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Electric Demon
by Mark Patraw
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Chapter 13

      They stared at each other, neither of them blinking, trying to peer into the other's inner soul. It wasn't a fair contest. He didn't have eyes, or at least, he didn't have normal human eyes. But, still, she could see things in that crackling blue/white fire that nobody else could. And she hoped that he could find those same hidden things in the windows to her soul as well.
      "I love you, Kiko." He whispered, his hand tightening on hers through the cold, prison bars. The shadows fell across his handsome face in dark, uneven rows. She felt a tingle, but as always she couldn't tell if it was just her or if a bit of power had passed from his fingers into her veins. It didn't matter, the sensation was the same.
      "And I love you too, Galford. With all my heart."
      Oh, how cruel to see him like this. Trapped, caged like an animal. But he was an animal…wasn't he? She knew it would end like this, but at least he was still alive. For that, she thanked the gods again and again.
      Kiko peered from the corner of her eye at the three silent men who stood guard around them in a loose circle. Iga ninjas. They hadn't moved or said a thing since they had brought her here, only their rising and falling chests indicated that they possessed life, and even this was barely perceptible.
      I'd free you if I could, Galford. But I can't. They welded the prison door shut. And even if I could, how would we escape? The Iga are everywhere…
      Thunder crashed outside. A powerful storm had been building for some time, growing stronger and stronger, and it showed no signs of weakening. She could hear the rain and hail smashing down upon the rocks and the wind moaning for it's lost lover. Galford's eyes grew brighter everytime the lightning split the heavens. The ninjas had told her earlier that clouds had begun to form the moment her precious Galford had awoken.
      "Make the storm stop, please. I know you're the one doing it. If you show them that you can be reasonable, they may consider letting you go." Kiko pleaded, even though she knew it was useless.
      "No." He whispered, turning his head away from her.
      "Because I won't. Not until they set me free or end my life. I'll bring Fortress Iga down around their ears first."
      "You'll kill me too if you do that…"
      His hand slipped from hers, and he bunched them both into fists.
      "I know… Kiko, I know. That is why you must leave."
      "You must. Now."
      "I won't."
      He growled something unintelligible in frustration and slunk to the back corner of his cell. There he slid to the floor and stared moodily back at her.
      "Leave me alone. Please. I need to think."
      "As you wish…Galford."
      One of the Iga immediately stirred and chaperoned her out the door. The other two remained inside, and six more ninja stood silently outside of the prison entrance in two opposite rows of three against the walls.
      No, there'll be no escape for you, my love. She thought sadly to herself, looking back over her shoulders at him one more time as she was led down the torch-lit hallway. Not alive anyway, only in death.


      "Do you think it was wise to let Kiko see him again, Hanzo?" Galford questioned the Iga Master directly, but he didn't move. He just stood there, looking out the window, studying the storm.
      Thunder crashed again.
      Rain and wind thrust themselves against Hanzo's dark frame through the open portal, pushing and tearing at him, but the ebon one paid the elements no heed. His scarlet scarf billowed behind him like a sail.
      "Yes. Yes I do, Galford. He's going to crack, and soon, I know it. Just like you have."
      "What do you mean? Stop speaking in riddles and tell me whatever it is you're trying to tell me straight!" Galford frowned, anger flashing on his face.
      Nakoruru pressed his hand gently in hers.
      "Calm yourself, Galford."
      He squeezed back. She was almost done binding the wounds the late Genjuro had inflicted.
      "I'll try, Nakoruru, I'll try."
      Hanzo chuckled and finally turned to face the two.
      You really freak me out sometimes, Hanzo, you know that? You've got everything figured out, and I can't even begin to guess what you're up to. I'm glad you're on the good guys' side, or else Japan, maybe the whole world, might be in deep trouble.
      "You're getting angry Galford, furious even, that's good. Very good." Hanzo beamed.
      "Yeah, so what? You'd be mad too if somebody refused to let you in on the big picture." Galford scowled again.
      "No, no! Listen! You're experiencing "bad" emotions, Galford. Anger, hatred, jealousy, frustration, confusion! And him! He's not feeling them as strongly now. Doubt has entered his mind, and he's losing his grip on the rage that drives him. The woman's unconditional love will push him even farther over the edge. Soon, he'll fall over the brink and it'll be too late. You'll fall too, Galford. And then you'll both fall together. Together! Into one person again. If my suspicions are true…and I think that they are."
      Nakoruru's face lit up with a smile. The first honest smile she'd given him in a long time…
      "Oh! Do you think so, Hanzo? Isn't that wonderful, Galford? You'll be whole again!"
      "Yeah…that'll be great, Nak. Just great."
      But would it? Galford was afraid, very afraid. If they became one man again, who'd be in charge of the new Galford? Him? Me? Would they "share" their body, or would an all-together new persona emerge to control them both? Galford had become filled with a sense of dread. Would "he" even be "him" anymore? Things weren't going to be the same… Both he and his double were going to have to walk through the fire, and what would they look like when they came out together as one person on the other side of the flames?


