 20 advanced towards the innkeeper's room. But before they could go any further, Haomaru and Raipuu appeared before them.
"Hi, losers," grinned Haomaru.
"Get those two!"

* * *

"You have turned up I see," smiled a fat man with a short beard and unkempt hair.
"I've never been late for duels. I came to take your head and there's no doubt about it,"
The man smiled and clapped his hands, "I appreciate you, boy. Why don't you join me? You can be very successful, you know,"
"If you're thinking of enrolling me, at least develop into something, more clever. From a pig to a monkey at least,"
"You're looking for trouble," said the man menacingly. With that, he snapped his fingers and 50 men gripped their weapons and charged towards the young man.
The young man charged towards them drawing his sword and slashing those who is foolish enough to go within striking range to their deaths. Within minutes, all lain dead. The fat man clapped his hands and said, "I, the Third Lord, never loses. I've sent 20 underlings to capture the girl and if you want to ensure her safety…"
"CUT THAT CRAP!!!!" the speaker was none other than Raipuu and with him are Haomaru and a pretty young girl.
"Why not? Because we are the ultimate duo, Haomaru and Kenkawa Raipuu," said Haomaru. With that, he laughed loudly.
"You're dead," said the young man menacingly with his blade gleaming and his cold blue eyes filling with killer intent.
"No, please, I beg you. How much you want, I can give…"
Before he can finish his sentence, his head flew off from his body and crimson blood burst from his body.
"Don't ever underestimate Tachibana Usuke, son of Tachibana Ukyo and successor of Shin-musou Itou-ryuu," said the young man.
"Usuke, you're indeed Usuke," said Haomaru.
"You're Haomaru, aren't you? You're as moronic as my father has said,"
"How on earth did you learnt your father's sword style?"
"When I escaped from those bandits, I incidentally walked into my father's resting place and found Drying Pole on his grave. I took up the sword and my father's soul came to me and taught me whatever he had learnt. After a year, I've learnt all and I roam the country killing whoever does evil in my sight… Enough said. I roam Japan for one reason. To find and defeat you, Haomaru, the man whom my father failed to defeat. To fulfil my father's unfinished wish,"
"If that's what you want, it'll be what you get,"
Then one of the Third Lord's henchmen quietly crept towards Usuke with knife in his hand, but before he could go any further…
"Sorry, pal. This isn't your stage," said Raipuu with his hand gripping the ruffian's hand, kneeing him on the stomach, flashing a middle finger and doing a wrestling maneuver.
"Got it, Haomaru? THIS is a stunner,"
"Then what's that middle finger for?"
"Part of the stunner move,"
"What does it mean?"
"International language, according to one of my ITE classmates, Ivan," (All right Ivan, you DID say that, so no point denying it. ^^)
"Enough prattle. Let's get this done," said Usuke.
"I've been waiting for this," smiled Haomaru

To be continued...

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