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Electric Demon
by Mark Patraw
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Chapter 8

      "Galford, don't look at me." Nakoruru whispered, casting her head downwards and away from him in shame. She studied the grass, so very green and thick here amongst the bamboo, instead. The ground was still wet from the storm that had suddenly ended hours before, when the evil one had disappeared. She could feel her tattered dress soaking up the moisture.
      He brushed her long, black hair away from her face gently and lifted her chin until her gaze met his again. She resisted, a little. Nakoruru stared into his sky blue eyes and became lost in them. She loved those eyes; only gai-jin had eyes of such beautiful hues.
      "Hey, I'm the one who's a mess, Nak. You'll always be beautiful, even with bruises. And bruises go away… " Galford was right, his entire face, his entire body really, was covered with ugly, red and black burns. That…thing…had scarred him badly. But they'd heal, just like her bruises…and her heart. Well, almost, her bruises would heal…but…she still felt dirty inside…from HIM. But, she wouldn't think about that anymore, at least, not now. The important thing was that they were safe, and together again.
      "I thought you'd never want to look at me again, Nakoruru…"
      "Why wouldn't I want to look at you?"
      "Because…you'd be reminded of…him."
      "Oh no! He may share your features, Galford, but not your heart. And the heart is what matters above all… When I look at you, I see the man I love, and nothing else…"
      A great weight seemed to have lifted from his shoulders at her words, and Nakoruru could tell he felt much better. Galford bent his head down towards hers, and she moved to meet him…
      "Hey, if you two kiss, I'm gonna puke!" Rimururu squealed and giggled. She was burned too, but not nearly as badly as Galford. She was mostly just red; it looked like she had been in the sun too long. Nakoruru had joked with her that the "ice princess" had finally managed to get a sunburn. Rimururu's dress was also black and tattered, but clothes could be changed.
      Grandmother elbowed Rimu in the ribs.
      "Hush, child! Let them be."
      "Yes, Honored Mothered…" She turned around and favored both Nakoruru and Galford with a silly face and then left them to see to their animal companions and her ice spirit.
      Poppy was singed, but not badly. The dog lay curled in the grass under a berry bush some distance away. Mamahaha, who was badly hurt, lied nestled between Poppy's legs. It was Mamahaha that Nakoruru was most concerned about at the moment, she did not know if she would recover, and if she did, would the eagle ever fly again? Konril circled lazily around both animals, as silent as ever.
      "What should we do for the night?" Grandmother asked, worry on her face.
      "I don't want to go back to the house…" Nakoruru whispered. She couldn't stand to see all those black bodies again, Grandfather and all the others… She'd never be able to think of that place as home again, ever - even though she had spent her entire life there, it was a dirty place now, just like Nakoruru herself. Besides, the bastard had all but completely destroyed it, bashing holes in it everywhere and burning their favorite things just for the sake of meanness.
      Galford sighed.
      "Night is almost upon us. I think we should camp here. Tomorrow we'll head for the Iga stronghold. Hanzo will be happy to put us up."
      "That he would, Galford." A great voice suddenly boomed, "Especially in the company of such a beautifully radiant and mature woman as yourself, Honored Mother."
      They all jumped, it was Hanzo. None of them had even heard him approach. Ruoh, and two other Iga had accompanied him.
      "Oh!" Grandmother blushed like a little girl from the ninja's compliment.
      Nakoruru smiled. Now, she knew she was truly safe from harm. With Hanzo and his men here, the evil imposter Galford wouldn't dare return for another attack. Hattori Hanzo was widely known as the most dangerous and skilled ninja in all of Japan, maybe even in the whole world, and he'd make short work of that evil thing if he dared to show his ugly little face, lightning or no, she was sure of it.
      The ebony cloaked ninja master fell to his knees in the grass at the couple's side. She could see the hurt and concern in his eyes.
      "Spirits of misfortune!!! What happened to you two?! You look like you've been through the fires of hell and back!"
      "Well, we have been, sort of…" Galford began.
      "Tell me, tell me everything, friends…" Hanzo invited. Ruoh and the other Iga gathered around as well, and Rimururu returned, Konril in tow. Ruoh gave her an icy look, but when he saw she too had been injured, his expression softened.
      "It all started when…"


