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Samurai Spirits Neo
by Strider Maverick/Duran the Warrior (official pen name)

Chapter 2

Samurai Spirits Neo, Chapter 2: Growing up with Nako
[A little background on spirits; they are pretty much immortal, though they can be weakened. A spirit mainly is around due to some sort of longing they had in their living life; even in Spirit, A holy Aniu maiden's spirit has the ability to watch over nature; that and for the most part; one can't speak with a spirit.]
>Aniu After life
Kamui [Or the Aniu god; you try doing this when you're grounded off the net!]: What do you want to ask about, loyal servant?
Nakoruru: I want to see if I could watch over his family. Is that possible?
Kamui: As long as you remember your first duty, but all you can do is watch until one day where a member of that family will notice you; then you can aid that person.
Nakoruru: I know not to forget my duty as the Holy Maiden.
<Time passed, she saw how her family and Galford's developed, joyed at The wedding of Shizumaru and Rimururu, yet saddened when she saw Galford. She also saw the events such as World War II. The year is now 1981. Nakoruru oversaw the birth of the latest in the Weiler family, yet it was a sad birth since Michael Weiler's Wife, April died in bearing him. He was at a lost of what to do (A little note: The modern-day Weilers are a wealthy family with a tradition of law enforcement); for the most part he didn't know what to name the baby boy, while he ponded with his grief and the name issue; Nakoruru decided to look in on the baby who was crying at the moment>
>The baby's room
Baby: <Cries>
Nakoruru: Well, I hope that this lullabye I used to sing to Rimururu helps..
<Starts singing in Aniu, and the baby stops crying, in fact he seems happy>
Baby: <Happy baby sounds>
Nakoruru: Oh he heard me.... I guess I am the guardian spirit for this child. Don't worry little one, I won't be going anywhere. My name is Nakoruru, but I guess you can just say Nako.
Baby: <Really happy baby sounds>
<Micheal comes in>
Mike: All right story time, I guess I'll read this one. Your great times "who knows how many times" grandfather wrote this, it's about this girl he fell in love with. He wrote it so neither he nor anyone one else would forget her. 'Ode to Nakoruru'
<He starts reading the story to the baby>
Nakoruru: So that's what he was writing; I hope that lifted his spirits some...
<Mike finishes his story, the baby asleep with a smile on his face>
Mike: You must really like that story; that gives me an idea for a name Galford M. Weiler. Guess I should hit the hay too, I think a wise man once said "Sleep doesn't only heal the body, but soul as well".
<Things went on like fairly normal; with Mike going to work having the nanny watch the baby though some might say that Galford M was a odd baby since he didn't really cry a lot; that and he seemed rather well behaved, when Galford was one year old; he said his first word, "Nako", this surprised his father a good deal yet it didn't. He soon noticed that he didn't need to be read to, since at that time he was asleep with a smile on his face. Also during the years she help taught him Japanese and Aniu>
>Galford at 6 years, kindergarten class
Galford (BTW he has brown hair and green eyes): Why shouldn't I pull girls' hair?
Nakoruru: Because it's mean, rude, and they wouldn't like it. I am a girl too you know.
Galford: I'm sorry for ever thinking that.
Nakoruru: Don't worry; the important thing is that you didn't and that you won't.
Galford: Don't worry Nako, I'll always listen to you! Is Anururu related to you?
Nakoruru: Who would she be?
Galford: That girl right there
Nakoruru: Perhaps, I could try talking to her to see if she is.
Galford: Huh? I though that I was the only one who could hear you..
Nakoruru: You're the only non-related person who can; my sister's family all can hear me.
Galford: You tried speaking with her parents before?
Nakoruru: No, it seems that this branch of the family prefers being normal so they don't really try "speaking", so I think if I were to do this it might result in some trouble.
Galford: Oh, that stinks.
Nakoruru: Still I have spoken with relatives that still live around Japan. I wish I could visit again...
Galford: Once I grow I'll take you there!
Nakoruru: Oh I can't expect you to....
Galford: Really Nako, you've been such a good friend and teacher to me, even I want to watch over the plants and start wacking people with a wooden stick! I'd say "Feel Nature's Justice!"
<Anururu walks over>
Anururu: Hi, you seem to be having quite a talk with someone.
