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Interview with Strider Maverick
An interview with the author of "Samurai Spirits Neo"

Well, this was not exactly a real time/face to face interview, it was just questions I asked him via email and he answered it. This interview is for the readers to understand more about the writer of the fanfic and her works. The interviewer(Gan) is me, C.K. Gan, the webmaster of this site of course, and the interviewee(Maverick) is the writer of "Samurai Spirits Neo".

Gan: Why did you want to write this fanfic?

Maverick: Since I wanted to do a story where Nakoruru finally finds happiness.

Gan: What were your motivations?

Maverick: My feelings for Nakoruru; that and a chance to take my fic writing to a higher level of artistic ness.

Gan: What aims did you have? And have you achieved it?

Maverick: Mainly to do an entertaining story that is well rounded as well as respecting Nakoruru. I think I have done all those.

Gan: What do you think was the best part of your fanfic? And what do you think was the worst?

Maverick: The Best? I think it's basically the way the relation ship between Nakoruru and Galford D. Weiler develops (While it's technically more than one part, but it's still a part). The Worse? In all honesty, that slight battle scene in chapter 2 in the school, since I realized how it was quite tacked on, and that Aisha was capable of defending herself (the closest explanation is that she was too scared to react, being in a strange country and all.)

Gan: Did you have any readers' feedback? If so, how have the readers reacted to your writing?

Maverick: Yeah, but not as much as I liked. Well; with a few exceptions (a Cham Cham/Sogetsu Pairing isn't as popular as I thought)

Gan: Any suggestions to future/current fanfic writers?

Maverick: Your ability to write doesn't matter, just the drive to make a story does.

Gan: What do you like best about writing a fanfic?

Maverick: The fact you're making something people will read.

Gan: Do you like to write the short fanfic or the long fanfic?

Maverick: It varies, it all depends on the idea, since some lend themselves better to a chapter system.

Gan: Do you plan to write a sequel or a new fanfic?

Maverick: Yeah, later on, I'll do fics that focus more on Shizu/Rimu and Hisame/Aisha (A couple shown in SSNeo)

Gan: Are there anyone who have inspired you to write the fanfics?

Maverick: Not really, but there were people that influenced it's growth, like Galford (on the SSF MB); since I was going to make this a lemon (but he showed me that wouldn't be respecting Nakoruru)

Gan: And who do you want to give thanks to?

Maverick: Galford, Abster and Irene (for not having that big of a fit when they read the "playing doctor" Sogetsu/Cham-cham scene in chapter 1); as well as giving me information on SS; thus making me realize that I was doing a AU fic.

Gan: Anything else you want to add?

Maverick: Just that one should try to respect the characters in fics; that and I didn't intend for this to be an alternate universe fic, but due to my ignorance, it did, still I think some of these changes are more interesting. That and I didn't put SS:WR, because of the quality of the game, that and it would mess up my plan.

Gan: I wish the best of luck to Strider Maverick. Thank you.

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