      "Hush, Kiko, you're crying will anger him more!"
      "I can't help it, Mama-Hana, it hurts sooooo much!"
      And she could see that it did. Her entire arm was red and black from the burn, shaped like a man's hand. Tears welled in the young girls eyes, and her lower lip trembled. The devil! Mama-Hana thought to herself. I'd take my late brother's katana to you, creature, if I dared! The demon was hurt and weak, but she knew he was still very, very dangerous.
      "Bathe it in cold water, Kiko. I will see to it later."
      Kiko's eyes widened in fear.
      "What about you? You…you're not going in there…with HIM…are you?"
      Mama-Hana was afraid, but somebody had to do it.
      "Do as I say, Kiko."
      "Yes, Mama."
      Kiko disappeared behind one of the thin walls, leaving Mama-Hana all alone. But she wasn't really alone, she knew Kiko had disobeyed her, and even now was waiting behind the screen to rush to her aid if anything bad happened. Kiko was a good daughter, and she did her mother proud.
      Mama-Hana took a deep breath, and entered the small, candle-lit room. Dread filled her heart, but she refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing it.
      "Where's the heelder I shent forb, woman?" He growled upon seeing her.
      "He is on his way. You should not have hurt Kiko like that…"
      "Dab burnd wilb seeb like a fine memboree when I'm dub with yoo toob, if yoob don't doob as I sayb!!!"
      She wanted to laugh at his pathetic condition, but she knew doing so would be instantly fatal…or worse.
      The fire in his eyes flickered madly, and he began to raise himself in anger, but he fell back onto the tattered, gray mat. He coughed horribly, and blood came up from between his lips again. His jaw and throat were ghastly to look at, all black and blue and swollen to enormous size. Mama-Hana wondered how he even managed to breathe…
      He stared at her, and smiled a wicked smile.
      "Yoob hab a preddy daughber…veby preddy indeeb…"
      "If you harm Kiko again, I'll return with a battalion of armed samurai to slay you, demon!"
      He only chuckled at this, wincing in pain and coughing up more blood.
      "Geb dat dam heelder, like I dolb yoob too…"
      Mama-Hana bowed and left him to his dark thoughts. The candles flickered as she rustled out, his eyes burning into her back till she was out of sight.

      Oh, you got me good Galford, he thought to himself. I won't underestimate you again. It was that kick…that's where it all went bad. A moment of overconfidence on my part, and look where I am now: Lying weak as a kitten in a whorehouse. Stupid wenches, they'd best get that healer…or…
      But for the first time, he was afraid. He knew they were frightened of him, but still…she might really go get those samurai, and then he'd be finished. His threats were all a bluff, he'd barely be able to fight off that girl, Kiko, if she attacked him…
      The agony in his throat and jaw were terrible, dying seemed preferably to breathing. Nor could he stand the buffoonery that came out of his cracked mouth when he spoke. But the humility was the worst, he had almost died at the hands of his inferior other half…incomprehensible! He was better, stronger, he knew it! They both knew it…then why had he failed?
      That punt in the throat had been bad. It had snapped his jaw instantly and almost crushed his windpipe. And then, they had gotten into that choking match…his already injured neck hadn't been able to take it. He had lost his ability to breathe and everything was going dim when that damn mutt had latched onto the back of his neck. Actually, Poppy had probably saved his life - he had let go of Galford in surprise when he felt those teeth…and Galford had returned the favor by releasing his grip in kind.
      Gently, he probed the inflamed, ugly flesh of his neck again and swore as the pain shot through his throat and head, and then back again, making him wish he were dead.
      Oh, I'm going to be out of business for a long time - weeks, probably. But, I will get better, Galford, and when I do, you're going to pay, and pay, and pay…

Chapter 9

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