Galford: Hey Ann, I'm speaking my friend Nakoruru who's my guardian spirit! Wanna talk to her?
Anururu: I don't think it's possible...
Galford: Just try saying hi, just try!
Anururu: Hello Nakoruru...
Nakoruru: Hello Anururu, it seems that you have much to learn about your family.
Anururu: ...I'm talking with a spirit...Grandma always told me to ignore any voices I might hear....
Nakoruru: Well, that might be true due to the Aniu hunt in Japan during the second terrible war; still you should try opening yourself to your heritage.
Anururu: Wait! If it's a family thing; then how come he's able to hear you too?
Nakoruru: Well, that's a long sad tale not really suited to young people...
Galford: Look! You made her sad!
Nakoruru: Don't take it out on her, the important thing is now and the person I'm watching over.
Galford: Sorry Ann, I didn't mean to yell at you.
Anururu: That's okay; you said that you were sorry. Oh! I gotta get ready to go home, and Nakoruru, don't speak to me at home, I don't wanna get into trouble with my family.
Nakoruru: Don't worry about that.... you do remind me of my sister...
Galford: Oh...
<Soon after that he started to learn how to write in 3 languages; you'd be surprised how good dream learning can be, and 4 years later, it does come to a point>
>Galford at 10 years, Weiler mansion
Mike: Why do you insist on no sitter?
Galford: Because Nako will watch me!
Mike: I've yet you carry on this nonsense long enough now; there are no such things as spirits!
Galford, in japanese: If so, then how am I able to speak this as well as English?
Mike: !!!!! I know that I haven't even though of putting you into Japanese classes yet....
Galford: So did I prove that spirits do exist?
Mike: There is no other way...I guess it's true, Nakoruru, make sure my boy doesn't do anything he shouldn't! <Leaves>
Galford: Don't worry she does! So what should we do today?
Nakoruru: I think a walk in the forest would be nice.
Galford: Ok! Let me get my justice stick!
Nakoruru: What would you need that for?
Galford: Simple, wacking people who hurt nature in the head!
Nakoruru: <Giggles> Okay, but think before you swing.
<They start walking when they spot 2 kids throwing rocks at a chipmunk>
PunkA: Yeah, lets see how long before we smush the little rat.
PunkB: That'd be the third one today.
Galford: You 2, stop it! You shouldn't hurt nature's creatures!
PunkA: Oh look it's the rich kid
PunkB: Yeah... let's beat him up and see if he has any money.
PunkA: This should be like taking money from a rich kid- easy!
<Soon after a fight breaks out, it seem apparent that Galford was outmatched>
Galford: (I just gotta win, not just for justice, but for nako)
Voice: (Maybe a plasma blade would scare them off)
Galford: (Huh? who are you?)
Voice: (That isn't important, just go with your instinct and see the results)
Galford: (If that helps me win, I'll do it) <Does the motion for the plasma blade, with his hair turning blond and eyes blue [No, this is not a SSJ transformation!]> Plasma Blade!
<A kinda small staticy blade hits one of the punks and drops him. [Since he's 10 and such, just imagine a rather strong static shock]>
PunkB: Let's run from this freak!
PunkA, now just shaky: Don't worry, sir, we won't harm nature, nope. RUN!
<They run off>
Galford: Good, they learned their lesson.
Nakoruru: How did you know how to do that?
Galford: I heard this man's voice telling me to go with my instincts and I just did it. Is it possible for a spirit to be inside a person?
Nakoruru: You mean reincarnation? I think that's possible with a unfulfilled spirit, it might be possible that you might be such a case.... let's not talk about this for now, I have to think about it (Has he come back in this child.... were his feelings for me that strong enough to cause this...I'm still glad that he didn't force control of him.) I have a question; does an outside force take control of you at all?
Galford: No, and this is the first time I heard that voice, but I did that of my own will. I want to be like my namesake when I grow up fighting for justice with my trusty dog. Hey Nako, I wonder what style he used when he fought.
Nakoruru: I think that would be ninjitsu, but I don't think many people today know that sort real well.
Galford: ! I just remembered! My dad's friend Hanzo said that he'd teach me when I got 14! Now I need to get a dog.
