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The Encounter with an Angel
by The Neurochild

Chapter 1: "I won't be at home" (Narrated by Shinzo.)

Note. This fanfic is part of another one I'm making named "MC: The Mercenary Chronicles". It belongs to the first "book" called "Shinzo's diaries". The collection is an action fanfic, but the first "book" is more drama. I'm writing this right now because it's the first thing I saw in my mind! Don't worry, after I finish this, I'll tell you what it's all about.


Mix Shinji Ikari, Lain Iwakura and Spike Spiegel. What will you have from that? Me.
I'm Shinzo Watanabe. This time I want you to know my story, sure you'll want to know more about how I became who I am now, I can assure you'll get more than that.
Many people say oneís life is important; it was hard a lot to me after losing my father, Adrian Tenshi, US Army lieutenant. My mother and I moved to Tokyo, to an apartment. First days were hard, even in high school... The only friends I had were the martial arts and my katana sword, ďVicious?..

I don't hope you believe me, just listen.

Chapter 1: "I won't be at home" (Narrated by Shinzo.)

9/6, at my 12:
My day at Seiyuu Junior High School was as bad as the first time I moved here. Since some guy called Takashi Yamazaki was the one interested to bother me; I wanted to talk no one, even the girls. Yes, I was popular between the girls first time I arrived. I was angry and didnít want to look any other direction but straight... straight to the road... straight home!
School day was over, and from my bag I had taken out a thing that shaped it, and let it down to the ground. Once in front of me, I stepped into my skateboard and tapped my right feet to go home at high. I was always alert to any obstacle, any transit signal and anyone who crossed in my way. Things looked normal... after three or four blocks. In my sight I found a young couple being assaulted by two gang members.

Gang member (GM) 1: Don't move you two. -The woman was petrified.
GM 2: Give us all you have in your pocket. Do it! Do it now!
Woman 1, terrified: Don't kill me! Don't kill me!
Man 1, desperate: Take them! Take everything; it's all we have.
GM 2: Move! -And the man gives them all that was valuable, money included.

The guys were armed and menace was real. I hid on the corner, waiting the moment the guys run like hell from the defenseless couple so they donít get caught. When done, those guys aimed their guns to the couple to be sure they donít move and after a few steps, they run to the corner where I awaited... to hit them! I threw my board on oneís faces and instantly he fell down. Sure I broke his nose, because he got up groaning, moving his face. because he got up groaning, moving his face. And the two faced me.

Shinzo: When are you going to learn that stealing is a crime and more if you two take their IDs?
GM 1, groaning: It's none of your business!
Shinzo: Yes, it is. It's hard to have one these days. -I was referring to the IDs.
GM 2: You'll see! -He threw a punch I dodged and sent him down with a foot sweep.

The other guy just drew a knife, and swung it in the air to attack me. They were just eating dust and I used my board as a weapon and hit him in his face. The thug I fought first was about to pick a firearm out his pocket, and my reaction was more violent, a whirlwind kick, that made him drop the gun and fall down. When trying to recover and grab it again, l landed my board on his hand and put a foot over it. As I saw the other showing the gun, I grabbed the one on the ground keeping the board over the man's hand pushed and aimed the one in front of me.

GM 1: Fool! You can't shoot me when... -But I knew about weapons. I unlocked it!
Shinzo: Locked? Don't tell me. Give me yours to me! -The guy was in awe. -NOW!

I grabbed the other gun. Everything was on my favor.

Shinzo: Give all you stole from them now! -They gave me the purses of the couple I saw.I ordered them later to go. -Now get out of my sight.
GM 1: It ain't over kid. It ain't over. You'll pay! -They fled after that.

Just a few second later, I went back to the couple still in there and I gave them back all their belongings.

Shinzo: Hey! Hey guys! Are you okay?
Man 1: Fortunately. I didn't know if I would live.
Shinzo: Take. I guess they're yours.
Woman 1: Oh! Thank you, you wouldn't have minded...!
Shinzo: Don't worry. I saw what happened. I know how hard it's to make a new ID card.
Man 1: Yes. It longs a lot.
Shinzo: Guys, I recommend you two get out of here.
Woman 1: Why is that?
Shinzo: What you don't know is that those thugs are members of a dangerous gang, one that sends their backup when their members are attacked. -I looked left once I heard a noise of people coming for the disgrace of the poor couple. - They're now here!
>You two get out! MOVE!

The two were gone in a matter of seconds. The street was alone with me upon it. I felt the sound of the footsteps of some people coming, surely related to the gang. The thugs I fought were there. I knew about the gang?but hadnít thought there were so many.

Shinzo: SHIT!

I could do nothing to face a complete army of nasties following me. I dropped my board on the ground and ran away fast and furious. I was in the middle of a pursuit, which I didnít know one thing for sure: be at home... alive.
I donít remember the blocks I crossed, the cars I jumped and the paths I took. But nearly at the end of a backstreet, more people awaited me. I turned left?I turned to a death way. I made a wrong turn. I moved as fast as I could, walking across the garbage and evading the gang members that got in my way. But none of it was worthy once I pulled my boardís tale to stop. I was trapped!

Shinzo: God damn it! It's a dead end!

Those people stopped following me. I remember was pretty far from them; that I was in trouble. But why did they begin to bring down the trash? Quite simple, there were glasses. It was no good, and it become worse when I saw a lot of bats covered by big clothes

GM 1: Now we're going to kill you! -He said melodically.

Then the guy lifted a bottle in the air, and with the swing of the bat, he throws it. Although I dodge the attack, it hit the wall crashing in piece. Then another guy do the same, and then another one, again and over again. Evading was impossible, they were smart than I thought; they launched the bottles to the wall, so the pieces of glass would fall on me. I felt them scratching my skin as a rain of arrows, but I saw one bottle that was launched straight to my face. One thing was for sure...

Shinzo, whispering: I won't be at home.

The hit of the bottle was so hard, that I felt it breaking in my head. It was like getting shot in the head by a .50 Action Express caliber revolver, a Desert Eagle handgun. I felt my head blowning up and my body flying in the air because of the hit. With arms wide open, I was falling down... down to the ground, falling from grace. Once I landed, I could hear someone getting angry.

GM 3: Stop, guys, stop! You asshole! The trick was haunting him, not killin' him.
GM 1, upset: It's his fault.
GM 4: But you fucked it up! Guys, the party is over! Let's get the hell out of here!
GM 1: Hey, you can't do this!
GM 5: He DID!

All them stopped launching bottles and left me on the ground. I felt my blood running through my veins and going out of my head. When they were gone, I felt something else falling down, wet, small and continuous. It began to rain... I could hear the thunder rumbling... and feel my eyes closing.
There was a little moment when I opened my eyes and I saw the blurred vision of a girl around my age, with a long black hair, bright skin and a bright red ribbon. I could hear her shouting for help, but I kept my will to move my left arm where I could grab my cell phone from my pocket of my pants. And my last effort was used to give her the phone. Then we looked each other...

Shinzo: Don't leave me alone!

And after that, my eyes closed. I feared... that I would never wake up again.

Chapter 2: "Don't leave me alone!" (Narrated by Nakoruru.)

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