      What the hell is the matter with me?
      You're getting weak, soft, Galford. But it's not too late, I can help you.
      Shut up, you don't know anything. Shake the skies and burn the heavens, that's your job. Let me think, will you?
      That little whore has ruined you, Galford. She doesn't love you, nobody does. Only I understand you. She's lying; can't you see that? She fears you; it's not love. Forget all that nonsense. There are other women, and prettier ones at that. We'll get you a harem filled with lusty lasses. In the meantime, let's reduce this place to rubble. Burn 'em all I say.
      Is this what you want? Do you want to die a pathetic little death in this moldy cell? Do you want to go out like Genjuro did? Go out like a man! Just say the word and I'll burn it all. They'll all die. The Iga, every last pajama clad one of them, Hanzo and Ruoh especially. Goody-two-shoes Galford and his mangy mutt, Poppy. Nakoruru, her Grandmother and that twit of a little sister, Rimururu. We'll fry 'em all. It'll be great. You'll love it. You'll be kissing my feet for weeks in shameless gratitude.
      And Kiko.
      We'll kill her too.
      We can't.
      If Kiko could be saved, then…
      For the love of Ambrosia! Forget that wench! We've got grand things to do, you and I. And they can't be done with her in tow. I can see it now: "Galford, don't burn that tree, it's pretty! Galford, don't kill those people, they're nice. Galford, stop running around the countryside spreading terror, help me cook dinner!"
      Can't you see what she's doing to you? Even the dullest little boy knows girls have cooties! And once you've got cooties, you're finished. Done for, I tell you. I have the nagging suspicion that if I inspected your scalp right now I'd find a family of fat, ugly, girl cooties working into your brain
      Oh, do shut up. You're making even less sense than you usually do.
      What's wrong with you indeed? I wish I knew. I'm about ready to wash my hands of you, boy. Somebody else would make better use of my power than you. Somebody with a SPINE!
      Then get lost! I don't need your garbage right now. I never did.
      What? You don't need ME? You're nothing without me, and you know it. Now, you've really hurt my feelings. You NEED me. Are you listening? What would you be without me, huh? What?
      Much happier.
      Go away. For good this time. Leave me alone and never come back, and take your damn storm with you.
      I can't even believe I'm hearing this! Be careful, boy, I might give you what you asked for.
      If I go, I'm never coming back, Galford… I'm not kidding.
      You'll be sorry…
      GET LOST!
      Hey, Galford…
      Are you listening to me?
      Hmmm…I guess you really meant it that time, huh?
      Ah well, there will be others…hopefully a bit more intelligent than you and less susceptible to their animal desires. Maybe I'll use a girl next time, their heads are screwed on just a wee bit tighter I think.
      I may be dead, but Amakusa can always get somebody else to do his dirty work, yes indeed. All I need is a little hate to mold in my hands.
      Hee, hee, hee.
      You'll never get rid of me.
      I'll get you all in the end, every last one of you.
      And that's a promise.

Chapter 14

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