Nakoruru: I think it's noon, and little heroes need to eat well! (Hanzo.... I remember speaking with Winruru about that that must have been about 11 years ago, how the Iga ninja guard the Aniu island; I wonder how she's doing, I hope that he makes true on his promise.)
Galford: Yeah! For some reason I'm really hungry now!
Nakoruru: Are you serious about following in his footsteps?
Galford: Yeah, I can't let punks like that run wild.
Nakoruru: There's no time like the present to get on a good diet.
Galford: Diet? Does that mean no more ice cream and such?
Nakoruru: While you may miss out on good food, but it'll be worth it as far as speed and strength goes, after all how are you supposed to fight for justice when you can't run fast.
Galford: Okay, if you say it's going to be good for me, it must be!
<He did have lunch, something along the lines of soy rice with fish and strawberry rice cake for dessert>
Galford: (Dad sure did well hiring this chef as our cook) Would there be something wrong with asking how you cook, Nako?
Nakoruru: Oh I was rather good, cooking for my family; I could make these cakes quite well.
<Some time later>
Mike: Well Galford, meet our new neighbors, the Tomuras, they run a successful computer company. They even have a son about your age named Akira.
Galford: Hi! I'm Galford Weiler!
Akira: Hello, I am Akira Tomura, future sword master, as is family tradition.
Galford: Oh, cool! I plan on being a warrior of justice and nature!
Akira: Hey how about sometime we duel with wooden weapons.
Galford: Could we wait until I'm done training, since I don't know the first thing about ninjitsu or using a short sword!
Akira: That would be good indeed; after all to fight now would be pointless and such an easy fight would cause my abilities to stagnate. I look forward to dueling with you, Galford.
Galford: Hey! No sweat, I need a test of my ninja skills.
<Thier fathers overhear that>
Hideo Toumra: Nice to see that there are kids here that still believe in the way of the samurai.
Mike: I'm not surprised, since it's not often that one of the original warriors is Galford's guardian spirit.
Hideo: Oh; I've heard of such beliefs; so who is watching over your son?
Mike: Nakoruru.
Hideo: Mmmmm, not too surprising considering how she and the first Galford were. Still I hope that my son will warm up to American living, talking like your son, and not so formal.
Mike: Careful what you wish for, because you might just get what you want.
<Both Laugh>
<Galford lived pretty much like a normal boy, except for the diet and his guardian spirit. Time passed uneventfully, as he listened to all that Nakoruru saw, including events after her passing, such as Shizumaru and Rimururu getting married and such, now he will be turning 14, the age his training begins.
>Galford at age 14, outside school
Galford: Great! At last I will finally be trained!
<Anururu comes up>
Anururu: So today's your birthday?
Galford: Yep, all kinds of people are going to be there, the Toumras, my family, and Hanzo Hattori, famed ninja! I'm finally going to get my ninja training!
Anururu: So, could I come by, after all aren't we friends?
Galford: Sure! I think Nako would be glad to see you drop by, Ann.
Anururu: Yeah, and a nice way to talk with her, it's still rather scary about the whole Aniu hunt during World War 2. I wish I could meet my relatives who are still around in Japan.
Galford: Hey, who knows maybe in about 5 years we could go there, since Nako wants to visit there someday. We should be going, after all we don't want to miss the party!
Anururu: Okay!
<Later at Galford's house, that is if your idea of a house consists of a 30 room mansion that is!>
Akira: Hey birthday boy! Who's the cute girl with you?
Galford: My friend Anururu, or Ann just to be short.
Anururu: So this is Akira Toumra, I wonder do you still aspire to be a sword master? <Leaves for a bit>
Akira: Yeah, and with Galford here training in the ways of the ninja, I'd be stupid not to, after all a good warrior needs a friendly rival, just look at Ryu and Ken Masters! And I think the King of the Fighters '95 tournament is going to start soon, it looks to be rather good.
Galford: Yeah, I wonder how good the fights back then would have been if they'd been televised..
Akira: Well, it's your birthday, worry about more relevant things. So do you like anyone?
Galford: I've been thinking about the training so much that I haven't had time to think about that.
Akira: What about Ann? She's cute and seems interested in you. <Downs a can of pop quickly>
Galford: Hey... what's up with the pop drinking?
