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The Encounter with an Angel
by The Neurochild

Chapter 3: "Am I in heaven?" (Narrated by Shinzo)

9/11, at my 13th birthday:
I didn't remember how many days I slept. I was kept too deep in darkness, and when I'd woken up, I felt it like I wake up the next day. But really I didn't remember the day, but my memory kept intact, including my last memory: the gang who attacked me at will, I felt I almost died there. I had a lot of questions that would be answered later.
When I first opened my eyes, I found myself on a gray room; when my vision cleared, I guessed it was a hospital room, as medics inserted on my left arm an intravenous syringe, I have been many days asleep, recovering. The first thing I did was to move my big toes, to see if I was disabled. Fortunately they moved on...

Shinzo, thinking: At least, I can move my feet, so the hard part is over.

Then I look around the room; at my right side, there was my bag (as I lost my skateboard in the fight), and a table with purse and my watch on it, which I grabbed and see the hour; it was 5:00 PM, but also I saw the date, Saturday 9/11. It was my birthday.

Shinzo: Shit! It's the worst date to wake up here.

I left the watch on the table, and look to the right side, there was a window with the sun shining won the horizon; a bottle with sodium chloride attached to the intravenous syringe on my left arm. Then I watch on my left hand a tied ribbon, a red one, the same one I saw on my last vision. I could guess too it's from the one who saved me, surely that girl. Still I wasn't sure at all, I touched my head, felling it covered by bandages, tied up like a turban. Although I realized it was really a hard hit, I reacted normal. I was a bit angry because it was my birthday!

Shinzo: I think my head's gonna be fine. Thank God I'm alive! But I don't know who saved me; maybe I will know the owner of this ribbon. I don't want misunderstandings, but I'm not a thief.

Suddenly, my thoughts stopped by the slide of the door, so I turned to see probably a nurse. What comes next was the most beautiful vision I have ever seen in my life. It was a girl with a very bright skin, dressed of beige and black set, to the typical way of the Ainu. Undoubtedly, she was an Ainu girl. She got black eyes and hair, and a very pretty face. Kawaii!! (So cute.) I must also say she has a ribbon on her hair, a yellow one. I don't know if she'd visited me all those days.

Nakoruru, talking in Ainu: Hello. -But I didn't believe I became so silly.
Shinzo: What? Am I in heaven? -And she laughed.
Nakoruru: No! But I'm glad to see you awake!
Shinzo: I might guess.

She had the sweetest voice I have heard in years. It felt like heaven. Sure she knew my name somehow...

Shinzo: I think you know my name.
Nakoruru: Yes. Shinzo...
Shinzo and Nakoruru: Shinzo Watanabe.
Shinzo: Bingo! And you are...
Nakoruru: Nakoruru... from Kamui-Kotan.
Shinzo: I think you are an Ainu.
Nakoruru: Yes. How do you know that?
Shinzo: I read about your people. The only thing in mind I would ask is... doesn't they have longer names? -The room exploded in laughs.
Nakoruru: I think so. Why? -She answered with a smile. Shinzo: I hope you don't take offense, but yours is way too short, though it's beautiful.
Nakoruru: Don't worry! I know you were asking for the first and last one, but that's my whole name. By the way, yours sounds pretty cool. -She referred to my first name.
Shinzo: Thanks. Hey, Nakoruru.
Nakoruru: Yes? I'm listening.
Shinzo: Can you tell me? What's cooler than being cool?
Nakoruru: I might guess...
Nakoruru and Shinzo: Ice cold! -We answered.
Shinzo: Girl, you don't seem you are from the Ainu. You learn quiet well.
Nakoruru: I learn fast. I'm amazed since I moved here a couple of weeks ago.
Shinzo: Why?
Nakoruru: It was what my grandmother asked me. She told me to know the other world.
Shinzo: The city. I know how hard it is for someone like you. I can understand; I would be in your shoes when visiting your parents in Hokkaido. It's kind of shocking. - I instantly understood her doubt.
Nakoruru: I appreciate that, Shinzo.
Shinzo: You don't have to say it.

Then she looked at me without saying a word. Still she was showing a smile that made her look prettier. She didn't cross a word for a moment, as she wanted to look at something specific. Then she answered to tell me.

