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Interview with Nicotine
An interview with the author of "Legend of Morkhanis"

Well, this was not exactly a real time/face to face interview, it was just questions I asked him via email and he answered it. This interview is for the readers to understand more about the writer of the fanfic and her works. The interviewer(Gan) is me, C.K. Gan, the webmaster of this site of course, and the interviewee(Nicotine) is the writer of "Legend of Morkhanis".

Gan: Why did you want to write this fanfic?

Nicotine: I wrote it because I enjoy Writing storys.

Gan: What were your motivations?

Nicotine: I always liked writing storys.

Gan: What aims did you have? And have you achieved it?

Nicotine: I had aims to write a stroy most people would enjoy reading.

Gan: What do you think was the best part of your fanfic? And what do you think was the worst?

Nicotine: Well,I dont think of either part best but the best part In my opinion was when Morkhanis fight Ukyo.worst,well,I think was the ending, due to the fact I feared if i didnt finish the stroy soon they would erase it or soemthing.

Gan: Did you have any readers' feedback? If so, how have the readers reacted to your writing?

Nicotine: No,I didnt get any,dont know why.

Gan: Any suggestions to future/current fanfic writers?

Nicotine: Yes,Keep your idea clear and dont put it off,but dont rush it either, trust me.

Gan: What do you like best about writing a fanfic?

Nicotine: That I am making my own story, my own world,and people,I just enjoy it so much.

Gan: Do you like to write the short fanfic or the long fanfic?

Nicotine: Long,usally but it all depends how to story is going.

Gan: Do you plan to write a sequel or a new fanfic?

Nicotine: well,I dont know, its up to all of you, E-mail me about your opinion on if I should make a sequal,but I will right other storys.

Gan: Are there anyone who have inspired you to write the fanfics? And who do you want to give thanks to?

Nicotine: no, and I would like to thank me for righting this,no no, just joking, but I do thank the person who made this website, without it,I would neever had written this.

Gan: Anything else you want to add?

Nicotine: Yes,to the matter of Fact I do,I wish my writing program had a spell check.

Gan: I wish the best of luck to Nicotine. Thank you.

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