Akira: As you have your ancestor to look up to I have mine. I heard that my family, in abilities and spirit from Haohmaru.
Galford: I did hear about one time where my namesake kicked his butt quite good, even the play by play.
Akira: How is that possible?
<Anururu comes back>
Anururu: Simple, Nakorurur's his guardian spirit!
Akira: Try not to get any weird ideas, Galford, if you get my drift.
Nakoruru, observing: (Might he be remarking on the possibility that Galford may have feelings for me? Well, I think I'll advise him to try talking with Anururu, since she seems to be a nice girl.)
Galford: Whatever you say, Akira. I'm going to look for Hanzo now, who knows he might know something about how Ann's relatives are doing.
Anururu: I'm coming too! It was nice meeting you, Akira. When you 2 fight, try not to maim him should you get the edge.
<They go over to where Micheal and Hanzo are talking>
Galford: Hello, Hanzo-san
Hanzo: You must be Galford, I heard from your father that you want Ninja training, is that correct?
Galford: Just the basics, since I want to be able to do the style of my namesake.
Nakoruru: Galford, I remember him, he was a young man when I last visited Winururu, try asking him about her, okay?
Hanzo: Don't worry about talking with her, since your father told me all about it.
Galford: Oh Nakoruru wants to know how an Aniu woman named Winururu is doing.
Hanzo: She's doing quite well, married, 2 kids. I hope that she doesn't have a problem with her husband.
Galford: Nakoruru, who is her husband?
Nakoruru: You're talking with him.
Galford: .....
Anururu: That's nice to hear how they're doing. Oh I'm Anururu, I guess a sort of distant relative of Winururu's
Hanzo: Interesting, so I met the american branch of the family.
Galford: Well, for the most part they ignored their talents.
Anururu: Yeah, and I'd have to be careful about speaking with her since my family frowns upon it.
Galford: So when might my training start?
Hanzo: The summer would suffice for doing the basics; so Galford, you seem to be on a diet simliar to what Ninjas usually eat, rather unusual for an American.
Galford: Nakoruru suggested it after telling her that I wanted to follow in my namesake footsteps.
Hanzo: Good that will make things easier; since I though I'd have to get you into shape. We'll have time to talk when the time comes, go and talk with your friends.
<Galford, Anururu, Nakoruru leave>
Hanzo: You do know Mike, that this is a setup for something big.
Michael: Yeah, but we'll have to wait and see if this turns good or bad.
Hanzo: My wife and daughter have started the maiden of light stuff again, but my wife has the idea of having a male counterpart. I suspect that this deals with Nakoruru, and I think this might be so that She wouldn't have her duty anymore.
Michael: Mmmm, well, I will support his relationship with her; after all they are pretty much like best friends. If she told him to walk on hot coals, he'd do it with a smile on his face! I wonder if anyone then had any idea what was setting up with those 2.
Hanzo: I think it might be possible that your son is the reincarnation of the original Galford. But I will ask about that.
< And for Galford's presents, some clothes, books, an outfit and Ninja-to similar to his Namesake's, and a puppy, a odd wolf-dog mix from Anururu's family, he named him poppy after his namesake's dog; that and he got along with the dog pretty good. He did complete his basic training quickly during the summer; other than that, the only think of note in the 2 years after that was Michael remarrying; though that was a bit hard due to Galford and Nakoruru [I don't think many people react well to "having imaginary friends"] Her name was Eliza. He is now 16 and getting around to thinking about his social life>
>Galford, 16 years, Seattle High
Galford: No, Poppy, you can't follow me in, you're like this very day. I know that you're doing the "faithful protector" thing, but go and wait somewhere or go walk with a pretty girl dog. Okay?
<Poppy walks off, and he heads in and runs into Yang Kazama>
Yang (Imagine A guy with really wild orange hair): What's up, man?
Galford: Not much, so how's Yin doing?
Yang: He hooked up with this girl named Irene, she seems to be into that S&M stuff.
Galford: Wait, I though that she was dating Scott Sura.
Yang: He's another one of her slaves, I just found out what he does for a living.
Galford: Should I even ask?
Yang: Not really, let's just say he works at a Goth Chippendales.
Galford: I feel sorry for those guys.
Yang: Scary part is that they like it like that; I guess a case of whatever turns them on.