Nakoruru: You have... an intense look.
Shinzo: I always look at the other's eyes.
Nakoruru: But I mean you have a piercing look, especially the day I rescued you. It's the same kind of a samurai.
Shinzo: Well, my kendo sensei told me I have that kind of look, so I have been "the blue-eyed samurai". But in that moment, I just wanted to see who was there assisting me... one thing I saw on you was a red ribbon, like the one I have in my hand. -I raised my hand... -I guess I must give it back. -...But she reacted.
Nakoruru: Please, Shinzo. Take it. Stay with it. I knew you woke up someday; it's just a reminder of how much I was worried about you. I thought you would die.
Shinzo: So do I. I would've reacted different if you weren't there. I have been alone since my arrival. If my father weren't dead, I would've not wanted to die when I was alone.
Nakoruru: Come on, Shinzo. Don't say that, you hurt me when you say such a thing! -Still I didn't want shame of everyone.
Shinzo: What I didn't like is the fact that I've woken up in the worst day.
Nakoruru: Today? Oh, I understand. -She sat in my bed.
Shinzo: No. It's not that thing. -She thought on 9/11 events, but I made all the things clear. -I mean... I know it's a sad day, but I am really angry and more if I woke up today, because it matched with a special day... My birthday.
Nakoruru: What? Hey, you should be happy!
Shinzo: I should be, but really I don't.
Nakoruru: Don't be unfair with yourself! -She was trying to raise my enthusiasm. I would get it later! -You should be blessed of getting the best gifts ever.
Shinzo: Tell me how many gifts you have.
Nakoruru: I can tell you three of them:
>1. I was thinking of you since I saved you,
>2. You had the opportunity to meet me, and...
>3. The most important of all gifts... -And then, she kiss me in the right cheek. -You are alive... to see them all. Shinzo, your life is a precious gift. -She finished talking low, but clear. Damn, she was right!
Shinzo: I'm very happy to meet you. I never met a person first time I moved to Tokyo, even if it's a girl like you. You are so beautiful.
Nakoruru: Thank you, Shinzo! What I see on you is your honesty over all things, transmitted in those beautiful blue eyes; those that shine bright like sapphires.
Shinzo: I think it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Nakoruru: I think so.
Shinzo: From this moment, you can call me Shin-kun.
Nakoruru: In the same way you can trust me, I will trust you. Next time, you just call me Nako-chan. -Then she looked at my watch. -Shin-kun, I have to go. I remembered some favor my grandmother asked me.
Shinzo: It was nice to meet you, Nako-chan. You can come back to visit me as you want, I'll be happy too see you.
Nakoruru: Get well! -She kissed me again, and got up to walk through that door. -
>Talking in Ainu: See you soon, Shin-kun!
Shinzo, talking in Spanish: íNos vemos, Nako-chan! (See you, Nako-chan!)
Nakoruru: Hey! What language was that?
Shinzo: Spanish. Nako-chan, you got a lot to learn! ...And I will help you! -Then, I just remembered something else. -Hey! Nakoruru, I think this is your. -I was holding a mantle that was since I woke up.
Nakoruru: Shin-kun, It's yours too. Consider it your birthday gift!

Then she smiled for the last time before she shut the door.
There was some song that says: "Soon it will come my lucky day..." It seems it has arrived that day; she was my first friend in Tokyo. And still, she is my friend right now!

(Narrated by Nakoruru)

10/11, the day I will never forget:
It was a month since I met Shinzo. After each school day, I accompany him home; in the first time I did, I realize he lived on the same place I was living, in front of my house. I got better, because he would teach me a lot of things! I learn much better with him and trusted me more than one secret, like the martial arts, movies, some new language; so did I, I told him the way the Ainu lives, legends from my people, my language and one little secret: my ability to talk with nature. He is still the best friend I ever had.
At my 13th birthday, I was going to the lockers room, before I arrived, I found Shinzo kind of worried.

Nakoruru: Hello there, Shin-kun.
Shinzo: Nako-chan!
Nakoruru: Hey, is there something wrong?
Shinzo: No! I just have something important to do. Gotta go! I see you in class! -Then he ran like hell.
Nakoruru: Wait! I have to talk to you!

I didn't know what he was hiding, but I didn't care. I went in. In my locker, I saw a paper with some handwriting; it had my name on it and one note. I took the paper and read.

I didn't have money to buy your gift..."

But I realized it was sealed, I opened it and my surprise was so big... I had a drawing of a girl in "manga" style... It was me! Kawaii (it's cute)! And the note on the cover continued after the drawing.

"But a month ago, you gave me the best gift: a friend.
Happy Birthday!


I didn't care about the gift. I forgave him. He gave me something better... a friend. He will always be in my heart.

Nakoruru, crying and talking in Japanese: Arigatou, Shinzo-kun! (Thank you, Shinzo-kun!)

The end.


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