Galford: Yeah, well I've got to get to class.
Yang: Hey! Wait up, I heard something quite interesting, I heard that in the freshman class that a cat girl transferred in.
Galford: Real funny, for the most part they only exist in anime and manga.
Yang: Seriously man, and I heard that her singing talent is on par with Ann's.
Galford: I guess I might have to go and meet her then; well I've got to go.
Yang: Sure man, better hurry and get yourself a girlfriend or else you're going to be the odd guy out!
<Galford starts walking towards his A.P. History class>
Nakoruru: You remember me talking about Cham Cham?
Galford: Yeah, Just stuff like Cat girls aren't common.
Nakoruru: Neither are boys with guardian spirits.
Galford: Good point there.
<Some one taps him on the shoulder>
Akira (Imagine a guy with long hair, with a build akin to Haohmaru's): Hey Galford, you think now is a good time for our duel?
Galford: Yeah, when?
Akira: 6pm, the Martial Arts Dojo, Don't worry; we'll be using only wooden weapons. Well, try to make it on time.
Galford: Sure.
<Akira leaves>
Nakoruru: Well, I'll let you do this on your own and if you mess up somewhere, I'll tell you what you did wrong. Would you mind that?
Galford: Nah, not at all, after all you've seen him fight a few times at the least.
Nakoruru: If you mean your namesake, yes. I think you should get to class.
Galford: Yeah.
<School went on like normal, at least for a person with a guardian spirit, and it came to lunch time>
Galford: You sure you got all that, Nako?
Nakoruru: Yes, I never did have any idea about all of what goes on.
Galford: Still I doubt that they'll explain spirits and such, or love for that matter <laughs>
Nakoruru: If you're thinking about having some of those snacks, I think a few snacks for a well-done test won't hurt things.
<So he goes and gets some chips, a can of Pepsi, and an hostess apple pie, and he find Anururu, Akira, and Yang at his table>
Yang: So you're going to fight Akira tonight?
Galford: Sure.
Yang: I've got to tell the people this <gets up on a table and yells> GALFORD'S FIGHTING AKIRA AT 6PM AT THE DOJO, BE THERE AND REMEMBER TO BRING 5 DOLLARS TO COVER THE FEE!
Anururu: Is he always like this?
Galford: Yep, but his brother is quiet, then again being with Irene, I'd be less willing to talk.
Anururu: What are you talking about? She seems to be nice.
Akira: He's trying to say that she's his "mommy" and he's her "male b****"
Galford: Language, Akira!
Akira: Always the righteous one, well do something about Yang, his bro and that new cat-girl
<Galford looks and sees to find Yang and Yin in a thing with some seniors concerning the freshman Neko-girl, He then goes over there>
Yin: I am here since she is our distant cousin.
Yang: She is? Well so much for asking her out
Yin: Yang! She's 3 years your junior even if you weren't related.
Yang: So the author's girlfriend is 4-6 years younger than him!
Yin: You're not the Author! There is no reason to be picking on her, Fellow classmates.
SeniorA: So she's a cat girl who can't speak a lick of English, and anyways I was trying to pet her, heh.
Galford: That's inappropriate behavior! Apologize to the girl, and then be on your way.
SeniorB: So what if your dad's a rich cop, you're just a rather puny junior, and I though that cats like getting petted.
Galford: I think we might be in a slight fix here, let me see 3 guys against 6 seniors, and I think they're on the football team. Do you 2 know any martial arts or such?
Yang: No, but I have a talent for demotion.
Yin (He looks a good deal like Sogetsu): Not really, but my mistress would get rather angry if I got hurt.
Galford: I guess then it's go time.
<They start fighting, as many people start jumping in, even Akira who seems to have a wooden sword on him. Soon about half the lunch room is in a sort of brawl, then all of a sudden the young cat girl starts scratching up the Seniors, and soon the fight ends>
Galford, Speaking in Japanese [All dialogue until a certain point is in Japanese]: Miss, do you understand me, if so what is your name?
Neko-girl (Imagine a violet-haired one): Yes, my name is Aisha Clan Clan [I got the name for an anime series I really like], thanks for sticking up, I though that fighting was against the rules
Galford: Well this was a case where it was necessary.
Yin: She is the daughter of the aide to the head of the Iga Ninja
Galford: What are their names?
Yin: I do believe her father is named Shippu, while current head is named Hanzo Hattori. Something interesting is that he was named well, since Shippu has the talent of controlling wind. Well I've got to go, Mistress must be worried about me now.
Aisha: Would you know of some people who wouldn't mind me?
Galford: Why not hang out with us? We pretty much know how to speak Japanese, and we're a bit unusual.
<A few moments later>
Anururu: So, you're talented in singing?
Aisha: Yes, but I could only sing in Japanese.
Anururu: While I could sing in both languages, I prefer Japanese myself.
Aisha: Galford said that he, you and the rest are unusual.
Anururu: Well, him and me have the ability to speak with the spirit of an ancestor of mine, Akira's into the whole sword thing, and if I under stand Yang has the ability to create explosions. Who knows, someday we could sing as a duet at a club, I think we'd do quite good, wouldn't we, guys?
Galford: Yeah
Akira: No doubts about that
Yang: Yeah, so Ann, were you impressed enough by my pyro skills?
Anururu: Once again I must say I am not going out with a hot head!
Yang: Cold as ice...
Aisha: Anururu, why do you put up with him?
Anururu: Well, he is a nice guy, but not dating material.
<Bell rings, lunch ends, things went on uneventfully now, but it was 6pm, Galford (and seemingly with him always is Nakoruru) was there yet Akira was nowhere to be found>
Yang: Come on Akira, unless you come here, all the people who paid money are going to lynch me!
Galford: What is going on with him?
Nakoruru: He is doing this as a mind trick; just pass the time like normal.
<Galford goes over to Anururu who is also there>
Galford: I was wondering Ann, who are you going to be cheering for?
Anururu: Both of you. I can't really be partial since this is with both my friends. Did you give him any advice Nakoruru?
Nakoruru: No, just letting him go and show if he needs it or not.
<Just then Akira shows up, with a gourd of sake>
Galford: Sake!? You're 16, you're too young to-
Akira: Yes, my good man, it is illegal to your culture, but not in the Japanese one, and anyways, I think this is all part of the style. Now is time to see if you are a worthy rival or not.
Galford: It's go time!
Hiryu: Could Hien and me do play by play?
Galford: Sure.
Hien: Will this turn out like Terry Bogard vs Kyo Kusanagi or Andy Bogard against anyone else in Mai's opinion? By the way-
Hiryu: Quiet, if you keep this up, we're going to get kicked out just like all the other events we did play by play for.
Hien: Hey it wasn't my fault that those chess players didn't like my jokes about star trek, or that 7 of 9 bimbo.
Hiryu: Ready...FIGHT!
[Note from the most excellent author: This next part will be solely play by play by these 2; btw can you guess what game these 2 are from; here's a hint: it's a Capcom game. Yep they sure can make games; still Samurai Shodown is still top fighting game as far as style, coolness, and cute girls go. Now back to the fic]
Hiryu: They both rush at each other and....Oh! Galford is knocked off his feet by the collision. Frankly folks if Galford keeps fighting like this; he's going to lose. As you can tell Akira has a good deal more solid build.
Hien: I have never seen a Gajin react this poorly since Andy Bogard regarding Mai, now seriously folks, how is it on this planet possible to have an asian girl be THAT curvy?
Hiryu: Geez, look at this guy now; he's attacking directly, not good against someone with much higher strength.
Hien: Yeah if I was a girl choosing between them, I'd pick Akira, but then again I'm neither a girl nor a fruit like Benimaru.
Hiryu: By the way folks, if you want to see matches more entertaining, go see the King of the fighters '98 tournament this summer!
Anururu: Well guys, you're doing well, but I can't say the same about Galford, I hope that Hanzo doesn't hear about this.
Hien: Look! Akira tossed his weapon up in the air!
Hiryu: And look at that, Galford's KO'ed by a punch. Boy, he sure got whooped.
Hien: That's someone who won't get lovin' tonight!
Hiryu: Hien! Knock that off!
<Galford wakes up a few moments later>
Galford: Ouch...I guess I messed up somewhere.
Akira: More like going about it the wrong way.
Anururu: You Okay, Galford? I hope Akira didn't hit you too hard.
Galford: A bit dizzy, but fine, okay Nako, what did I do wrong?
Nakoruru: For one, you tried to win by force, and that isn't always possible, 2, you should have used your strong points, which are your speed and jumping ability against him. If you couldn't tell, Akira is stronger than you, but he and his style aren't that agile or fast. That and your style is that of a ninja, so you should have used your abilities and techniques instead of going at him directly.
Galford: I bet I must have disappointed everyone...
Anururu: Don't kick yourself, after all this was your first fight; that and you were only taught the basics, not the strategy.
Akira: I hope the next fight is more interesting, I'm going now <Leaves>
Nakoruru: Mistakes are natural, I remember how your namesake messed his teleport move and wound up in on my roof. He then fell through it and landed on the floor! <quietly laughs>Life can be a rather funny thing.
Galford: Yeah, still nothing tops that story about Shizumaru busting his nose after walking in on a happy couple.
Yang: Damn, you got whooped like someone going against the author in 99% of the games he owns. Gotta go, now's a fine time to start thinking about the finer things in life, like girls. <Leaves>
Galford: Guess now's the weekend...
Anururu: I'd like to stay but I've got to get home, bye! <Leaves>
Galford: Yang has a good point...
< The next day, Saturday, he decided to go and think about things in the nearby forest.>
>Forest by his house
Nakoruru: Thinking about what Yang said?
Galford: Yeah, I haven't really thought about it since I was so focused on my training, but I have a good idea who I like.
Nakoruru: Who would that be?
Galford: Ann, she's nice, cute, sings well, and is able to speak with you to boot. Would you see any problems with that?
Nakoruru: Only one; there might be a chance that Akira may become a rival in that area. Caution should be taken. (I'm glad that Rimururu didn't have such troubles for the most part, though she was quite worried about him during the times we dealt with Yuga)
Galford: I guess I'll try talking to her today! Better yet, now!
Nakoruru: Wait, shouldn't you think this-
< He rushes over to her house, and knocks on the door, and Anururu answers it, but wearing so much makeup badly done.>
>Anururu's front porch
Anururu: Oh, sorry Galford, but I'm going on a date with Akira, I guess I should have told you this earlier today.
Galford: Gu.... <Proceeds to kneel over and vomit, and when he recovers, runs off.>
Anururu: What's a matter with Galford?
Nakoruru: Did you really look in the mirror? Since you're wearing too much make up! I was right in stopping Rimururu from doing what you did. Don't worry about him, he'll warm up to you and Akira dating. But please loose the makeup; it'd be a case of ruining a good thing. I have a boy to confort, so I must be going, have a good time Anururu and don't let this whole thing get you down.
Anururu: Thanks, are you sure that Galford is going to be okay?
Nakoruru: Yes, but it will take some time.
Galford, to himself: ...I guess my namesake would be quite ashamed of me, what am I supposed to do now?
Nakoruru: A nap would help, perhaps. Did you want to be alone with your thoughts?
Galford: Nah, I wonder what am I supposed to do now?
Nakoruru: You might try traveling the world, that's how him and me met.
Galford: (When she talks about the past she seems happy yet sad...) If you don't want to talk about that; then don't.
Nakoruru: It's done and over with, thanks for you concern. What would you refer to me in Japanese?
Galford: Simple; Nako-sama.
Nakoruru: Do you really think that highly of me?
Galford: Yeah, you're like a best friend and big sister combined. You've been great to me, and if you want something go and ask. Why did you just ask that?
Nakoruru: I was just wondering, that and you seem a lot better now.
Galford: Yeah; just as soon I'm done with school I'll go on a journey at the least to think about things. That and train better as well!
Nakoruru: That's better now!
<The next 2 years passed by uneventfully; Galford graduated from High School>
>School Gym
Galford: I know I haven't been quite Mr. Social; but I wish you 2 luck.
Anururu: Thanks.
Akira: So what are you planning to do now?
Galford: Go on a journey around the world.
Akira: Yeah that's easy for you since your dad's rich
Galford: Are you going to do likewise?
Akira: Nah, just relaxing and training.
Anururu: Oh, I'm going to try a career in singing, so Galford, if you ever find yourself on these shores again, try seeing a show, OK?
Galford: Sure, how about asking Aisha to be a partner?
Anururu: Oh! Thanks, I've gotten so excited about the graduation that I forgot. Well Nakoruru, keep an eye on him.
Galford: She does that all the time! Where are Yang and Yin?
<Yang walks up>
Yang: Hey! I was just gathering info, and I heard about your journey and I'm wondering something... If you're going where Hanzo and the other Ninjas are, let me tag along. Since learning how to fight and such might be helpful.
Anururu: I don't think that you'll be good at steath, with your loudness and hot head.
Galford: I think he'll make it, if Kazuki can do it, I guess Yang could as well.
Yang: How did you find out about my ancestor?
Galford: Nakoruru told me about him, real lively guy, just like someone else around here I know.
Yang: Yeah that's right, where did Yin go. It's way too early for him to get dragged off by Irene! Geez at this rate, he'll be working for her!
Akira: You think that Yang will ever find a girlfriend?
Galford: Who knows, especially if he tags along with me.
<Michael comes up to Galford>
Michael: Done here?
Galford: Yeah. Would it be okay if I went traveling around the world?
Michael: Yeah, you're young; have yet to be weighted down by family and such, though I think we'll have to talk with Eliza about this, since she'd be worried about you.
>Galford's House/Mansion
Eliza: Are you sure that he'll be alright!?
Michael: There's nothing to worry about, he knows how to handle himself, and it's not like he won't have anyone watching out for him.
Eliza: Are you quite so sure about her?
Michael: I know that she has the best interest, since she's the one that watched over him while I was gone and see how well he grew up.
Eliza: Still he hasn't even gotten a girlfriend yet!
<Galford walks in>
Galford: That's because I was so focused on training, and the prospects here aren't that appealing.
Eliza: What do you mean by that?
Galford: I'm interested in girls like Anururu, but she's taken and there isn't really anyone else. But don't get me wrong, this isn't the main reason for going, there are other factors, such as visiting Hanzo again, seeing the world, as well letting Nako visit some of her relatives.
Eliza: All right (Like father like son; headstrong and stubborn, still I hope that the girl he chooses deserves him.)
Michael: We'll wait a week for preparations and such, that and gather any people interested in the trip. I am familiar with traveling and it being done in parties.
Galford: Yawn, boy I'm tired, good night, dad and mom. <Leaves>
Eliza: It's nice being called mom, even though I'm not his real mother...
Michael: To tell you the truth, Nakoruru's been a godsend since if not for her, I don't know what Galford would have grown up to be...
>One week later, Airport
Yang: Finally we'll start one hell of an adventure.
Galford: Yeah, first stop, Europe.
Yang: Europe? I though that we were going to go to...
Galford: That I want to save for last.
Yang: Well I know I won't be bored, with all those babes walking around...
Galford: Well; go and do that, I'll be seeing the sites, and seeing if there are any other warriors out there.
Yang: Let me guess she also wants to see some of the sites as well. Geez if she weren't dead, you two would make quite a couple.
Galford: Did that offend you at all? (Still... he does make a point)
Nakoruru: No (It raises the point of you and me though... I'm starting to think Yang's more correct than him or you will ever know Galford...)
Galford, glancing at the departure chart: Let's go, our flight's leaving in 10 minutes
<Everyone runs off except for Nakoruru who pauses for a slight bit>
Nakoruru: (Air travel...looks to be interesting, so much in these times I don't know about.)
>Previews done by some of the big names in the first chapter/side story
Shizumaru: They leave on their journey.
Rimururu: Sister sees all kinds of slights, as well as some other crazy things.
Shizumaru: Weren't Kazuki and Tam Tam supposed to be doing this with us?
Rimururu: Even since Sogetsu started dating Cham Cham, those 2 talk a lot about the one thing they have in common: How much they don't like that, but I think some of the fans don't like the pairing too!
Shizumaru, red in the face: Well... it seems that they didn't have problems from the looks of it.
Rimururu: Let's go, Shizu, we've done our part, and let them get skipped.
Shizumaru: I think that some of the sub plots may resolved in Samurai Spirits Neo chapter 3: Journey, and maybe a tourney depending on how big the journey is.
Rimururu: So see ya, and read the next chapter!
<They leave, the fic ends>

Chapter 3

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